Who is the biggest bitcoin holder: Nakamoto, Winklevoss brothers or "King of encryption" Barry Sylbert?

We know that there are many “whales” that have the ability to drive the cryptocurrency market. However, who is the biggest holder of Bitcoin?


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The exchange is the largest bitcoin holder

It is not surprising that the exchange is the largest bitcoin HODLers. Currently, 6.7% of Bitcoin's liquidity (about $9.8 billion) is stored in the exchange's wallet. Interestingly, however, after a long bear market and soaring and plunging prices, the number of bitcoins owned by the exchange continues to increase.

The chart published by Thetokenanalyst on Twitter shows that over the past two years, eight exchanges, including Kraken, Bitstamp and Coin, have steadily increased their bitcoin storage. Among them, the logo representing the bitcoin holdings of each exchange has been rising, in stark contrast to the dramatic peaks and valleys that have occurred since March 2017. In other words, regardless of market conditions, cryptocurrency exchanges continue to have confidence in demand and increase bitcoin share.

Other major bitcoin holders

In addition to exchanges, other major "whales" in the bitcoin field include:

(1) Satoshi Nakamoto We still don't know who the anonymous creator of Bitcoin is, but we do know that he or she is the singlest holder of all Bitcoin holders, with 1 million bitcoins (4.76% of the 21 million bitcoins have been mined).

(2) Winklevoss brothers In 2013, the Winklevoss brothers claimed that they held 1% of all circulating bitcoin supplies. Now, their holdings are likely to have exceeded that at the time. As owners of the Gemini Exchange, they have been steadily accumulating more bitcoins for years.

(3) Blair Hilbert "King of Encryption" Barry Silbert is the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group. The company not only creates and supports bitcoin and blockchain companies, but also other important assets, such as cryptocurrency news media CoinDesk and more than 100 bitcoin-related companies including Grayscale. Forbes estimates that Sylbert's cryptocurrency net worth between $400 and $500 million in 2018. Of course, the number is definitely lower now.

How many bitcoins do you need to become a "whale"?

If you want to be a "big fish" in a pond, it may be easier to achieve in the future.

The amount of Bitcoin required to become a "whale" may change over time. There is a theory that holding only one bitcoin may give you enough power to influence the market.

Although some people disagree, I feel that one of 21 million is only a small part. But, no matter what, no matter how many bitcoins you have, keep calm and HODL.

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