When does the altcoin catch up with Bitcoin? Not far away

Bitcoin rose, and the altcoin fell or did not rise.

Bitcoin fell and the altcoin plummeted.

If Bitcoin is used as the yardstick for all altcoins, that is, using Bitcoin as the unit of measurement for the altcoin, the altcoin actually falls more. Although bitcoin has a correction in the near future, this year's increase is still 212%. Isn't this a happy thing? No, most investors said they want to cry because there is a phenomenon in the currency circle. Bitcoin is a very small number of people. Most people prefer the small-capital altcoin. In most people’s eyes, bitcoin is too expensive. The upside is not as good as the small plate of coins, and the result is that the thighs are broken this year. This is in line with the fact that most of the A-shares do not buy Moutai.

So one of the biggest concerns for everyone is, can the altcoin market catch up with Bitcoin? When can I catch up?

Can the altcoin catch up with Bitcoin?

This year's bitcoin performance is far superior to the altcoin market. This round of bitcoin gain is not driven by on-market funds, nor is it technology-driven. The rise of this bitcoin has nothing to do with the inside of the currency circle, but institutional investors are increasing. With Bitcoin, Bitcoin began to enter the institutional era, such as the signals of Bakkt and Fidelity. Why traditional institutions love Bitcoin alone, because Bitcoin has a high degree of decentralization, a wide community, and the strongest asset attributes. This is the most important thing for traditional investment. In addition, it can accommodate the institutions' plates and the currency circle is only bitcoin.

So now everyone is worried that the altcoin in their hands may be forgotten by the market, and some people even started selling all the altcoins in their hands. Bitcoin's value investment theory is prevalent, and once there was a paradox in which all other currencies would be zero. Can the altcoin really catch up with Bitcoin? This is a good question. Let me first conclude that it is only a matter of time before the really valuable Ark is catching up with Bitcoin.

The relationship between the altcoin and bitcoin

The altcoin and bitcoin are not so absolutely conflicting and can coexist. Here is an example of Taifangfang. Bitcoin may revolutionize the currency world, but by using smart contracts, Ethereum may have a broader impact. Bitcoin as a pioneer and later altcoin is a symbiotic relationship, not a competition. Bitcoin itself cannot motivate the potential of the blockchain, and the latter needs to be extended. For example, bitcoin is digital gold as a value store, and Ethereum is a decentralized supercomputer for refactoring existing business models. Provides unlimited possibilities.

Therefore, the development of the blockchain is not to quit hundreds of homes, to stand alone, but to contend. The real enemy of Bitcoin is not the altcoin, but the right to print money represented by the legal currency.

Really good quality altcoin can be done, it is impossible to replace Bitcoin, but there is no problem in running Bitcoin. Attention does not mean that all the altcoins are mixed, and the fact that most of the altcoins are finally going to perish is still unchanged.

So when can I catch Bitcoin?

Bitcoin always rebounds first after each currency has experienced a cruel bear market . On average, Bitcoin dominates the game for about six months. After that, the altcoin market will catch up. In many cases, the altcoin has risen even more than bitcoin, as they have shown in the last round of bull markets.

Therefore, before the altcoin has not caught up with Bitcoin, it is a good choice to wait for the layout of high-quality altcoin. As Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of encryption currency company Digital Currency Group (DCG), said that the price of high-quality altcoin has bottomed out, it is time to catch up with Bitcoin. Of course, whether the high-quality altcoin is now a staged bottom-up can not be accurately predicted, only as a reference.

Some investment suggestions about the current market

1. Bitcoin must be configured and given a large position because the future of Bitcoin is more certain.

2, it is time to withdraw the funds disk, the funds in the bear market may allow you to make money, once you get to the bull market, the currency market starts, who is still running the game where the principal may be zero at any time, not only does not have enough fresh blood to supplement, Large funds will also speed up the evacuation, and the life cycle of the funding disk will be extremely short.

3, you can take a fixed vote and throw strategy, not all bet one. Many people like to have full warehouses and short positions. This is extremely greedy performance. People who are full of warehouses want to eat all the gains at one time. Those who are short-selling want to make a big bottom and make a big dream for you. In any capital market, except for the genius and luck of the best children, no one can buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest point. The most secure way for ordinary people is to vote in multiple batches. Also, keep in mind that eggs should not be placed in a basket, except for bitcoins.

4, the brain is a good thing, not all brains are good things, so learn more. The currency circle is relatively impetuous, and there are many people with short circuits. Playing an investment requires a lot of reading and learning. None of the successful investors do not like reading books, and none of them. Earn money by luck, and sooner or later you have to rely on the ability to lose money back.

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