Unwilling to lag behind, Microsoft released the Ethereum Application Development Kit

According to Coindesk's May 7 report, Microsoft recently released a suite of tools that will allow customers to build Ethereum-based applications on their cloud computing platform, Azure.

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This week, Microsoft's MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and BuildAzure.com founder Chris Pietschmann announced in his blog that Microsoft's new Azure blockchain development kit will help developers in Azure's blockchain. Create and deploy an Ethereum-based application on the service or Ethereum blockchain.

This Ethereum development kit is an extension of the Microsoft Source Code Editor Visual Studio code that will allow developers to create and deploy Ethereum's smart contracts, while also helping developers leverage open source blockchain tools such as Solity and Truffle.

Microsoft said on its GitHub page:

The Azure Blockchain Service is a managed Ethereum service that you can deploy and interact with, and you can even integrate it into other Azure-based services such as Azure Flow, Logic Apps, or Storage services like SQL Server and Cosmos DB.

Pietschmann said that both Windows 10 and MacOS will support this extension, adding that the Ethereum development kit can also run in Azure's virtual machines.

Subsequently, Pietschmann further pointed out:

While other developers in the community have released Solidy and other blockchain technology extensions for Visual Studio Code, Microsoft has now released a set of corresponding official tools.

Just last month, Microsoft and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance jointly launched a suite of tools for building certifiers designed to help companies design and create cryptocurrency certificates that fit their specific needs. In addition, Microsoft also launched the Ethereum consensus "proof of authority" on Azure, which replaces the workload proof mechanism commonly used by public chains.

Last week, Microsoft also said it would promote JPMorgan’s Quorum blockchain to its commercial customers via the Azure platform.

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