Which block of platform application is strong? Ali is the first, Thunder, peace and follow

On July 10th, China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., Tencent Company and Beiming Software Co., Ltd. jointly released the judicial blockchain application ecological service platform – "To the letter chain", and will officially provide services in August. A new case is added to the blockchain landing application.

After experiencing the “flawless” blockchain 2.0 era opened by Ethereum, the application of blockchain has made substantial progress since 2018. Traditional companies carry scenes, resources, technology, capital, talents, etc. into the application of blockchains, accelerating the process of blockchain landing.

Mutual chain pulse statistics are based on the application of the BaaS platform, the public chain, the alliance chain, etc., and the results of the first half of each platform 2019, and the results of the blockchain technology in the first half of the year.

The inter-chain pulse counts 53 blockchain platforms targeting landing applications, including 45 BaaS platforms, 3 underlying technology platforms, 3 alliance chains, and 2 public chain platforms. Among these platforms, the ant blockchain, the Thunderbolt chain, and the Pingke account chain FiMAX ranked in the top three with 10, 9, and 7 landing applications.

Note: The so-called landing application is a combination of the real economy and does not include games, gambling, exchanges, funds, etc., which are built on many public chains. This statistic classifies the same group of projects under the blockchain technology platform that has the most disclosures of the group's landing projects.

Most platforms have no landing projects.

Among the 53 technology platforms, 19 were launched in 2018 and 17 were launched in 2016. In the first half of 2019, only Bystack was established than a technology platform in the original chain. The growth of the blockchain technology platform has entered a “cooling-off period”. In addition, according to public information, 39 of the 53 platforms did not find landing projects in the first half of the year, accounting for 74%.


Watchmaking: Mutual Chain Pulse Institute

On the other hand, with the continuous maturity of the existing platform technology, several platforms represented by the ant blockchain, the Thunderbolt chain and the security account chain FiMAX have also achieved fruitful results in the first half of the year.

Public information shows that among the 53 blockchain platforms, the top ten blockchain technology platforms have disclosed 53 projects. The most popular application of technology is the ant blockchain BaaS, followed by the Thunderbolt chain, the security credit chain FiMAX, the public sign blockchain, and the distributed disclosure of 10, 9, 7, and 7.


Watchmaking: Mutual Chain Pulse Institute

It is worth noting that Ali, Tencent, Baidu, JD.com and Ping An may have multiple project groups at the same time in the development of blockchain business . For example, Ali has Alibaba Cloud Block Chain and Ant Gold. Service blockchain, Baidu exists a small full blockchain and super chain. But from this year onwards, according to public information or related companies of these companies, the companies are all integrating related businesses. For example, Ali will put blockchain business in the ant blockchain and Jingdong will be Jingdong. As for the core of the chain, Baidu is integrated into the Baidu super chain, and the Pingan blockchain project uses the PingFi account chain FiMAX. Tencent currently has two blockchain platforms, Tengxun Blockchain Trust and Tencent Cloud's TBaas, which may also be integrated.

Therefore, the inter-chain pulse will be placed in the same platform as the company's blockchain application. For example, the Tencent department is temporarily regulated to the “Tencent blockchain” for statistics, and Ali is regulated to the “ant blockchain” statistics.

Private enterprises become the key targets of cooperation

And the original blockchain project shouted the slogan of “subverting” the world and re-starting the application of blockchain. These blockchain platform applications often work with entities.

In the application of the first half of the year, the partners were mostly private enterprises. The 53 application projects disclosed by the top ten blockchain platforms, together with the three projects of Yunxiang, Jinshanyun and Zhixing Wanyuan. Among the 56 projects, 33 projects with private enterprises accounted for 59%, followed by 11 projects with government departments, accounting for 20%.


Watchmaking: Mutual Chain Pulse Institute

Comparing the application of the platform disclosure in the first half of the year, the nature of the project sides of different platforms is different: ant heavy government departments and institutions; Xunlei chain, public signing and other cooperative private enterprises; Ping An account chain in addition to external cooperation Also serves within the group.

The key project of the ant blockchain in the first half of the year is the construction of a smart court. At the same time, it focuses on the use of blockchain technology to build urban and people's livelihood services. The government departments, institutions and state-owned enterprises in the partners are the first of other platforms. In the construction of the Wisdom Court, the ant blockchain has cooperated with the Hangzhou Internet Court for many times, and has taken advantage of the Yangtze River Delta judicial chain construction project. In addition to the judicial project, the ant blockchain also launched blockchain electronic invoices for Hangzhou Metro; the Wuhan City Center Hospital launched the “Future Hospital”; the Fuchun Changshui Group; the joint medical company launched the vaccine traceability, the medical institution platform sharing and other cooperation. .


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The second largest number of projects to be disclosed is the Xunlei chain. The partners are basically private enterprises, and the Thunderbolt chain provides more complete sets of technical support.

Among the nine projects disclosed, Quantum Cloud Code, Huibao Mutual Assistance and other platforms have all launched the Thunderbolt chain. At the same time, Thunderbolt can also provide industry solutions, such as the blockchain technology service for its sports industry Internet solution and sports big data blockchain platform VerySports2.0 in cooperation with each step of the digital. In addition, the Thunder Chain project also covers social e-commerce, travel, copyright management, games, and traceability.


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Ping An Group also belongs to the earlier development of blockchain technology. In terms of quantity, Ping An has the most cooperation with government departments, a total of three. In addition, Ping An Group also experienced the application of internal cooperation in the blockchain.

Of the seven projects of Ping An Group in the first half of the year, two of them served on group construction projects. In January, Ping An Volunteers Association announced that Sancunhui APP was upgraded to Sancunhui “Time Bank”. Volunteers completed the public welfare task on the Sancunhui platform and obtained the corresponding “time coin”. In March, Ping An City “real estate” The integrated service platform uses the technology of blockchain and other technologies in transactions/payments to link contracts, bills, and payment modules to achieve information sharing.


Watchmaking: Mutual Chain Pulse Institute

Financial and digital voucher projects occupy more than half of the country

Mutual Chain Pulse Research Institute continues to track blockchain application projects. According to the existing landing conditions, the field application areas are divided into nine areas: finance, digital vouchers, media communication, social and entertainment. Each field contains multiple details. Split the scene. For example, there are payments and insurance in the financial field; judicial certificates and digital identities in the field of digital vouchers; and common landing scenarios in the field of media communication and socialization are blockchain copyright applications.

Observed from the type of application landing, among the 56 projects that landed in the first half of the year, there were 22 digital vouchers and 12 financial classes. The sum of the two categories accounted for 61% of all projects.


Watchmaking: Mutual Chain Pulse Institute

There are many digital voucher projects, mainly affected by the landing of multiple judicial certificates, such as the ant blockchain, and the impact of the seven electronic contract service projects. The financial sector was mainly affected by five financial projects that were safely landed. Among the various platforms, the most widely used field of landing applications is the Thunderbolt chain. The Thunder Link project involves a large number of subdivision scenarios, and is classified into a large field, involving a total of five major areas of life services, media communication, digital vouchers, entertainment, and finance.

It is worth noting that when some platforms actively expand the application scenarios of blockchain technology, smaller companies are more focused on a certain field and have landed many times.

In the first half of the year, the vertical technology platform signed a total of seven electronic contract projects. He has successively cooperated with the personnel service platform, Xiaobao, China Supply and Marketing Co., the educational institution, the new channel, the Tianjin Machinery Industry backbone enterprise, the octopus cloud merchant, the Qingke apartment, and the e-commerce platform.

Similar to the electronic contract service provided by the public, third-party electronic certification/certificate services are being applied more and more, and at the same time, they are favored by small-scale technology platforms.

In the first half of 2019, FISCO BCOS and Yi Baoquan ranked ninth in terms of their respective two landing projects. Among them, Yi Baoquan is a professional third-party electronic data depositing platform. In April, the third-party electronic certification service agency remotely logged into the e-guaranteed platform; in June, Yibaoquan and Huami.com reached a cooperation to strengthen the deep integration of the blockchain and the industrial Internet to jointly promote the development of the industrial Internet business.

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