Where’s the next opportunity? A review of the potential projects that will issue tokens on the Sui blockchain.

Upcoming Sui blockchain projects that will issue tokens.

Since the launch of the Sui Network mainnet, ecological projects on the public chain have been launched one after another, and some projects have also carried out initial token distribution.

Recently, the DEX Cetus based on Sui and Aptos ended its hot IDO, attracting a total of 108 million SUIs, exceeding the hard cap by more than 1350% (the hard cap was only 800,000 SUI). In addition, the LaunchBlockingd platform SuiBlockingd has also completed its IDO, and the public round was sold out in 55 seconds. The token has now been listed on centralized exchanges such as KuCoin and Gate.

These successful IDOs demonstrate the market’s favor for the projects and also reflect the market’s attention to Sui’s public chain ecological projects. This article will take stock of the SUI Network ecological projects that are about to conduct IDOs and share potential investment opportunities with you.


WispSwap is a decentralized exchange and DeFi platform on the Sui blockchain. The platform provides a range of diverse financial products, including trading, loans, agriculture, collateral, prediction markets, and launchBlockingd, making it a one-stop shop for DeFi users. The platform strives to improve the user experience and maximize returns by implementing innovative and carefully designed mechanisms.

This round of financing will be used for product development, smart contract auditing, CEX listing, and increasing the initial liquidity of WISP tokens.

Project Information Query: https://app.vedao.com/projects

IDO details: https://medium.com/@wispswap/wispswap-ido-ea477463f69b

Whitelist Round (Presale)

1.Presale round time: 10am UTC on May 18th – 10am UTC on May 19th

2.Unit price: 1 WISP = 0.05 SUI

3.Vesting period: 60% unlocked at TGE, 40% unlocked as veWISP

4.Qualifications: White list pass required, as follows:

  • Early contributors who are active users who joined WispSwap Discord early.

  • Members who own Master Wisp, Ancient Wisp, and OG roles.

  • Sprout Wisp and Adept Wisp will also have the opportunity to obtain a white list pass, and WispSwap points will be considered for users.

Public Round

1. Time: May 19th 10am UTC – May 23rd 10am UTC

2. Price: 1 WISP = 0.062 SUI

3. Vesting: 60% unlocked at TGE, 40% unlocked as veWISP

4. Eligibility: Anyone can participate, first come first served, but each wallet can only submit up to 2500 SUI (about 40322 WISP)

After the public round is completed, there will be a WISP token TGE. After TGE, WISP tokens will be listed on WispSwap DEX and other major exchanges, with an initial price of 1 WISP = 0.07 SUI.


Meadow is a launchpad on the Sui blockchain. As a decentralized incubator, Meadow provides various tools for blockchain innovators interested in the Sui blockchain, especially gaming projects. Meadow has a unique tier system where investors and project owners can benefit from using various launch-blocking mechanisms. In addition, it provides a robust protection mechanism – an insurance system that can prevent the possibility of fraud and failure.

Project Information Query: https://app.vedao.com/projects/

Public Sale

Sales time: May 19th 1pm UTC – May 22nd 1pm UTC

Sales link: https://app.meadowlaunch.com/project/0

Price: 1 MED = 0.11 SUI

Hard Cap: 795,970 SUI

Token sales quantity: 7,000,000 MED (unsold tokens will be burned)

Vesting: 20% will be unlocked at TGE on May 26th 1pm UTC, and the remaining 20% will be unlocked every week (four times, June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd (1pm UTC)).

Whitelist Bonus Token Pool

The meaning of this bonus token pool is that in the public sale, members in the whitelist who purchase more than a certain amount of MED tokens can receive more token rewards from the bonus pool. The distribution of reward tokens is proportional to the amount you invest and the number of users who invest.

Specific calculation: (Your investment amount / Total investment amount of whitelist users) * 1,130,000 = the reward tokens you get

Conditions for becoming a whitelist:

1. Win the Meadow partner giveaway on Twitter

2. Open a ticket in the Meadow Discord and explain how you can contribute to Meadow’s growth

3. Complete designated tasks on Zealy


4. Have a legendary or hero role in Meadow Discord and contribute over 1000 SUI in the public sale, then open a ticket

5. Fill out this Google form, and a few users will be selected to join the whitelist every day.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/


Betta is a multi-chain NFT marketplace based on the Sui network that supports basic functions such as offering, listing, buying, and selling NFTs, builders, creators, and artists can create their NFTs and collections without coding. In addition, Betta is developing P2P functionality, allowing users to sell/buy/exchange their accessory assets such as accounts, work, and Web3 opportunities on Betta. Betta also supports some random games on the Sui network where users can participate in lotteries, coin flips, number guessing, etc. to earn BETTA tokens.

Project information query: https://app.vedao.com/projects/

IDO details:

Sales time: May 26, 14:00 UTC – May 27, 14:00 UTC

Sales platform: Bayswap

Unit price: 1 BETTA = 0.0085 SUI

BETTA Foundation member unit price: 1 BETTA = 0.008 SUI

Hard Cap: 48,000 SUI

Token sales amount: 6,000,000 BETTA (6% of total supply)

Minimum investment amount: 1 SUI

Maximum investment amount: 200 SUI

Trading date: May 28, 14:00 UTC 100% TGE ownership

After TGE, BETTA tokens will be listed on other major decentralized exchanges such as Bayswap, Suiswap, Bluemove Dex, with an initial price of 1 BETTA = 0.009 SUI. Centralized exchange listings are planned for 3-6 months later.

IDO Airdrop Activity:

To celebrate the IDO on Bayswap, the project team will give 25 BETTA tokens to each OAT holder who completes the task.

Participation link: https://galxe.com/bettasuimarket/camBlockingign/GCbJUUXqH7


YouSUI is an integrated platform running on the Sui blockchain that includes DEX, LaunchBlockingd, NFT Marketplace, games running on Sui, social platform and Bridge for DeFi, Metaverse projects. YouSUI is working with dozens of game development partners and is a collaborative platform that supports projects outside of the Sui public chain to enter the Sui ecosystem, such as Polygon, Binance, Klaytn, Solana, and Ethereum protocol projects. YouSUI has announced its first incubation project HOOD, which will be launched on July 25.

Project information query: https://app.vedao.com/projects/

YouSUI’s first IDO LaunchBlockingd is scheduled for June 21. XUI token is a multifunctional utility token that can be used for LaunchBlockingd, DEX exchange fee discounts, and NFT collection and minting. Specific IDO information has not yet been announced, but if you get the OG status, you can get the guaranteed allocation of IDO, and the purchase price is 1 XUI = 0.25 US dollars.

YouSUI has a total of 500 OG roles, dedicated to recognizing members who have shown extraordinary dedication and contribution to the community. In addition, the top 50 OG roles will be awarded to users who win the upcoming event (event details have not yet been disclosed).

OG roles will be awarded to users who meet one of the following conditions:

1. Reach level 20 on YouSUI Discord and be below 1000 on the leadership committee of Crew3 at YouSUI.

2. Currently active promotional ambassador

3. Winner of community gifts

Abyss World

Abyss World is a flagship open-world AAA ARPG game funded by the Sui development team Mysten Labs. The game promotes multiple game modes, and players can engage in large-scale PVP battles at The Grand Colosseum, small-scale PVP battles at The Battle Arena, and play PVE modes at Central City.

Currently, Abyss World is still in development and is listed on Steam, so players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam to keep track of the latest developments. Currently, Abyss World has nearly 120,000 global Steam wishlist reservations and will undergo its first public beta next month.

Project information inquiry: https://app.vedao.com/projects/

The IDO of Abyss World will be conducted on SuiBlockingd, the LaunchBlockingd platform of the Sui public chain, and is the first IDO project on SuiBlockingd. The specific date has not yet been announced, but Abyss World has released an IDO warm-up invitation tournament. The purpose of this competition is to increase community participation and provide attractive rewards for participants. Participate in the competition and invite your friends to participate in the competition. You have the opportunity to get a place in the IDO whitelist and purchase 20% discount of 100 U.

How to participate in the invitation tournament:

1. Log in via Discord

Link: https://ca.abyssworld.games/

2. Complete check-in tasks to earn 5 AWC per day

3. After check-in, complete social tasks to earn AWC. For example, follow Twitter and join Abyss World Discord. After completing each task, you can get 25 AWC

4. After completing social tasks, you can generate your own invitation link to invite your friends to participate in the event. The more friends you invite, the more AWC rewards you can get. You also have the opportunity to get a place in the IDO whitelist and purchase 20% discount of 100 U.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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