These file blockchain technologies will affect our food, clothing, housing and transportation.

A paper announcement by the Internet Office has stirred the entire scientific community.

On March 30th, the National Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as the “Network Information Office”) issued the “Number of Domestic Blockchain Information Services Record (First Batch)” (hereinafter referred to as “Record”), and announced the first batch of 197 in the network. A blockchain project for registration and filing.

Among them, Ant Giants, Tencent, Huada Gene, Good Future, Haier and many other well-known giants are in the list. The technology involves all areas related to our lives, such as clothing, food, housing, education, medical care.

The Odaily Planet Daily has comprehensively combed 197 projects, from different dimensions such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, to explain to you which technologies will change our lives in the future and which will have a profound impact on the areas we care most about.

Shopping without boundaries

The Internet has indeed turned the earth into a village, which is most closely related to us, in addition to instant social interaction, as well as cross-border shopping.

However, the phenomenon of genuine out-of-stock and counterfeit goods growing on various shopping platforms is happening, and it also increases the purchasing burden of consumers.

For consumers, shopping is boundless and there is an urgent need for an information-equivalent consumer environment. Consumers need to know where they are buying things and what they have experienced during transportation.

In the 197 blockchain information service filing of the network office cloth, there are so few companies that can use the blockchain to transform the pain points of shopping.

The first is the SF Express's “Feng Trace GO”.

In 2018, SF Express built a new retail project “Fenghui GO” based on blockchain technology, and it is also a blockchain service project that it files with the Internet Office.

“Feng Tiao GO” aims to provide traceability services for some overseas products through blockchain technology. By scanning the source code on the product, the consumer can obtain information about the origin of the product, the third-party inspection report, the customs declaration form and the whole process of logistics.

In other words, SF wants to provide consumers with a credible Haitao retail service, using blockchain to provide a credible identity for cross-border goods.

At present, SF has launched the “Fenghui GO” model in some SF preferred stores, and put Haitao bonded goods in community stores for sale.

But in fact, this model is not necessarily completely anti-counterfeiting. The blockchain only provides a service for depositing certificates. In this way, only the certificate can be stored, and the information uploader at the source of the product still has uncontrollability. How to do information security at the source is still to be studied.

In addition to SF, in the filing list, these companies are targeting the e-commerce shopping market:

Transforming travel

In the 197 blockchain information services filed by the Internet Office, two companies want to use the blockchain to transform travel services. They are the First Automobile Group and Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Co., Ltd.

The project of “Stop Chain Linkage Platform” was filed by Beijing Shouqi Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shouqi Group. After reviewing the public information, Odaily Planet Daily found that the main project of this company is GoFun. In the shared car platform, the platform's official website has a blockchain section, which is called the Blockchain Browser (GFC) named GFChain.

As early as October 22 last year, GoFun announced at the product upgrade conference that it would introduce the blockchain digital asset "energy cube" to open the car to mine. This move is considered to be the test of the blockchain business of the First Automobile Group.

On January 31 this year, GoFun traveled to CTO, and said that the company is building a public chain based on blockchain technology, hoping to link the various ecosystems of travel services. At the same time, with the application of the “Zhixin Chancheng” blockchain project in Foshan, Guangdong Province, it will realize a series of new functions such as quickly verifying the identity of new users and brushing faces.

On April 3, the Odaily Planet Daily called the company, and the customer service staff responded by saying that the application of the blockchain part is the energy block gameplay built in the platform. The user collects the energy square points by sign-in, etc. The energy block can be redeemed. coupon.

The company's specific information on the chain is temporarily unknown, but previously, because it is believed that the blockchain can reduce idle costs and improve platform efficiency, the sharing economy was once considered to be one of the landing scenarios of the blockchain, but the sharing economy The fall of the vents has made the industry itself questionable. In 2018, friends and relatives used cars, EZZY, Muggle travel, and Pakistani travel, and other shared cars fell one after another. The road songs with a total financing amount of 500 million yuan were also caught in the deposit redemption crisis.

Whether GoFun can share the economy through the blockchain, it will take time to verify.

In addition to the way of sharing travel, the penetration rate of personal private cars is also quite high, and self-purchasing cars have gradually become a must-have item in a family.

The “Car Supply Chain Logistics Service” platform based on the blockchain launched by Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Co., Ltd. is intended to transform the blockchain of the vehicle's entire vehicle logistics supply chain.

For example, in the vehicle logistics scenario, a car involved in the transportation from the factory to the 4s store involved multiple participants.

The Wanxiang blockchain “Automotive Supply Chain Logistics Service Platform” has established a common accounting mechanism for the participants, and at the same time, it is connected with the systems of multiple enterprises, and the operational data between the enterprises will be shared and transmitted in real time. At the same time, the platform also modified the reconciliation and settlement process, eliminating the cumbersome details of document collection, back-to-back reconciliation, and mail confirmation.

This means that the vehicle logistics of the entire vehicle will become faster and more efficient.

Great health has not fallen

Recently, the Internet industry 996 work preparation has been heated up, and people began to ridicule: work 996, sick ICU.

If you look carefully, you will find that almost every "post-95" desk, the thermos cup is already a must-have item. The shopping link shared by colleagues in the work of "fishing the fish" is not a deep mountain nectar, but a health black sputum, massage. Health care has long been a trend.

In addition, genetic testing is also rampant, and there are also mutual health insurance plans for millions of people. The need for health care and health care is self-evident.

Blockchain technology is also targeting the big health market.

After browsing the 197 documented blockchain projects, the Odaily Planet Daily reporter found that at least five companies have filed blockchain services in the medical health direction.

They are listed company Shenzhen Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin National Health Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Daai Renji Health Service Co., Ltd., etc.

Carefully combed and found that most of the five health care companies in the record use the blockchain as the application of to B. Simply put, the blockchain is used to realize the secure storage, trusted sharing and data confirmation of medical data.

Data confirmation is one of the applications closest to your life. In general, the data in the health care field is determined, that is, you can control your own health data and use it to realize it. Huada Gene is trying to do such a blockchain application.

Through the use of sequencing, mass spectrometry and imaging technologies, Huada has been monitoring and researching thousands of employees for years of data to interpret and monitor individual health and disease status. The official website says that the blockchain-based data interaction model has been used in its internal employee health program and external cancer care program.

Even so, you may not care which experiment your health medical data is used in, but have you ever imagined that your personal health data can be realized, and may bring a small income to yourself in the future?

In the blockchain data security sharing system designed by Huada Gene for employees, employees can register and participate in some data recruitment projects through the APP, and the data user can only call the user's personal health data through user authorization.

In other words, after contributing your own data, employees can earn health points and health points can be used in their systems.

If such a system for everyone to contribute their own data is universal, people can control their own health data and obtain economic benefits through their own data. At the same time, they can make a lot of contributions to health care and can participate in many diseases that are closely related to themselves. Research and drug development.

In addition to the Huada Gene, the following companies also want to do blockchain + health care attempts:

"Workplace Pass" appears

Jin Sanyin four, it is time to change jobs.

But both recruiters and job seekers face a problem: information is not open and opaque, especially when large companies screen candidates to go through a long-term process.

From the enterprise side, the problems faced by them are: inflated salary, exaggerated work performance, misrepresentation of cognitive background and reasons for leaving school, and fraud in education experience. The cost of screening is high and its inefficiency; for job seekers, the past workplace Credit records cannot create value.

Once, LinkedIn Linkedln tried to solve this problem by solving the problem of trust and tone adjustment through acquaintance comments, but it did not have a revolutionary impact. Instead, it was criticized as a "self-centered social network platform" because of its old-fashioned website. Pages and Newsfeed filled with "junk marketing and self-promotion."

So, can the above problems be solved by the decentralized, verifiable, and tamper-proof technical features of the blockchain?

Shengpu Technology launched the “Workplace Pass”, intending to enter the blockchain workplace. According to its official website, the Workplace Pass is a personal workplace integrity platform based on blockchain technology, providing services including proof of separation, work certificate, income certificate, and workplace integrity certificate.

“Workplace Passport adopts Fabric as the underlying platform, and combines separate distributed storage, transmission protocols and encryption mechanisms in a special way, which in turn makes the workplace pass unchangeable and retains the corporate documents. Originality." Ascending technology official website said.

According to the official website of Shengpu Technology, on April 3, the number of registered enterprises was 2,770, the registered users were 382,209, the number of documents was 63,594, and the number of documents was 41,209.

On the other hand, the official website's rudimentary pages, confusing introductions, and apps still in “untrusted enterprise-level developers” also put a question mark on the authenticity of the above data.

On April 3, the Odaily Planet Daily telephone contacted Episode Technology and the other party was in an unreachable state.

In addition to the upgrade technology, the previous professional chain CTEChain, PBase want to solve similar problems, but also did not enter the record this time.

In addition, the applicants who want to solve related workplace problems in this filing company are:

Prove that "your mom is your mother"

At the beginning of the year, the personal income tax return APP was launched, and Zhang San (pseudonym) was placed next, hoping to reduce the tax. However, after logging in, Zhang San was dumbfounded, and his personal information was displayed as the legal person of “Chongqing Jieda Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd.”. After the analysis, he confirmed that this was his identity information was stolen.

Moreover, the company that Zhang San was “being a legal person” had issued an invoice of more than 1 million yuan, and the tax payment situation was already “unusual”, which would substantially affect the social credit record. After that, Zhang San may not be able to set up other companies, and loans will be affected.

China is the world's largest Internet powerhouse with 829 million Internet users. A big mess in this complex network is the leakage of personal information. According to the report, Chinese netizens accounted for the highest proportion of information leakage problems in various types of network security problems, reaching 28.5%.

Dispelling the issue of privacy disclosure is not just about supervising some Internet companies, but about the root cause of citizenship information authentication.

China's “touching the net” For more than 20 years, it has mainly used “name + citizenship number” to represent citizens' online identity and lacks effective protection of personal information. If the source of the identity information can be encrypted, is there any worry about the subsequent data flow?

Among the companies that have filed this record, some of the projects are doing digital identity chaining.

Digital identity and resident personal identity anchored digital identity is also called eID. It is based on the citizenship number and is digitally generated by the Ministry of Public Security based on the cryptographic algorithm. It can identify the identity without revealing identity information. Effectively prevent citizens from leaking personal information.

Take the application for a mortgage as an example. Li Si, the user with eID, initiates a mortgage application to Bank A through the mobile phone; Bank A requests the identity service agency to verify the identity of the applicant, the identity service agency may be a government agency or another bank; Bank A will also require a trusted source. B, C, and D provide the credit record of Li Si. This operation requires Li Si to confirm and agrees that B, C, and D provide personal information to Bank A. Bank A decides whether to approve the applicant's loan after analyzing all the information received.

In this process, Bank A is exposed to Li Si's eID and does not directly contact his real information to ensure the security of data circulation.

At present, the leading trusted identity chain project is the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, and the chain enterprise Beijing Gongyilian Technology Co., Ltd. assists in research and development.

It is worth noting that the Public Easy Link is a blockchain-related business that deeply participates in the eID digital identity of the Ministry of Public Security, while other projects focus on various types of identity certifications of governments, enterprises and individuals in a certain region.

What other interesting chains?

In addition to the above-mentioned blockchain technology to solve the pains of shopping, travel, medical care, workplace, etc., we also selected some interesting technologies from the list of 197 blockchain information services.

For example, in terms of housing, First Travel Home Inn (Guangzhou) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. launched blockchain point marketing and management cloud platform chain points.

According to official information, BTG Home (Guangzhou) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. started construction in June last year under the direction of Mr. Sun Jian, CEO of First Travel Home Inns Group. It is a subsidiary of First Travel Home Inns Group and BestApp.

This is a cloud computing platform for enterprise blockchain point marketing and management. The first phase will be deployed in the first travel home hotel group to create a blockchain point distribution for the hotel industry – blockchain point sales – member blockchain Integral Interoperability – Blockchain Integral Exchanges the circulation of the room to improve the loyalty of the hotel group.

In the education section, the future learning chain that the future (NYSE: TAL) wants to do is considered to be very likely to be used to collect and record the student's learning growth trajectory data.

In July last year, Good Future published a job title for the blockchain-related technical position. The job description for the “blockchain Java R&D engineer” was written as “Responsible for the company's K12 blockchain product development work according to business needs”.

In addition to the above, the list of the record is also included in the e-sports chain, such as Yan Xin Internet (Beijing) Network Technology, and the blockchain work information issued by iQiyi.

The science and technology revolution is like the trickle of different time and space dimensions in our masses. At first we can't see or touch it, but when the tricks get bigger, we will breed new life and make our life look new. We have experienced several information revolutions, and now, the blockchain based on new computer technology is now emerging.

Text | Huang Xueyu Nan Dave

Produced | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily)

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