The highest rate is 5 ups! Blockchain concept stocks are the rise or fall of the bubble or the return of value?

Since the first batch of blockchain information services was filed, the blockchain concept stocks sector has strengthened for three consecutive days, and the “maximum limit” is more commonplace. As of yesterday's close, there are 9 blockchain concept stocks daily limit. The nine stocks are Royal Bank, Yujiu Games, Precision Information, China Media Holdings, Easy View, Jinyi Technology, Jinzheng, Sanwu Internet and Jincai Internet. In the previous two days, the daily limit was more common. Among the 80 concept stocks, more than 10 or even more than 20 stocks were trading daily.

"Securities Daily" reporter found that easy to see shares, accurate information, Jin Yi Technology, Royal Bank shares have been daily limit for three consecutive days, of which, accurate information is from March 28th to continuously harvest five daily limit, becoming the current round of daily limit The biggest winner.

A number of industry veterans told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the blockchain welcomes important news of the case. The rise of concept stocks is a normal performance of the market. It reflects that investors have higher recognition of the blockchain and have confidence in the development of the industry. At the same time, we must also see that a considerable part of the company's blockchain layout is still at the conceptual level, there is still a bubble, and there is no irrational capital speculation.

Precise information

Continuous harvest of five daily limit plates

Since the first batch of blockchain information services has been filed, the blockchain concept stock sector has strengthened for three consecutive days. Specifically, on April 1st, 78 of the 80 stocks rose, 28 stocks went up; April 2's gains continued, 12 stocks went up; yesterday's high tide was still spreading, 9 daily limit.

It is reported that accurate information has been "low-key" and the organization has low attention. In the past three months, no organization has published a rating analysis. However, its share price has been strong since the New Year. Since February 15th, the stock price has been as high as the rocket. It has risen from 4.53 yuan to 8.88 yuan, and the price has nearly doubled.

On April 1st, the accurate information released the announcement of the stock price change. The announcement shows that the company's closing price increase on the three trading days of March 28, March 29, and April 1 2019 has accumulated more than 20%. In this regard, the accurate information indicates that the information disclosure obligations will be earnestly fulfilled in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and requirements, and information disclosure will be done in a timely manner. Investors are advised to invest rationally and pay attention to risks.

The "Securities Daily" reporter observed that the stock price change announcement seems to accelerate the trend of accurate information stocks, and after the announcement, it has continuously harvested two daily limit boards, which can be described as "the daily limit". From this point of view, accurate information from March 28th to April 3, has been a daily limit for five consecutive days.

The "Securities Daily" reporter found that it is worth noting that the blockchain business of accurate information has been deeply cultivated for many years and has indeed achieved good results. Its holding subsidiary, Fuhua Yuyu, established the blockchain technology application research and development department in 2016, and has been doing research and research on the basic technology of the blockchain basic technology, and won the bid on March 9, 2018. China Iron Tower Co., Ltd. purchase contract of 1.569.29 million yuan, which is also one of the few blockchain business orders in the industry.


Is it a bubble or a return to value?

The blockchain has been hot for three days in the capital market. Is it a bubble or a return to value?

This year, the blockchain industry has developed in many areas, and the supervision has continued to release positive signals. For example, the National Internet Information Office has released the first batch of domestic blockchain information services, 197 filing numbers, central bank digital currency and related regulatory rules are continuing to advance. Etc., the chief analyst of Chain Tower think tank Yu Rui told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the bidding data shows that the domestic blockchain business is on the rise, and the blockchain industry will gradually have more successful cases.

Yu Rui said that in the face of important positive news, the stock market surge is the normal performance of the market, and it also reflects the higher recognition of investors about the concept of blockchain and the confidence of the future development of the industry. "But it should be pointed out that at present, enterprises in the blockchain sector do not have actual blockchain business and revenue, and will not be reflected in the performance in the short term. Investors should be rational and pay more attention to the blockchain field. Long-term healthy development." Yu Rui further said.

Zhao Jianmin, director of the research department of the computing power think tank, said that according to the incomplete statistics of Wind data, a total of 53 listed or listed companies in the main companies behind the first batch of domestic blockchain information services released by the National Internet Information Office appeared in their shareholders. Among the list, there are 41 A-share listed companies involved. From the point of view of the capital market, this is undoubtedly a big good news, especially for the blockchain concept stocks that have concrete application cases, it is reasonable to show a sustained high opening performance. However, for the blockchain concept stocks that have no concrete application cases, there are still many irrational speculations.

From the perspective of “blockchain+”, we have always insisted that in the blockchain 3.0 era, listed companies played an important leading role in the integration of blockchain technology and physical industry applications. Zhao Jianmin told Securities Daily. The reporter further stated, "At the same time, we have to admit that the majority of A-share listed companies are in the 'exploration' or 'research' stage of the 'blockchain+' layout, and there is no specific application case. The important thing is that the enterprise entity has not clearly clarified the landing logic of the combination of the business scenario and the blockchain technology. Once the core value logic of the business scenario and the blockchain technology is truly understood, the blockchain technology killer application will surely appear."

Shen Meng, executive director of Xiangxi Capital, said bluntly to the "Securities Daily" reporter: "The blockchain has recently started to file, and under the current aggressive A-share market, the concept has been foaming, but the current blockchain technology has come to the fore. The application needs further improvement."

Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain special committee of the Ministry of Commerce, and dean of the Digital Economics Business School, also held this view. He analyzed the report of the Securities Daily. "Before the blockchain information service filing was basically in accordance with the process application, it will pass. But it also means that the blockchain has taken a step toward compliance, and the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning. A considerable part of the blockchain concept stocks only stays at the conceptual level, and this big rise still has strong capital speculation attributes, but Good for the industry in the short term."

Source: Securities Daily , the original title "Accurate information has been received five rising board blockchain concept stocks rising tide is a bubble or value return?

Author: Xing Meng

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