Video|"8Q" PlatON Cloud CSO Xiao Ziwen: What can we do in the face of the giant's extraction?

Xiao Ziwen, Chief Strategy Officer of Platon Cloud, Bachelor of Economics, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK, Master of Business Administration, Columbia University Business School. Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and the early founder of Distributed Capital, successively head of investment and cooperation for the Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory, worked for CICC. Xiao Ziwen's cover map Like many people, Xiao Ziwen once thought that doing financial related work in investment banks is a glamorous career. So when she was studying at Cambridge University, she naturally chose economics and graduated into China International Capital Corporation (CICC).

“But at the time I didn’t stay in the traditional financial industry for a long time, I went to Columbia University Business School to study for business administration MBA. First, because I followed the previous road, and second, I wanted to know something new. Some of the students who came into contact with Bitcoin in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science started buying Bitcoin around 2011. At that time, everyone was buying with a fun attitude and not much investment. That was the first time I knew it. Bitcoin, Xiao Ziwen said.

In 2013, Xiao Ziwen was very optimistic about P2P, financial technology, Internet insurance, crowdfunding and other Internet-related new technologies. At that time, she heard the word “blockchain” from the concept of financial technology.

To a certain extent, Xiao Feng can be said to be the leader of Xiao Ziwen entering the industry. For Xiao Feng, the godfather of the blockchain industry, Xiao Ziwen commented on him: "Although I am a younger generation than him, his thinking is much ahead of me, and I first came into contact with the "blockchain". The Chinese concept is him."

In 2015, Xiao Ziwen participated in the first blockchain summit of Wanxiang. That time, she saw that the industry has developed a lot of excellent projects and excellent developers after several years of development. Their profound understanding of new things has given her great inspiration.

From the beginning to understand Bitcoin and now fully involved in the industry, Xiao Ziwen's perception of the blockchain has changed a lot.

"Because I was learning very traditional economics before, I used a very traditional attitude and traditional thinking to look at the blockchain when I first came into contact. I think that the public chain can't develop for too long, the alliance chain should go. Road. And after a while, you will find that if you use traditional thinking to apply to new technologies, you will definitely encounter bottlenecks."

“New things do have a lot of people looking at them with a critical eye at the beginning. This is inevitable. But we believe that the true practitioners who have faith and confidence in this industry will be able to move it in the right direction. Go to guide."

If you only look at this matter with a prejudice and a traditional mindset, it is difficult to innovate and may even be subverted by such things in the future. New technology-driven business models such as Internet finance or financial technology will overturn the traditional financial thinking, relationships and business logic. In the era we are in, new things will bring about change, and we will certainly change many of the previous models.

"I am very fortunate to be able to join in the early stage of this industry. I also hope that I can go with the industry for a long time. Maybe a wave of market makes many startups feel that the market is not good, and they can't keep going. But now some development Particularly good companies, like Alibaba, have gone through a long process. They have experienced a lot of hurdles to the present, and no one can succeed in one day.” Xiao Ziwen said.

Xiao Ziwen is the chief strategy officer of Platon Yuntu. When talking about the relationship between PlatON and matrix elements, many people may be confused.

“A lot of changes before, the company PR did not complete the publicity, in fact, their relationship is very simple. The bottom of the matrix element is based on Ethereum, it is more for the enterprise in the country. The matrix element team at the beginning of the lot People came out of financial institutions, so when the matrix yuan and the micro-banks cooperated to make a system version, when we want to add some new features to this version, we found that the underlying based on Ethereum to achieve these functions or There was a bottleneck. At that time, we decided to launch an open source project. The focus of this public chain is privacy protection, MPC. So last year we launched such a public chain project PlatON.” Xiao Ziwen explained.

“The PlatON project is a company that provides services to enterprises and helps them to update their systems. We may be overseas in Hong Kong and in the future, and there will be companies based on our open source projects to build applications. It can be understood that the Internet is one of ours. The big community, the matrix element is only a small part of its contribution. I hope that in the future, there will be more and more other "small matrix elements" in the community to be added to the ecology, based on our bottom layer to develop applications." Xiao Ziwen further clarified.

Speaking of the charm of PlatON, Xiao Ziwen felt that from two aspects, one is technical, and the other is the team's belief. She shared the team part with "8 Questions".

“At present, our team has experts from various industries. Everyone has the same faith to do this. We know that this thing will take a long time to achieve, and our income may not be high, but we are still investing in this project. For example, our chief innovation officer, Mr. Tang, the general manager of New York, Jason, and the chief operating officer, Yu Zong, are very experienced and interesting people. They joined the project because they really believe in the value of data. How much data there is because there is not enough privacy protection, there is no way to exchange, there is no way to flow. Many companies actually store a lot of data, it wants to realize the data, but there is no good channel, or no A way to protect privacy is achieved. So he prefers to take a regular deletion and is not willing to take it out for exchange. We believe in the privacy and protection of data, this market is very huge, whether it is from This is true both in business and morally."

"Now everyone is plagued by privacy violations. I often receive some telecom promotion, but I am deceived by telecoms and suffer losses. So I can see that no matter whether it is a landline number or a mobile phone, as long as I don’t know me, I am sure. Don't pick up, but this will cause some trouble, because some people really have important things to contact you."

Sometimes we go online to Baidu, we will search for something interesting to understand. One week after the search, you will find that you will push similar advertisements to you no matter what website you are on. At this time, it will still bring some troubles. First, I don't want to see it. Second, I don't want to let others know what I am searching for.

This will make me feel that it does not respect me at all. What it does is to use my behavior, the data I produce to extract my remaining business value more accurately. This matter will not feel comfortable for anyone. Since this data is generated by me, the right to use and ownership should be in me. It should be that I control it and not let you use it.

Although we also have relevant laws, you will get your data when you use this app. But to be honest, sometimes in order to exchange the convenience of using some giant apps, we have no way to compete, because they are not at the same level of competition, then I can only agree, otherwise I will not be able to use it.

Because there is no way to compete, now everyone is relatively accustomed to this model. But this series of operations will make you feel like a transparent person, and is constantly being used by some giants to extract your business value.

If we can hedge a part in a new way, or balance the relationship between our users and these giants, it will make us feel good.

The blockchain is the new way. The blockchain itself is distributed. I can interact with you directly without the need for a third-party giant to collect our information. In addition, the blockchain can do a good job in privacy protection. Whether it is an individual or an organization's data, it is encrypted during the exchange process and can protect us. That may change the business model we are used to now.

Finally, in "8 Questions", Xiao Ziwen also revealed the latest developments of PlatON: According to the current progress, PlatON will be on the main online line in September. I hope everyone will wait and see, and I hope that everyone can make good suggestions on the main network. Feel free to give feedback to the team when there is a bug. Of course, you will get good feedback for Platon's main network and you will also receive PlatON's reward. As for the reward, we are looking forward to it.

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