Blockchain talent expert think tank expert: governance chain, financial chain, industry chain for the new economy troika

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Nowadays, the global economy is increasingly showing digital characteristics. The growth of the digital economy has become the trend of the times. Promoting the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy and guiding the high-quality development of the economy has become the only way for the country to develop.

In this situation, as a new generation of information technology, what role does the blockchain play in the digital economy? What are the development opportunities in the blockchain industry? With these questions, the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed the blockchain talent expert think tank expert (blockchain talent expert think tank belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center Block Chain Industry Talent Research Institute, the institute is committed to building blockchain industry Talent research, cultivation, evaluation, service, etc.), Tsinghua x-lab, president of the Qingteng Chain Research Institute, Guoyan Think Tank, and Zhong Hong, director of the Tsinghua Digital Economic Laboratory of Tsinghua University.

The era of the number of rights economy

"Securities Daily" reporter: In public, you have repeatedly mentioned the concept of "digital economy", pointing out that digital economy 3.0 is the number right economy, and 2019 is the first year of the number rights economy. How do you think about understanding the digital economy and what are the specific characteristics?

Zhong Hong: After 50 years of development, the digital economy can be divided into three stages: “on the plane, on the Internet, and on the chain”. In the 1970s, with the proliferation of computers, the birth of companies such as IBM and Microsoft entered the era of digital economy 1.0 "on the machine", that is, the era of "computing economy"; in the late 1990s, Google, China BAT, etc. A number of outstanding Internet companies stand out and enter the era of digital economy 2.0 "online", that is, the era of network economy, the first half is the Internet, the second half is the mobile Internet; in 2019, the value Internet represented by the blockchain enters the stage of large-scale commercial application. . The digital economy is based on 5G commercialization, and integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data into the era of “chaining” of all things, namely the digital economy 3.0 – the era of digital rights economy.

I believe that the digital economy 3.0 is marked by the "data chain". Based on the blockchain technology, the uplink data can not be falsified, the operation process can be traced, etc., and the data is confirmed in the chain, and a new economic model of data trusted transaction is established. With the gradual establishment of the digital currency system in the future, a new digital financial infrastructure will be built, and it is foreseeable that a “data is the right, the number is the world of rights and rights” is coming. Tsinghua x-lab and Guoyan Think Tank jointly established the Digital Rights Economics Laboratory, which mainly promotes the research on the theory of digital rights economy, the legislation related to data assets and the digital new economic innovation commercial application based on blockchain technology.

"Securities Daily" reporter: You mentioned that the future digital economy troika is digital governance, digital finance and digital industry, and the order cannot be changed. Please explain in detail how the future of the troika will drive new economic growth. What is the internal logic of the three sequences?

Zhong Hong: The digital economy troika, including: digital governance, digital finance and digital industry. Can be commonly understood as, governance on the chain, financial chain, industry chain. With the development of the network economy, how to strengthen data privacy protection, how to establish a data security sharing mechanism, and how to form a data property distribution system has become a common governance problem facing the development of the global digital economy. Data is the blood of the digital economy, and blockchain technology is building a safe blood system for the digital economy.

In the financial chain, the financial system will usher in a credible digital financial innovation model and provide low-cost digital financial services for the real economy. Penetration and intelligent supervision will further reduce financial costs and financial systemic risks, and allow the financial industry to return to the real economy of the service industry. In the industrial chain, the traditional industrial chain will achieve full integration with the digital economy. A trusted data distribution platform based on industrial big data, financial big data, and consumer big data is the basis for promoting supply-side structural reform represented by intelligent manufacturing. The traditional large-scale industrial economy has shifted to an intensive economy of on-demand production and flexible manufacturing, significantly reducing resource consumption.

Blockchain industry welcomes three major development opportunities

"Securities Daily" reporter: With the advent of the digital economy era, what development opportunities will the blockchain industry usher in?

Zhong Hong: The digital economy is transitioning from “Internet +” to “blockchain+”. In the development of blockchain technology, one is the blockchain core technology and industrial innovation development; the second is the digital economy model innovation development; the third is the blockchain technology is widely used in society and people's livelihood. These three directions will become new growth opportunities for the digital economy.

In the era of digital rights economy, the blockchain industry will usher in three important opportunities, namely, the construction of uplink infrastructure, the new business of digital economy, and the application of trusted society. Specifically: First, infrastructure development based on blockchain technology (data storage, data communication, data sharing, data management, etc.); second, a new model of blockchain digital economy, represented by digital currency, supply chain digital finance, digital asset deposit and verification, big data trusted transactions, etc. The “blockchain+” new business model; the third is the credible application of food safety traceability, government data sharing, precision poverty alleviation and public welfare points.

"Securities Daily" reporter: Accelerating the deep integration of blockchain technology and the real economy has become the development direction. Under the responsibility of the development of the blockchain industry, it also faces many challenges. What challenges do you think are currently encountered in the development of the blockchain industry?

Zhong Hong: I think it faces three main challenges: first, independent technological innovation, large-scale commercial application of blockchain technology, and a series of technical challenges. Secondly, accelerate the industrialization of blockchain technology, urgently need countries and places. Policy support, as well as the introduction of industry standards and related supporting laws and regulations as soon as possible. Thirdly, the development of the blockchain industry urgently needs to establish two markets, namely the open application market and the capital market. The implementation of the support for the blockchain industry requires a top-level design.

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