Evening Must-Read | Explaining the RWA Tokenization Track: The Next Wave of Cryptographic Narrative?

Evening Must-Read | The RWA Tokenization Track: The Next Wave of Crypto Narrative?

1. Academic Analysis of Risks Related to DeFi and Web3 Wallets

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become a disruptive force in the financial industry, providing users with new opportunities for lending and investing without intermediaries. A key component of participating in DeFi is using a Web3 wallet, which allows users to securely interact with various DeFi services. While DeFi offers promising opportunities, it must be acknowledged and understood that there are inherent risks involved in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. This article aims to provide an academic analysis of the risks related to using DeFi and Web3 wallets, with a focus on trustworthy examples and warning examples to avoid. Click to read

2. Which Projects Will Stand Out in the Next L1 War?

The L1 war is no longer a new concept for crypto investors. Nevertheless, with old L1s being constantly improved and new ones emerging, investors who fail to keep up with the narrative may be left behind in the development wave. Click to read

3. Comparative Analysis of RWA On-Chain Lending Projects

One of the emerging trends in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is using real-world assets to expand on-chain credit. This involves creating digital representations of real-world assets, such as real estate, commodities, or artwork, using blockchain technology, and using these digital assets as collateral to issue on-chain credit. By doing so, borrowers can access credit more easily and affordably than traditional loans, while lenders can earn interest from their holdings by providing liquidity to the market. This approach has the potential to democratize access to credit and make it more inclusive, particularly for underserved or marginalized communities that have difficulty accessing traditional financial services. Additionally, by using real-world assets as collateral, on-chain credit markets can be more stable and less susceptible to the volatility and speculation that may plague other forms of cryptocurrency lending. Click to read

4. A Comprehensive Analysis of the zkSync Era: The Pioneer of Zero-Knowledge Proof Scaling Solutions

The Ethereum Layer 2 scaling mechanism is the current doctrine of the blockchain and a battleground for armies. This article will introduce the first Layer 2 network zkSync to go online using zk-rollup technology, from the introduction of the public chain itself to the development of ecosystem projects, from the fundamentals, data aspects to the ecology, and do a comprehensive analysis. Click to read

52,000-word Explanation of RWA Tokenization Track: The Next Cryptographic Narrative?

Blockchain brings trust, liquidity, transparency, security, efficiency, and innovation, but the bear market in the cryptocurrency industry seems to be hard to find new growth points, and the cryptocurrency industry urgently needs a track to carry a new narrative. RWA tokenization can open up the channel between traditional finance and crypto finance, carrying a market of trillions of dollars in assets, which can be the lifeblood of the cryptocurrency industry beyond the bull and bear cycles. Therefore, since the birth of blockchain, RWA tokenization has been trying, but has been hindered by multiple factors such as technology, regulation, and market. Nowadays, the RWA track is being discussed again, and many institutions are beginning to lay out. The RWA project has presented a variety of characteristics, mainly DeFi, high returns, and high risks, and has gradually entered the public’s view, but there are still problems with poor liquidity, early stage, and lack of price discovery. Whether the RWA track can erupt in the next few years also depends on the development of infrastructure and the improvement of the regulatory system. This research report also proposes that token standardization and compliance are the necessary ways for the development of the RWA track. Although the RWA track faces multiple challenges, the industry development is always moving forward. Click to read

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