The Grin Development Fund has once again received an anonymous donation from 50 BTC. The donor is the Bitcoin “Antiquities Group” in 2009-10.

According to Lehnberg, a member of the Grin Committee, at the grin-forum forum, the Gulingco Development Fund once again received an anonymous donation of 50BTC (worth about $435,000) from the 09-10 period. Bitcoin "The Ancient Gods Group".

In May of this year, the mysterious donor also donated 50 BTC to the grin development fund.


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Anonymous donors wrote:

"I know how you treated your last donation. This is why I contacted you.

I don't want to judge how you spend the money, just want to make sure you can handle it and distribute it as needed.

It also seems to be back in 2009 and 2010.

Don't worry, you are doing very well.

Now that we have GRIN, we feel so good, our motivation is not economic! It's about technology and agreements.

Please take advantage of this funding to develop GRIN.

Please continue to work as you have in the past.

We saw your work and your love for this project.

That's what we now pay tribute to these donations so that you can develop on GRIN without worrying about economic issues.

Thank you again for your work, please keep it.

I hope our judgment is correct and time will prove everything.

So, what exactly is this mysterious donor?

From the 2009-2010 period of bitcoin "the ancient gods group", Charlie Lee suspected that it is Nakamoto

Through inquiry, we found that the first time the donor used the address is 18FufdutXggR2EgBuu6xRvL15kmpaPzfTQ (the bitcoin of this address is from the block of November 25, 2010).

The address used for the second donation is 1DwVZeatHifRzHXtphcpqJ6j1YuC8kFDqd (the bitcoin of this address comes from the block on December 1, 2010).

Undoubtedly, the mysterious donor has been in contact with Bitcoin in 2010, and according to its latest message, “it is like returning to 2009 and 2010,” which means that it may be earlier in Bitcoin, it is possible It was in 2009, and the bitcoin participants in this period can be said to be few.

Even more admirable is that mysterious donors have not used them for nearly nine years in Bitcoin until they recently donated some of their BTC to the GRIN Development Fund.

In the text, the mystery donor also mentioned “we”, which means that it is not an individual but a group.

It’s no wonder that Liteco coin founder Charlie Lee exclaimed in the telegraph group:

"The transaction is nearly nine years apart, crazy."


He then guessed that:

“Zhong Bencong made a donation to GRIN.”

However, this kind of guess is not a real hammer.

Judging from the information available, it can be confirmed that this mysterious donor is the ancient god of Bitcoin from the 09-10 years. It does not like fame and fortune, but also a group.

The downturn of the Grin currency and the noble idealism

Although the developers worked very hard, Grin's currency performance since its launch has been another scene. According to the data provided by, Grin's price at the beginning of the year was close to $12, which was in October. The minimum fell to $0.86 and is currently hovering around $1.15.

5 (Data from

The poor performance of Grin's currency has a lot to do with its early high inflation. According to the design, there will be a fixed 86400 Grin per day created by miners distributed around the world. Unlike Bitcoin, its output is not halved. "the concept of.

This economic design is not conducive to "hype", which makes many investors not flu.

In addition, in the early development stage of Grin, the question of “development is sustainable” was also suspected by many people, because most people participate in cryptocurrency investment in order to make money, and few people are willing to contribute without compensation.

The mysterious donors donated a total of 100 BTCs and their latest messages indicate that the source of funding for Grin’s development seems to be no longer a problem.

Can this noble idealism affect more people and let them fall in love with Grin?

As mysterious donors say, only time can tell us the answer.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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