The new generation is about to open, and why is the blockchain a blockchain?

The new generation is about to open, and why is the blockchain a blockchain?

The hope for blockchain has not been ruined by the trap of digital currency, and people are still exploring many possibilities for it. Whether it is the technology giant that regards the industrial Internet as the next development trend, or the blockchain as a new force to challenge traditional forces, the blockchain is always the new key to their next stage of development. When digital currency began to lose its vitality and vitality due to the wave of supervision, we saw a new era represented by the landing and application of blockchain.

Food traceability, copyright protection, legal notarization and many other industries have begun to gain new development through the application of blockchain. After the adjustment of capital ebb and industry reshuffle, the development of blockchain industry is entering to see and touch. The stage of landing. For a new technology, especially a new technology that has been abandoned by the mainstream market, it may be wise to show its value through landing.

The attempt to shift the blockchain from concept to landing coincides with the shift of capital investment preferences. Therefore, we see that after the blockchain and capital are identified, new parallel points appear on the two parallel lines. This time, blockchain players no longer pay attention to the concept of the tall, but really sink into the industry, looking for a suitable soil for the survival of the blockchain. When the blockchain moves from concept to industry, a new evolution may be opened.

Blockchain and capital re-converge, new development is opening

The new generation is about to open, and why is the blockchain a blockchain?

Just as capital is far from the Internet industry, the blockchain industry has experienced a cold winter. The crowded track continued to be crowded out, and the original blockchain project began to be phased out. The original blockchain platform began to be subverted, so the re-construction tour of the blockchain market began. appear.

For the capital that brings the blockchain to the front of the people, the sensitive sense of smell makes them not willing to lose the opportunity to shake hands with the blockchain. Thus, we see that the capital community is also re-examining the blockchain and the enormous development potential inherent in the blockchain itself. As the blockchain market began to evolve, as capital began to re-find the possibility of blockchains, we saw new developments in the convergence of the two.

Digital currency is no longer required for blockchain. We can never deny that digital currency is the reality of the blockchain matrix, but we can't think of digital currency as the fate of the blockchain. As digital currencies move further and further away from the mainstream monetary system, all applications of the desperate blockchain are all focused on the digital currency and are undoubtedly self-defeating.

After the early baptism, people's understanding of the blockchain began to become more rational and objective. The so-called digital currency is no longer necessary for the blockchain, but has become a supporting existence. People are increasingly focusing their development on the landing and application of blockchains. For blockchains, this development may be the true correct posture.

More and more traditional industries are beginning to find new possibilities for development through deep integration and linkage with the blockchain. A new era dominated by far away from digital currency is coming. When digital currency is no longer necessary for the blockchain, the blockchain may be able to really move closer to the mainstream. For a relatively basic technology, this transformation of the blockchain may open a new era.

The derivation and improvement of blockchain technology is becoming mainstream. It is precisely because of the advent of the blockchain winter that people understand its most essential connotation and meaning, technology may be the background color of the blockchain. When the concept of simple and false borrowing begins to gradually lose the original magic, perhaps only let the blockchain truly return to the technology itself, so that its development can really enter the mainstream from the niche. Thus, we see that almost all of the blockchain practitioners are seeing technology as the key to their renewed counterattack, and the key to the re-emergence of blockchain and capital.

This perception of the blockchain eventually led people to get rid of the paranoia of the blockchain and truly return to the technology itself. For the blockchain, a new technology-led development model may be a truly reliable and imaginative development direction. Many technologies such as computing power, encryption technology, transmission technology, and trust mechanism with blockchain as the main form of expression have been continuously enriched and improved, and the possibility of more and more blockchains has begun to be discovered.

Just as the new world of blockchains that capital institutions opened for us, we did see the possibility of blockchains that we have not seen before. This is the result of the derivation and improvement of blockchain technology. Because of this, we are seeing more and more blockchain players starting to focus their attention on the technology itself and starting to find more new possibilities through the underlying construction of blockchain technology. As a result, a new era in which the technology and applications of blockchain are the main driving force is coming.

The blockchain is no longer a means of financing, but a tool for transformation. In the context of the end of the Internet dividend, what we see is a way to find new business models. In essence, people's blessings on new business models and new technologies are actually trying to find a new means of financing. From this point of view, the so-called blockchain is just a brand new means of financing, and its essence does not have much substantive connotation and meaning.

Just considering the blockchain as a means of financing, and lacking the landing and application of the blockchain, the so-called blockchain may be farther away from the essence and meaning of the essence. As a result, we are seeing more and more blockchain projects starting to appear. More and more players are plunging into the entrepreneurial wave of blockchain. If we study it carefully, we will find that many blockchain players are actually Use blockchain financing to make up for their shortcomings in Internet financing.

For a technology, just think of the blockchain as a means of financing, not a tool for transformation. The so-called blockchain may eventually become a concept, which leads to the expectation of financing through blockchain technology, but the capital has been farther and farther away from the blockchain, blockchain The cold winter of capital is produced.

Fortunately, after the baptism of the capital winter, people began to abandon the blockchain as a means of financing, and turned the blockchain into a brand-new transformation tool, and tried to pass the traditional industry. Make a deep change to find new development possibilities beyond the capital of the blockchain. When the blockchain is transformed from a financing tool to a tool for transformation, an era of development that is in line with capital preferences may be opened, and capital and blockchain will re-converge.

Say goodbye to fanaticism and unrealisticity, why is the blockchain a blockchain?

When capital and blockchain re-emerge, what we see is the beginning of a new evolution. Although the new development has opened up new directions for us, the blockchain still faces many challenges in the new generation. Only by truly addressing these challenges can the blockchain really become a blockchain, rather than evolve into a new gimmick and concept.

The background color of a blockchain is technology, not digital currency. Looking back at the development of the blockchain, it is not difficult to see that people are so valued by the blockchain. One of the most important points is that the application of blockchain technology in digital currency can realize the dream of people's riches. However, the background color of the blockchain is not a digital currency, but a real technology.

Some people may say that if there is no digital currency, perhaps we still don't know what the blockchain is. This sentence is not false, but what we need to understand is that although the vigorous development of digital currency allows us to see the powerful magic of the blockchain, the application and landing of the blockchain is far from being as simple as digital currency.

When the development of the blockchain industry has experienced the baptism of the capital winter, we may need to understand that digital currency is not the whole blockchain, it is only part of the blockchain application. Only by truly expanding the application of the blockchain industry to more areas beyond digital currency, can we truly see the greater magic of the blockchain.

If we just limit the blockchain to the digital currency, we think of the digital currency as the entire blockchain. We can not only find the possibility of more development of the blockchain, but also the scope and logic of the application, and perhaps the blockchain will truly lose its own meaning and meaning. Therefore, letting the blockchain truly return to the technology itself, rather than just relying on the digital currency, may be the key to the blockchain's ability to find more development possibilities.

The unknown and imagination of the blockchain comes from landing and application, not capital. Although we can't deny the huge potential of capital itself, if we put all the future of the blockchain on the capital itself, then the so-called blockchain may become the "next Internet." Jumping out of the strange circle of capital and truly finding more development potential of the blockchain itself, we can truly bring the development of the industry to a new stage.

One of the most important points of the blockchain is the landing and application of the blockchain itself. Only by applying blockchain technology to more and more traditional industries, through blockchain technology to solve the pain points and problems that Internet technology can't solve, the so-called blockchain can really jump out of the cycle of capital, not only can we find The way of profiting outside of capital, and let us discover the more essence and meaning of the blockchain itself.

When the development of blockchain is no longer frenetic, we need to find new operational logic and breakthroughs beyond capital. The light vehicle familiarity with the Internet model finally makes their understanding of the blockchain only stay at the capital level. In fact, the unknown and imagination of the blockchain is not just about the capital itself. Its more unknown and imagination comes from The power of landing and application.

The relationship between the blockchain and the Internet is complementary, not subversive. One of the most important points in the blockchain is that people have labeled it as a blockchain subversive. In the context of the end of the Internet dividend, this positioning of the blockchain is very tempting. Because of this, we have seen that when blockchain technology and models are proposed, we have seen many blockchain players see the blockchain as a tool for declaring war on the Internet, with blockchain Project to subvert the Internet model.

In fact, after the double baptism of the Internet era and the mobile Internet era, the Internet has penetrated into every aspect of the industry as blood. So if we want to use the blockchain to subvert the Internet, perhaps we have subverted the blockchain itself. From this logic, the reason why the blockchain can become a blockchain is not just to subvert the Internet. Everything is against the Internet, but to make up for the pain points and problems that Internet technology cannot achieve or cannot crack. Only in this way can the so-called blockchain really find itself.

When the development of the blockchain industry is no longer an opponent of the Internet, but a partner. We may be able to bring the development of the blockchain industry into the real mainstream development track, rather than just a digital currency as opposed to the mainstream system. When the blockchain and the Internet shake hands, we may be able to find the best positioning of the blockchain and the Internet.

After the baptism of the capital winter, the development of capital and blockchain once again met. For the blockchain, this undoubtedly opens up a whole new generation of development. However, the blockchain may still have a long way to go if it wants a real blockchain. When the blockchain says goodbye to capital and digital currency, when the blockchain and the Internet shake hands, the so-called new evolution may be Open. (The internet)

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