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Popular Science | State transition in the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain

The beacon chain is composed of blocks and a progressive state; blocks are produced, signed, spread throughout the network, and then used to update the state. The following diagram shows the main interrelationships: -The solid line indicates the aggregation relationship, and the dotted line indicates the dependency relationship. That is, the part that emits the […]

Perspectives | Ethereum 2020: Roadmap and Outlook

What surprises will Ethereum bring in 2020? You may have missed a message when Vitalik Buterin tweeted "Ethereum Roadmap in My Mind" on Twitter. So are you also curious about the meaning of the pictures he published, what are the highlights of Ethereum this year? I used hyperlinks to add hyperlinks to the pictures he […]

Popular Science | Eth2 Beacon Chain: What You Should Know First (2)

Author: Translation: A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Beacon chain checkpoint A checkpoint is a block generated in the first time slot of a period. If no block is generated in the first time slot of a certain period, the most recent block meeting the requirements is determined as a checkpoint block. Each period will […]

Popular Science | Eth2 Beacon Chain: What You Should Know First (on)

Author: Translation: A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Do you remember when you first sighed "Oh!" To the blockchain world? Do you have such a thorough understanding of Beacon Chain? The beacon chain is the core of the entire Eth2 system; however, most of the content on the beacon chain is just playing with technical […]

Ethereum 2.0 audit report announced next week, giving green light to multi-client testnet

Ethereum 2.0 coordinator Danny Ryan said Least Authority will announce the results of their review of the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain next week. Developers will have a conference call on Thursday to discuss a range of issues, including research progress, possible releases, and client development. Ryan said: "It is more urgent to sort the blocks […]

Ethereum 2.0: Casper & Beacon Chain

Background Information In the first article in this series, What will Serenity bring? In this article, we outline the history of the Ethereum network development and explain the major issues that the much-anticipated Eth 2.0 will address. In the second article, Ethereum 2.0: How to achieve scalability? In this paper, we introduced the Layer 2 […]

Ethereum 2.0 terminology reveals why a beacon chain is needed

Abstract: From the so-called "software development hard work phase" of V God, to the current norm "freeze". After more than a year, the delivery schedule of Ethereum 2.0 has begun to get back on track. In early July, Ethan Frank Foundation researcher Danny Ryan revealed that the Ethereum Serenity (quiet) zero phase has been “frozen”, […]

Technical Guide | Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 V0.8.0 Technical Specifications (1)

table of Contents Resource Overview Bifurcation selection rule Finality Crosslink Certifier responsibility data structure note Beacon chain operation Resource Phase 0 Technical Specifications Beacon chain state transition Fork selection Certifier guide Design philosophy Academic paper Casper FFG Papers on the use of LMD GHOST to formalize FFG on the PoS chain are collaborating and will […]

What is the beacon chain in Ethereum 2.0?

Author | Yuxing Produced|Baihua blockchain (ID: hellobtc) Ethereum 2.0 is intended to solve the consensus and scalability problems of Ethereum. A new concept based on consensus is a Beacon Chain, and based on the scalability problem is Shard Chains. Today, Dabai and everyone's science are about what the beacon chain and the beacon chain have. […]

Will Eth 2.0 be the first public link from PoW to PoS? 丨SheKnows fifth issue

What is Ethereum 2.0? What changes will happen to the ecology of Ethereum 2.0? What are the new points in technology? Who will BCH and ETC become the data layer of Ethereum? How should the future of Ethereum go? In the face of all these questions, from Tuesday to Thursday night, BaKbit's first community interview […]