The nation's first provincial-level blockchain application innovation industry alliance was established in Chongqing

Source of this article: Chongqing Daily

Author: Tang Yanjuan

In 2020, the industry is called the first year of the outbreak of the blockchain industry. On April 14, the nation's first provincial-level blockchain application innovation industry alliance-Chongqing Blockchain Application Innovation Industry Alliance was established. On the same day, the Chongqing block chain public service platform "Yu Express Chain" was officially put into use.

The Chongqing Blockchain Application Innovation Industry Alliance aims to aggregate the potential of the blockchain industry, integrate the public resources of the blockchain industry, promote the circulation of elements of the blockchain industry, and serve the regional economic development. It is reported that the alliance attracted more than 100 blockchain enterprises such as Inspur, Ziguang, and Huawei to join the alliance, including Chongqing blockchain related enterprises, institutions and social groups. According to the resolution of the member meeting, the alliance has appointed Chen Xiaohong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other industry experts as consultants. Inspur Group was recommended to be elected as the chairman unit of the alliance.

"Resolutely resist the use of blockchain for illegal fund-raising, online pyramid schemes, malicious hype and other illegal and illegal activities." At the event site, the representatives of the alliance members solemnly declared their commitment to the society: "We will take the responsibility of accelerating the breakthrough of blockchain core technology and the landing of the scene To promote the in-depth integration of blockchain and the real economy and realize the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. "

Chongqing Blockchain Public Service Platform "Yu Express Chain" was officially released: to provide blockchain packaging technology for the construction of "platform + ecology" industrial chain. According to reports, "Yu Express Chain" relies on the construction of the Inspur blockchain platform IBS, provides blockchain engine services and blockchain development services, and gathers with the help of the national blockchain application innovation contest and free open blockchain platform services Enterprises in the blockchain industry promote industrial agglomeration and high-quality development.

Xiao Xue, senior vice president of Inspur Group, chairman of Chongqing Blockchain Application Innovation Industry Alliance, chairman and CEO of Inspur Cloud, introduced that "Xuyu Chain" will achieve interconnection and interoperability Innovative integration will truly promote innovation in the blockchain industry.

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