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Busy and excited is the biggest feeling of the three-day chain.

On Friday afternoon, after Xinhua News Agency reported good news about the blockchain industry, people who were waiting to see it began to act.

Explosive calls, a steady stream of new customers, schedules after two weeks… whether it’s technology companies, consulting companies, companies seeking blockchain services, the media, even the government, the academic community are involved "The blockchain industry is a big discussion" and the enthusiasm is high. However, there are also practitioners calling for more technology to be precipitated at this time, and the gulf will really push the blockchain to a large scale.

Mutual chain pulse interviewed the relevant people in the digital chain to understand their work status and content in recent days, and observe the impact of this good news on the chain.


The blockchain project that is being promoted is accelerating, and new customers are “ready to come”

Before October 25th, many blockchain projects were chosen without secrets and progress was slow.

The person in charge of the Xunlei chain business told the chain pulse that some customers are worried about the policy environment, and some are worried that the blockchain stigma affects the project and does not dare to advance the project quickly. But this time the good news came out, several customers of the Thunderbolt rushed to Shenzhen on Monday to discuss how to speed up the project.

CFA Block investor Fang Yushu also shared the same feeling. “The partners are not calling, the original customers are urging to land.”

Not only that, but new customers are also flocking from the Quartet to blockchain technology companies.

Just two days last weekend, Xunlei Chain received more than 40 customer consultations, from agriculture, commerce, traceability, manufacturing, supply chain finance, energy data research and other industries. They are all one purpose: to seek the chain. "We are now following up," said the relevant person in charge of the Thunderbolt. Thunder has been focusing on blockchain technology research and landing for the past two years. Therefore, when customers want to use blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is Thunderbolt, "In the past two days, we have also worked overtime to discuss with customers, how to combine blockchain technology and their business."

The founder of the company, Quan Ketian, said that the blockchain is getting hot again, because it may take a few months before it can receive a single consultation. Now there are more than a dozen companies in two days to ask. Among the companies that have come to consult, Chekda has also seen a welcome trend, that is, some of its companies have a better understanding of the blockchain concept. Now more is how to combine technology with specific business. Come here."

Che Keda believes that compared with the past, this blockchain boom has paid more attention to the landing, especially in the areas related to people's livelihood and government affairs, and the enterprises that have previously resisted the blockchain have begun to change.

Li Yan, medical director and product manager of Fuzhou Data Technology Research Institute, said that the Fuzhou Data Technology Research Institute was launched last December. Currently, it is mainly based on blockchain technology and distributed storage technology. Li Yan told the chain pulse. After 25 days, some teams around the team who did not involve blockchain technology came to consult, ask about the progress of the project, or whether they can integrate with their own business.

After receiving the congratulatory message, what should the practitioner do next?

Many people in the industry said that some of the calls received in the past few days were in the consulting business, and some of them were sent congratulatory messages. Large and small conferences, interviews, and continuous reports from various media have also made many “outsiders” feel that the blockchain is a huge enthusiasm and busy to “in the industry”.

“The cost of promoting new technologies is very high.” The number chain Xiangyang said that the state now has incentives to reduce the cost of education for users and reduce the noise for their communication. In the past, when the number chain was promoting the business, even if the blockchain was very good for the project itself, it only used the blockchain solution as an option for the customer to choose because it was unclear whether the customer could accept the blockchain and convince the customer. The cost is too high. However, Xiangyang said that from now on, in the appropriate places, the promotion of blockchain programs will be increased.

Haier Haichuang CEO Zhang Wei also said that this positive will promote the blockchain project, but for the specific practitioners, technological development is not a one-step process, but also requires a series of efforts.

Next, the Haichuang chain has two tasks. One is to pass on its confidence in the project to customers and partners. First, it is time to implement the current strategy and promote it.

For blockchain technology companies like Haichuang Chain, this is a good surprise, and the acceleration of the Dongfeng is also their next common goal.

Li Yan of Fuzhou Data Technology Research Institute told the chain pulse that compared with the excitement of other teams, his team is still relatively stable. "Because we have been doing it, we have to do it later." Che Keda also said that as an early practitioner, he has experienced some outlets in the blockchain. "I hope that the industry can calm down. With this boom, it will truly achieve a large-scale landing. I also hope that China's blockchain technology will You can also go to the world."

Fang Yushu also gave a high evaluation of the future development of blockchain technology. "This blockchain may be like the Internet in 2000." Fang Yushu said that they were based on the central bank and finance a few months ago. Some of the dynamics and sounds of the system are predicted by the blockchain rumors, but I did not expect that the strength would be so great. "Strength creates a new record, the blockchain industry has just kicked off, and the development in the next 5 to 10 years is expected." .

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