7 Key construction projects in provinces and cities in 2020 involve billions of funds from the blockchain to help industrial development

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In the first quarter of each year, local governments will develop a support list for key projects.

Inter-chain pulse combing, in the first quarter of 2020, 7 provinces and cities in China have listed more than 20 blockchain projects as key industrial development projects and key investment projects. Not only that, the construction of these projects is mostly scaled, and the total investment has reached billions of yuan. It can be seen that the local governments are determined to help the development of blockchain in 2020.

Blockchain is included in key construction projects and key investment projects

Inter-chain pulse observation. Since February, a total of 7 regions across the country have explicitly mentioned blockchain projects in industry development information and investment information. Among them, Hunan Province and Jiangxi Province have disclosed the most blockchain projects.

On March 27, the Hunan Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released 86 key projects for the development of big data and blockchain industry in Hunan Province in 2020, 16 of which are in the direction of blockchain. Inter-chain pulse combing, the construction direction of these 16 projects mainly falls in the field of blockchain basic platform construction, finance and government application.

For example, the "domestic high-performance, safe and reliable blockchain basic platform Zhixin chain" undertaken by Hunan Chenhan Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the main platform being built; the "big data-based supply chain finance" of Hunan Sanzheng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. "Blockchain data platform", the main development is the field of supply chain finance; Hunan Smart Government Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. "Government Blockchain Network Service Platform R & D and Application Project" is the field of government affairs.

From the main point of view, half of the companies that undertake these blockchain projects are industrial companies in various industrial fields, and there are 5 companies that are mainly engaged in blockchain business. In addition, there is also a listed company (Hunan Kechuang Information Technology Co., Ltd.), which has undertaken the project of "Blockchain Grid Urban Comprehensive Management Information Platform", which also participates in the epidemic prevention and control actions , Integrate the reported epidemic situation data with government, traffic management, medical and other platform data to provide technical and data support for government prevention and control, resumption of production and production.

In addition, the mutual chain pulse further concerned that three of these 16 projects are related to Hunan Soyun Network Technology Co., Ltd. One is that it has undertaken the "digital asset service platform construction"; the other is its wholly-owned subsidiary Hunan Innovation Infinite Mobile Internet Technology Co., Ltd. led the "IP Authorized Service Platform Construction" project; the third is the SMIC Blockchain (Changsha) Public Service Platform led by Changsha Software Park Co., Ltd., which was commissioned by Soyun Technology.

In addition to the special promotion of the development of blockchain projects in Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province has also included several blockchain projects in key investment projects.

Also on March 27, the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission released the "2020 Jiangxi Provincial Key Industry Investment Project", launching 1431 investment projects in seven areas, with a total investment of more than 1.5 trillion yuan. In the field of strategic emerging industries, new-generation information technologies such as electronic information, blockchain, 5G, big data and cloud computing are the focus of industrial layout.

Mutual Chain Pulse sorts out its investment project form and there are 2 blockchain projects in total. These are the Chongren County Blockchain Technology Construction Project, which plans to introduce blockchain and Internet of Things technical teams, build real-time interaction and transmission analysis of energy big data and information data, and integrate market trading platforms to expand new sales channels; and Blockchain + VR industrial base project, the project aims to build a comprehensive smart technology R & D industrial base of blockchain + VR, introducing VR helmets, VR theme parks, blockchain + VR colleges and universities, and VR / AR / MR film and television base, improve the Dongxiang District and even Fuzhou Blockchain and VR industry chain.

It can be seen from the introduction that the two projects in Jiangxi Province are all around the combination of blockchain technology and other emerging technologies. The total investment of the two projects is 500 million yuan and 1 billion yuan, respectively.

Like Jiangxi Province, Chengdu City, Harbin City, and Weifang City also launched investment promotion activities in late March, and all signed blockchain projects.

On March 18th, Chengdu Jinniu High-tech Industrial Park held an online investment promotion meeting. At the promotion meeting, the Chengdu Jinniu District People's Government and the scholar interstellar Yotta Ecological Base Project signed an investment cooperation agreement.

It is reported that the main scholar of the project, Interstellar (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is a company that does blockchain business based on storage and data security technologies. The company plans to invest 500 million yuan to set up a Yotta Ecological Base Project Operation Company in the Jinniu High-tech Industrial Park to build the Yotta Ecological Fund Headquarters and Yotta Western Blockchain Big Data Center.

On March 22nd, Harbin City held a cloud video centralized signing ceremony for investment promotion projects. A total of 117 projects were signed. Among them, Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shenzhen Youbiai Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly promoted "Chain + New Technology Cluster" reached a consensus in Harbin, and signed a cooperation agreement.

This contract is also worth 1 billion yuan. The inter-chain pulse has been thoroughly investigated , but its development remains to be seen.

Afterwards, on March 23rd, the Weifang "Double Stroke and Double Citation" cooperation project signing activity was held. The Weifang City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau's investment attraction project "Weifang City-level Smart Digital Parking Project" participated in the signing of the contract. The project combines blockchain technology and the concept of digital economic development, and strives to solve the problem of fragmentation in the construction of smart cities in the past, solve the problems of urban parking management, and help the construction of smart cities in Weifang. It is reported that the project is invested and constructed by China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd., with a planned total investment of 2 billion yuan.

In summary, most of the key blockchain construction projects and key investment projects clearly proposed by the local governments are developed on a large scale, or multiple projects are linked to a certain area of ​​development, or a project covers multiple areas of blockchain business. . Moreover, the investment amount of the project is relatively high, and the total amount has reached several billion yuan.

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Blockchain development cities with second and third echelons begin to pursue

In addition to the above-mentioned areas that have clearly announced blockchain projects, the mutual chain pulse is concerned that Nanjing City in Jiangsu Province and Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province have also mentioned blockchain development in the investment promotion work.

According to the news in mid-February, Nanjing Pukou High-tech Zone carried out investment attraction work. Through online communication, it captured more than 50 project information such as China Southern Industrial Vision R & D, digital media blockchain, and Cheetah Mobile AI intelligent service robot; According to news, Yuhang District of Hangzhou City started the construction of major projects in the first quarter of 2020 and signed the cloud. 49 centralized cloud contracted projects, including 10 digital economy projects such as cloud computing and big data, quantum technology, and blockchain.

On the other side, Shenzhen, which is also a pioneer in blockchain development, is currently in the process of inviting investment, and it has not been announced whether it will involve blockchain projects.

However, on March 11 before this, Shenzhen had interpreted "Shenzhen's Key Task List for Optimizing Business Environment Reform in 2020". The list mentions that, in terms of project construction project approval, the “second approval” for the filing of enterprise investment projects is fully implemented. It is necessary to use blockchain technology to solve the problem of counterfeit addresses. Explore the construction of a smart electronic tax bureau, upgrade the invoice intelligent management service system version 2.0, and increase the coverage of blockchain electronic invoices.

The reason why many domestic provinces and cities are striving to promote the development of blockchain projects is on the one hand related to the national strategic layout. Since the "1024" meeting, governments in many places have continued to advance the implementation of blockchain. In the areas of investment promotion and industrial development key projects, it is reflected in increasing financial support and promoting the accumulation and development of the blockchain industry with "real money".

Secondly, the "non-first echelon" cities are catching up with the development progress of the "first echelon" cities. The pulse of the mutual chain is concerned that in Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province, Sichuan Province, Shandong Province, etc., the areas where the construction of blockchain projects and investment cooperation projects are clearly proposed this time are not actually the "first echelon" of blockchain development city. However, recently, the governments of these regions have paid more attention to the construction of blockchain projects than north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and are focusing on the layout of the local blockchain development matrix.

For example, in Loudi City, Hunan Province, at the end of February this year, the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology passed the establishment of the Hunan Blockchain Industrial Park in Loudi Wanbao. This "Hunan Blockchain Industrial Park" is one of the few parks that has been approved by government agencies. In addition, inter-chain pulse statistics, in 2019, Shandong Province published nearly 20 blockchain-related policy information, ranking second in all provinces of the country. It can be seen that cities located in the second and third echelons of blockchain development have begun to pursue cities that are at the "frontier" of blockchain development.

The promotion of blockchain projects in these regions is of great significance to the development of blockchain technology. The high investment amount of government investment projects will definitely make the government departments have stricter requirements for project development, and will promote blockchain projects to achieve corresponding results; on the other hand, the blockchain projects for investment promotion and the government The local industrial ecological adaptation can better link the development of the industry.

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