Blockchain Weekly Report | Bitcoin tops $ 10,000, hot search; Central No. 1 file mentions blockchain first

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Summary: Australia officially announced the national block line map; the first document of the Central Bank of China in 2020; the global assets under the "epidemic", BTC rose over 12% to become the best in the world; Bitcoin exceeded 10,000 US dollars, Hot search on Weibo.

According to PANews statistics, there were a total of 11 project financings in the blockchain field announced last week, with a total amount of more than 77 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving areas such as corporate services and payment and settlement platforms.

1 U.S. SEC commissioner proposes 3 year security period for legitimate crypto projects

According to Coindesk's report on February 7, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce said he hopes to provide a three-year security period for legitimate crypto projects without violating US securities laws. Peirce proposes that cryptocurrency startups will have a grace period of three years from the initial coin sale, making it sufficient to pass the SEC's securities assessment, including the Howe test. The latest proposal aims to provide a legal framework for the issuance and sale of tokens under federal securities laws. The agency's proposal is still pending public consultation, and it will require companies to disclose information based on the needs of token buyers. These details include source code, development plans, initial development team, and more.

2 Australia officially announces the national block map

According to ITNews news, Australia has officially announced the national blockchain line map, which lists the twelve major measures the government will take to help promote blockchain applications. Australian federal government documents show that Australia will focus on three key areas in blockchain investment and development, including: regulations and standards; skills, capabilities and innovation; and international investment and cooperation. The government also predicts that blockchain technology and other technologies can help increase the commercial value of $ 175 billion by 2025.

In addition, the Advisory Committee renamed it the National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee, which will have terms of reference to oversee the next roadmap steps.

3 Bank of Japan dispute over digital currency, members of ruling party urged issuance

According to Bloomberg, Norihiro Nakayama, a senior member of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, a member of the Japanese Prime Minister's Cabinet, and Deputy Foreign Minister Norihiro Nakayama said that a proposal to pave the way for the issuance of digital currencies in Japan will be released this Friday. Of the other six central banks cooperate in researching digital currencies. He also said that he believes that China's "digital yuan" poses a challenge to the existing global reserve currency system and dollar currency hegemony, and he hopes to cooperate with the United States to compete with China's central bank digital currency. However, Takako Masai, member of the Bank of Japan, said the Bank of Japan has no plans to issue digital currencies at this time. Banks have no problem in playing an intermediary role. The agenda of the future central bank's meetings on digital currency information sharing has not yet been determined.

4 Uganda's Finance Minister Says Government Should Warn: Digital Currency Is Unmonitored and Pond's Scam

According to bitcoinist, Uganda's Finance Minister David Bahati addressed the Ugandan parliament yesterday, asking the Ugandan government to issue a warning to cryptocurrency investors in their country, warning them that the digital currency they invest in is unregulated and that there are potential risks of the Ponzi scheme.

Uganda's Chancellor of the Exchequer David Bahati has suggested that the government completely ban the country's Ponzi scheme. It is reported that the difficulty of Uganda's fight against the Ponzi scheme is that the companies involved in the Ponzi scheme are often legal financial companies when they register, and then change their business direction to scams, promising to provide new investors with high investment returns, and Early investors pay to support the scam.

The report also said that another obstacle in Uganda's anti-Ponzi scheme is that government members are often involved in such cryptocurrency scams, such as the son of former Ugandan Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda also running a Ponzi scheme.

5 2020 Central File No. 1 mentions blockchain

On February 5, the 17th Central Document No. 1 that guided the work of "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" since the 21st century was officially released, and the document first mentioned the blockchain. This document is entitled "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Doing a Good Job in the" Three Rural "Areas and Ensuring a Well-off Society by Schedule". In the section on strengthening the construction of modern agricultural facilities, for the first time, mentioning the construction of agricultural big data centers relying on existing resources, Accelerate the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation mobile communication networks, and smart weather in the agricultural field. Carry out national digital village trials.

1 Global assets under war "epidemic": BTC rose over 12% to become the best in the world

Except for the closing of the A-share market during the Spring Festival, other global assets are in the open state. According to PANews statistics, during the Spring Festival of 2020, only 3 of the 17 major global assets / indices rose, and the highest increase was BTC. According to the coin price data corrected by Coin Metrics, BTC rose by 11.84% from January 23 to January 31, and the performance of earnings is far superior to other underlying ones. Second is COMEX Gold (New York Gold), which rose 2% during this period, and USD / RMB (offshore) rose 1.02%.

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2 Bitcoin breaks through $ 10,000, hot search on Weibo

Last week, Bitcoin has been in a row for five consecutive years. On February 9, it broke the 10,000-dollar mark, and "Bitcoin broke through 10,000 dollars" on Weibo. According to OKEx data, the highest price of Bitcoin on the day reached $ 101.3 million, with a maximum increase of 3.24%. Several institutions attributed the rise in bitcoin prices to bitcoin production cuts. OKEx senior researcher William analyzed that the price of bitcoin broke through the $ 10,000 mark, mainly because bitcoin production will be halved around May. In history, there will be a big bull market every time Bitcoin production is halved, so the market has made expectations and pushed the price of Bitcoin up. At present, it is about 3 months before the time point of bitcoin production reduction, so market expectations and speculation will continue, because bitcoin will continue to rise in the future.

3 Alipay launches epidemic prevention material information service platform, and uses blockchain to link on-chain deposit certificates

According to the Shanghai Securities News, Alipay launched an epidemic prevention information service platform last week, which can be seen by searching the same trip query function. At present, the Zhejiang Province Medical Materials Security Group has launched the first material requirements list, which includes medical masks, protective clothing, etc. Different from other material information platforms, this platform uses ant blockchain technology and is led by the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Construction Commission and the Economic and Information Department. It will review the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store them on the chain.

According to Alipay, the trust mechanism of the blockchain can bring credible connections, and every link and confirmation by the operator can be displayed on the chain. In the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the recipient of the material may not be the final recipient, and must be distributed through the unified management of a third party. However, no matter how many links go through, the blockchain's entire record is kept, the parties confirm that it can't be changed, and can be traced efficiently. It can solve the complex problem of multi-point collaboration without leaving any links into the black box.

4 Community members set up a monument for Dr. Li Wenliang on the Ethereum network

On February 7, to commemorate Dr. Li Wenliang, community members were on the Ethereum network at a block height of 9,432,824 for his tree monument. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain network, this inscription cannot be tampered with or deleted.

5 Buffett has dinner with Sun Yuchen half a month ago

Sun Yuchen, who took the Buffett Charity Dinner 2019, postponed the dinner due to kidney stones and had dinner with Buffett on January 23 at a private country club in Omaha, Nebraska. Dining with Sun Yuchen included Litecoin founder Li Qiwei, eToro CEO Yoni Assia, Binance Charity Foundation leader Helen Hai, and Huobi Chief Financial Officer Chris Lee.

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6 Affected by the epidemic, TOKEN2049, Binance Vietnam Week and other Asian conferences postponed

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, and multiple regions and ports around the world have restricted the access of Chinese citizens, several blockchain conferences in Asia have been postponed. The Hong Kong Blockchain Week and TOKEN2049, which were originally planned to be held in Hong Kong, have been postponed. TOKEN2049 will send an e-mail notification meeting in the early morning of February 6 to postpone the conference to October 7-8.

Binance also officially announced today that it has postponed the Binance Vietnam Blockchain Week originally planned to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from February 29th to March 4th. Binance staff told PANews that due to the large number of events involved in the event, the latest meeting date has not been determined. And already registered users can apply for a refund on the event registration page.

7 Under the epidemic situation: the mobile game outbreak has a single-day income of 2 billion, and the chain game's silent transaction volume continues to shrink

The outbreak of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia raged across the country, the offline physical industry was shut down across the board, the city was regulated, and the mobility of people was reduced. Online applications entered a blowout period. PANews noticed that in addition to the online education, telecommuting, online medical, online shopping and distribution service industries, the gaming industry also released huge incremental potential in the Spring Festival of 2020.

According to the research data of the China National Securities Media and Internet research team, the confrontational mobile game "Glory of Kings" reached a single-day flow of 2 billion yuan on New Year's Eve, breaking the record of 1.3 billion yuan in single-day flow. At the same time, the first person The daily active users of shooting mobile game "Peace Elite" also reached a new high during the Spring Festival, reaching between 80 and 100 million.

Unlike the blowout growth of traditional mobile games, blockchain games have had a flat response. According to dappradar, a dapp data website, mainnet chain games with large user bases such as ETH, EOS, Tron, etc. During the Spring Festival, regardless of the size of the users, the transaction volume did not increase significantly.

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According to PANews statistics, there were a total of 11 project financings in the blockchain field announced last week, with a total amount of more than 77 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving areas such as corporate services and payment and settlement platforms.

1 "Feng Pigeon Blockchain" completed the ten-million-yuan strategic financing of the construction of the leading investment

The blockchain service provider "Yige Blockchain" recently completed a ten-million-yuan strategic financing, led by the listed company Zhongzhuang Construction. Yege was established in 2018 and is a blockchain technology R & D application service provider. At present, Yege's blockchain application products based on the underlying technology of the blockchain are: blockchain supply chain financial platform, blockchain ABS / ABN platform, blockchain trust asset platform, automotive finance blockchain solution, building decoration industry solution, SME financing solution, etc.

2 Digital currency payment company Paystand secures $ 20 million in Series B financing

Paystand, a commercial payment company that provides digital currency services, recently completed a $ 20 million Series B financing. There are a total of 7 investors, including DNX Ventures, Battery Ventures, Epic Ventures, Commerce Ventures, Wildcat Ventures, as well as the last round of financing Leap Global Partners and BlueRun Ventures. According to Techcrunch, it provides payment APIs to merchants, and connected merchants can quickly deploy in 5 minutes, supporting payment requirements for Bitcoin, e-checks and credit cards.

3 Blockchain settlement company Clear secures $ 13 million in Series A funding

On February 6th, Clear, the Israeli-based blockchain settlement startup Clear, announced the completion of a $ 13 million Series A round of financing. The lead investor is Eight Roads, a venture capital unit of Fidelity. Giants Telefónica Innovation Ventures, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Pool, Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and Singtel Innov8.

4 Decentralized settlement network Transparent raises $ 14 million in financing

Seattle-based startup Transparent Financial Systems has completed a $ 14 million Series A round of financing, led by Pantera Capital, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's Square, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Future / Perfect Ventures, IDEO Colab Ventures and CMT Digital participate. The company is developing a "real-time" decentralized payment settlement network.

5 Xiong'an Fund strategic investment in Filenet millions

On February 3rd, Xiong'an Fund announced a strategic investment in Filenet of millions of dollars, and participated in the Filenet packaging node election to jointly build a new distributed storage ecosystem.

6 Blockchain supply chain company Envoy raises $ 13 million in funding

According to Finextra, blockchain-based supply chain and trade finance startup Envoy Group has received a $ 13 million investment from Alcedo Digital Ventures seeking to expand beyond Latin America. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy data systems and all third-party blockchains, enabling buyers and sellers to manage global trade logistics and find new sources of funding that are trusted to support.

7 Blockchain company Digital Asset receives investment from Samsung and Salesforce Ventures

According to The Block, the blockchain company Digital Asset has received investments from Samsung and Salesforce Ventures in the second round of Series C funding. The company said that the new investment will be used to further promote the adoption of open source DAML smart contracts in various industries. Previously reported that Digital Asset had raised US $ 35 million in Series C financing in December 2019, and a new round of financing has raised its total funding since its establishment in 2014 to US $ 150 million.

8 Ethereum non-destructive lottery platform PoolTogether secures $ 1 million in funding

Ethereum's non-destructive lottery platform PoolTogether announced that it has received $ 1 million in financing from investors IDEO CoLab Ventures, ConsenSys Labs, and DTC Capital. The new funding will help the company improve its security, increase its bonus size, and support its zero-fee services. The company also plans to launch a new USDC pool that offers daily bonuses and will allow users to connect their lotteries together.

9 Securitize, a strategic investment token issuance platform of Sony Corporation of Japan

Digital securities platform Securitize has secured strategic investments from Sony Financial Ventures and Global Brain's investment funds. Securitize is a blockchain platform that helps companies issue compliant securities tokens. In September 2019, the platform received investment from Mitsubishi UFJ Innovation Partners and Nomura Holdings.

10 Layer2 blockchain protocol Arwen completes $ 3.3 million financing

Arwen, a Layer 2 blockchain agreement, has announced the completion of a US $ 3.3 million round of financing led by Slow Ventures. Participants include Coinshares, Collaborative Fund, Underscore VC and DG Lab Fund. Arwen is an automated trade settlement solution that locks in smart contracts by pre-storing funds and releases funds through atomic swaps after transactions are completed.

11 Lightning Network Lab completes US $ 10 million financing

Lightning Labs has announced the completion of a $ 10 million Series A funding round led by Craft Ventures, with participants including Ribbit Capital, RRE Ventures, Slow Ventures, M13, and some individual investors. At the same time, Lightning Network Labs launched the first financial product Beta version of Lightning Loop, which allows users to transfer funds between the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin network.

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