Building a “government wisdom brain” and promoting “blockchain+”, building big data across Hainan Island

On September 27th, the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Congress deliberated and passed the "Regulations on the Application of Big Data in Hainan Province" to further optimize the development environment of big data.

On September 28th, the tenth press conference of the theme series of the “70 Years of Struggling New Era” in Hainan Province was held in the multi-function hall of the Hainan Provincial Museum. Wang Jing, director of the Hainan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that at present, The province's integration, the island's concept of urbanization to build big data, and promote the data construction of the integrated online government service platform, to achieve "data and more roads, people run less errands."

The Internet industry continues to develop rapidly and becomes a bright spot for nurturing new industries. Since it was listed as twelve key industries in 2015, Hainan Province has issued a series of policy measures. It has arranged financial funds of 500 million yuan each year to support industrial development for three consecutive years. In 2020, the Internet industry will become a “100 billion class” star industry.

Establish a provincial-level big data management organization to build a “government smart brain”

According to reports, Hainan Province is the only province in the country that realizes the overall management of government affairs informatization. The whole island is planned as a big city. According to the requirements of data, personnel, capital, management and technology, the five provinces are co-ordinated to build the province's electronics. Government infrastructure, building a “five-concentration” system for big data.

It is the first in the country to form a government-informed government-informed system of large-scale network, large-scale platform, large-scale system, and big data. Focus on building the data center of Hainan Provincial Government and the unified government cloud of the province, providing public network support, data center services, software and hardware resources services for government departments at all levels; building a unified information sharing and exchange platform and government big data public in the province Service platform, government data open platform and other three basic platforms, access to the province's 558 non-confidential government information systems, strong access to data "cellular coal", to achieve 100% sharing of government systems and data; build population, legal person, space Five basic databases, such as geodatabase, e-license, and credit information.

In the country, a provincial big data management statutory body was set up to build a “government wisdom brain”. In 2017, the provincial data hall was built, and all kinds of basic databases and government departments at all levels were integrated, and the province's non-confidential government information system and provincial video teleconferencing system and emergency command system were connected. Data collection, sharing and mining analysis were conducted. And display, support the information application of all levels of departments, with the "government wisdom brain" function of decision-making command, city management, emergency response, operation management. In 2019, the provincial government established the Provincial Big Data Administration, which was established in the form of a statutory body in the country to undertake the construction, management and service of big data. The operational mechanism of the “five-concentration” system of big data has been further improved.

Wang Jing, director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan Province, said that the establishment of a number of pioneering and leading system platforms has greatly improved the government's social governance and service capabilities. Relying on the existing resources, Hainan Province actively promoted the application of big data, built and put into use dozens of important system platforms, and achieved remarkable results in simplifying examination and approval, strengthening supervision, and facilitating government and convenience. It has won many national awards and awards. For example, the construction and implementation of the country's first “Hainan Provincial Multi-Regulation Information Platform”, in order to implement the province's “multi-regulation and integration” reform, to find out the support of the province's land, ocean, forestry and other homes, the relevant approval items by 70 were reduced to 4, and the approval speed was over 70%, which became the best practice case of the “Digital China” summit; the country took the lead in implementing “Hainan e registration”, which realized the automatic declaration of commercial registration, automatic audit, the province's general administration, and electronic signature. Five major innovations such as electronic archives; the establishment of the "Internet + disaster prevention and mitigation" system, in order to predict the typhoon path in advance, predict the scope of the disaster and provide conditions for the transfer and resettlement of the dangerous areas in advance, effectively improve the government's disaster prevention and emergency response capabilities; Citizen Cloud provides 462 public services in one stop. Citizens can do everything from a mobile phone to a mobile phone. The Poverty Alleviation Big Data Platform provides an information-based means for accurate identification, precise poverty alleviation and accurate poverty alleviation for poor households. National Network Poverty Alleviation Best Practice Case.

Construct a flow management system for people flow, logistics and capital flow, and initially construct a risk prevention system for the free trade zone (Hong Kong). Hainan, around the needs of the Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), through the integration of traffic, railway, customs, public security and other departmental data, the construction of an all-weather, real-time flow of people, logistics, capital flow information management system, accurate identification and control of the flow of people into and out of the island, logistics, The flow of funds has basically realized the full coverage of the face recognition of the island and the dynamic supervision of the goods entering and leaving the island, realizing all the “T+0” real-time data monitoring at the Qiongzhou Bank.

More than 70 companies settled and promoted “blockchain+” applications

In 2018, Hainan established the first officially awarded blockchain industry pilot zone in Hainan Ecological Software Park. As we all know, the blockchain is a subversive technology in the era of "information Internet" towards the "trust Internet" era. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of distributed, non-tamperable and traceable, which can make up for the deficiency of traditional credit system, prevent information tampering and forgery, and save the whole society credit cost. For finance, e-commerce, smart medical care, social security, Internet of Things, Areas such as energy will have an important impact.

Blockchain has become the forefront of global technology development and is leading a new round of technological change and industrial change.

On October 8, 2018, Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology officially awarded the Hainan Ecological Software Park to set up the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) blockchain test zone. In just one year, the slogan "Chain Shanghai South" has gradually started, and the results have been achieved. rich:

First, more than 70 companies including the Firecoin Group, Baidu Blockchain Lab, 360 Blockchain, and Thunder Blockchain were registered.

The second is to cooperate with Oxford University, Renmin University of China, and Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a blockchain research institute, and to develop blockchain talent pooling pilot zones at home and abroad.

The third is to hold a series of activities such as the blockchain technology and game industry development and innovation forum, the national party and government leading cadre blockchain practice seminars, and strive to strengthen the blockchain innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

Fourth, extensive international exchanges were carried out. Tajikistan, Russia, and Japan sent delegations to investigate and exchange and explore cooperation. The international reputation of the experimental area has also increased.

Wang Jing revealed that Hainan Ecological Software Park will speed up the construction of blockchain test zones, create blockchain innovation highlands, apply highlands and standard highlands, and build blockchain development ecology. Under the premise of complying with national regulations, the company issued guidelines and industry norms for the development of blockchain industry, and supported the development of blockchain technology in a new format in a prudent and inclusive regulatory environment.

In the blockchain test area, we will introduce a batch of leading enterprises in the blockchain, foster a group of high-end research institutions of blockchain technology, carry out innovative research, and create a blockchain innovation highland. Organize and implement special demonstration and application projects, promote the “blockchain+” government, tourism, medical care, sharing economy, finance and other special applications, and promote new application scenarios to create blockchain application highlands.

At the same time, actively participate in the development of blockchain national standards, industry standards, plus the development and implementation of the blockchain standards in Hainan Province, to create a regional fast chain standard highland.

Wang Jing believes that talent cultivation is the key to blockchain innovation. Hainan will actively cooperate with domestic and foreign blockchain professionals to train universities or institutions, and adopt various talents such as “college+enterprise” and “government+college+enterprise”. The training model promotes the development of talent development.

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Author: Xu Paulsen

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