What are the recent movements of Crypto VCs? 7 tools to help you easily track

Track recent Crypto VC movements with these 7 tools.

VCs and funds that invest in startups in the crypto industry have made returns of millions of dollars. They provide funding, technical support, and expertise to early-stage companies with growth potential, and in exchange, they receive equity (tokens) in these companies.

You may often hear things like “VCs invest in…” but who are these VCs? Which ones have the best reputation? And most importantly, which projects have they invested in? You don’t need to be a professional researcher; the following 7 tools can help you explore VCs and find the next 50x.

Understanding the success of VCs is crucial, and this chart divides 136 crypto VCs or funds into different categories based on their return on investment:


Once you have selected the VCs you want to keep track of, you can explore them more deeply through the data analysis platform CryptoRank. You can access detailed data for each VC or fund, including their investment history.

For example, I searched for and entered the detailed page for Paradigm, where I can see Paradigm’s investment portfolio, investment success rate, and recent investments.

If you want to track the latest investment information in near real time to keep up with the VC you have chosen, this chart will be regularly updated:


If you want to find detailed information about VCs and their invested projects, you can use the crypto fundraising information platform Crypto Fundraising. Simply enter the name of the project you are interested in, and you can get the following information:

• Discover overall financing

• Understand the details of each round of financing

• Related news links

If you want to analyze in detail the information about the project you are interested in, Crunchbase has everything you need, it is the comprehensive database for most researchers. Available information includes:

• Employee’s LinkedIn profile

• A large amount of detailed information on VC investment

Looking for information on small investments can be very difficult. The encrypted data platform Cypher Hunter can make it easier for you to obtain the intelligence you need. Although this platform is similar to the ones mentioned above, it contains a large amount of information on small investments.

When there is no useful investment information yet, Twitter Score, a free tool, can help you classify and sort Twitter followers of the project, and can discover whether any VCs are paying attention to the project.

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