UAV plant protection, multispectral imaging, blockchain technology, farmer's uncle's farming "black technology"

Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, March 2 (Reporter Ye Hanyong, Li Mengxin and Wang Xi) Spring is here. Overlooking the Chengdu Plain from a height of 100 meters, plots of farmland are like carpets. Walking in the field, fewer people are farming, and more and more "black technology". Remote sensing satellites, plant protection drones, multi-spectral cameras … Intelligent devices continue to "bless", making agricultural production here more "smart": people sit at home and spring ploughs "go".

Pests have new "natural enemies"

In Renshou Community, Guyi Street, Yanshi City, Sichuan Province, drone pilot Qin Chuan poured the mixed pesticide into a plastic bucket. A drone with a diameter of about 1.4 meters stopped at the edge of the field. Qin Chuan packed the pesticide barrel on the drone, took out the remote control, set the flight route, speed, altitude, and pesticide usage. After confirming that there were no obstacles around, slide the screen to operate the drone to take off smoothly.

Qin Chuan said that spring is a period of high incidence of wheat stripe rust and scab. "This farmland is 33 acres. In the past, 5 people could spray pesticides in the morning. Now, I can do it in one plane by myself, and it can be done in less than 2 hours." Qin Chuan told reporters that the accuracy of pesticide spraying by drone And penetration is higher than artificial, but also save time and effort. During the fight against the epidemic, the use of drones can avoid the gathering of people and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Zhou Jialin, the owner of this farmland, is a large grain grower in Qionglai City, and has transferred nearly 1,200 acres of land in Renshou Community, Guyi Street. Every year in early spring, Zhou Jialin uses agricultural plant protection drones to spray pesticides in the field. "I started asking people to use drones for medicine 3 years ago. Last year, according to the state subsidy policy for agricultural machinery and agricultural tools, I spent 50,000 yuan to prepare a drone for my family and let my son participate in training, Obtain a pilot certificate. "Zhou Jialin told reporters.

Farmers have a 24-hour "farming housekeeper"

In Yongxing Village, Anren Township, Dayi County, Sichuan Province, a drone is also hovering over the golden rapeseed field. The multi-spectral camera equipped on the aircraft can capture multi-spectral images containing information on soil composition, crop nutrients, pest and disease status, estimated yield, and so on. After being processed by the service provider in the background, it will soon be displayed on the mobile phone screen of operator Yang Guang.

Yang Guang cares about 560 acres of rape and wheat, but rarely goes to work because he has a "farm steward" for 24 hours. By using a mobile app, he can check the water and fertilizer and crop growth of each plot at any time. After receiving the early warning information for pests and diseases, he used the mobile app to order pesticide services for the corresponding plots, and the staff would bring the drones to the door.

"This year is a warm winter, with severe diseases and insect pests, and catching up with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which is inconvenient for manual operation. We have used high technology, and the crops are growing very well." Following the direction of Yang Guang's fingers, the reporter saw that golden rapeseed and In the green wheat fields, several pillars were erected.

Yang Guang said that these pillars are equipped with cameras, weather monitoring equipment, soil detectors and industrial routers, plus remote sensing satellites in the sky, which can enable timely transmission of various farmland information to mobile phone application platforms. In addition to serving agricultural operators, these data can also be provided to local agricultural authorities, so that they can accurately grasp plot plantation information and operator information, so that agricultural policy subsidies can be issued more accurately. Currently, more than 100,000 acres of land in Dayi County have been connected to this "identity information system".

Crops will have blockchain "identity cards"

In a grain and oil base in Chongzhou, Sichuan, although rice seedlings are still being cultivated in seedling trays, in the field, monitoring equipment for "overhead" solar panels has been erected. Environmental information such as crop growth can provide a farming reference for producers and can be stored and displayed to consumers.

According to the operator of the grain and oil base, the rice produced here this year will have a "two-dimensional code" ID card. After consumers purchase rice, they can scan the QR code on the packaging to view the data of each stage of rice production. Compared with previous traceability systems, this system will use blockchain technology to prevent traceability information from being tampered with.

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