11000+ participants, 130+ speakers, 13.5 million+ full network exposure, World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen created these “data miracles”

On November 8-9, the second World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen, hosted by Babbitt, was successfully held.

In 2 days and 48 hours, blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Wuzhen. They discussed the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues.

Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Huawei and other Internet giants gathered for the first time on Dawu Town, which made many people see the layout and thinking of the giants in the blockchain field.

Libra, central bank digital currency, domestic public chain, 5G, Defi… a lot of hot topics have made many people see the core trend of the blockchain era.

A round table because the guests were too invested, the darkness did not end, but the audience was slow to leave, it made many people see the enthusiasm of the practitioners.


The World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen has left many people with unforgettable memories. At the same time, this super-party gathering in the blockchain has created a lot of data miracles in the blockchain industry!

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