Weekly data on the BTC chain: overall dull, Friday currency price jump triggers the net outflow of the coin over 4000BTC

Author: Beijing chain security

In the past week (11.04-11.10), from the main chain data, the total amount of transactions has decreased from the previous week (10.28-11.03).

Transaction amount:

10.28-11.03:9894794.12 BTC

11.04-11.10:7804121.46 BTC

Decreased from the previous week: 21.13%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Number of transactions:


11.04-11.10: 2192835

Up from the previous week: 6.87%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Number of active addresses:

(The address that initiated the transaction is considered to be an active address)



Up from the previous week: 9.77%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Large amount of transfer:

(Single transaction initiation amount greater than 100BTC is considered to be a large transfer)



Decreased from the previous week: 38.51%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Currency Exchange BTC Flow Data





Decreased from the previous week: 12.27%

The detailed data map is as follows:  




Up from the previous week: 2.91%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Net inflow



Decreased from the previous week: 189.0%

The detailed data map is as follows:

Judging from the situation in the past week, the main data change of the Currency Exchange occurred on Friday, when the bitcoin price suddenly jumped. At the same time, the currency did not continue its phenomenon of attracting bitcoin into the exchange when the currency price plummeted. Instead, there was a net outflow of more than 4,000 bitcoins, and its cold wallet was also replenished twice to the hot wallet. 3300 BTCs to meet the needs of users to raise coins. But on the next day, the Currency Exchange once again attracted bitcoin inflows, which reduced the net outflow of Bitcoin for the whole week.

In the case of large-value transfer events, at 18:25:02 on November 5th, Beijing time, a huge transfer of 110572.3062 bitcoins occurred on the bitcoin chain. The transfer originator was the cold wallet of the Dollar Exchange, the transaction. Enter 20888 and 89684 BTCs respectively at the beginning of 3M219K and the beginning of 3M6UcB. Previously, the beginning address of 3M219K had a large amount of money transfer with the coin hot wallet, so this should be the normal wallet finishing work.

Due to the recent news, the frequency and scope of bitcoin price fluctuations may be enhanced. Various rumors and misinterpretation of data on the chain may also occur frequently. Please pay attention to the objective and cautious treatment. At the same time, activities such as hacking attacks and money laundering of illegal funds may also increase with the increase in the activeness of digital currency. Investors and exchanges, wallets and other institutions are also required to prepare for safety in advance.

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