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Babbitt site | Policies are hot, Tokenfund is cold, where are the investment opportunities for blockchain in 2020?

Babbitt News, on December 3, "2019 CAN Conference · Interconnection of Everything, Blockchain and New Global Economic Structure" was held in Hangzhou. In the roundtable forum in the afternoon, Zhou Shuoji , founder of FBG Capital , Yi Lihua , founder of De Capital, Li Zongcheng , founder of Time Stamp Capital , Sun Ming […]

BTC's bottom-hunting opportunity really came this time? Analysts say the recent hash rate changes are hidden

This article Source: Shallot APP Author: simplification currency City Cryptography currency analyst Charles Edwards recently pointed out that the recent changes in bitcoin hash rate data suggest that miners have to meet the "destiny choice", and continue to resist and bear losses, so I hope you don't miss it. The next round of bull markets, […]

A paper on the role and advantages of Bitcoin in institutional portfolios

On Wednesday, investment management company VanEck released a report on the Investment Case for Bitcoin for investors. The report pointed out that Bitcoin, as a means of storing value, deserves a place in the institutional portfolio. In addition, Bitcoin has a “currency value” that has the potential to become a digital gold and can improve […]

Talking about Bitcoin Investment from the Perspective of Large-Scale Asset Allocation

The global economy is in a recession, and there is basically a market consensus. “I think we are in the pre-bubble stage and may enter the bubble stage… The probability of a recession before the next (2020) presidential (US) election is relatively high, possibly reaching 70%.” — Bridge Water Fund   Ray Dario From the […]

How to get valuable news in the currency circle?

"We are in the high-speed information age." This sentence is not unexpected, but it was learned in my elementary school textbook. If you still have the impression, the name of our computer class should be called "Information and Science"? In short, in the name of obtaining information, I went to the computer class to play […]

Re-examine the investment value of hard currency bitcoin in the era of negative interest rates

Everyone is talking about negative interest rates . Yes, we are not far from the world of negative interest rates. Rick Rieder, chief investment officer of BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, asked an official blog last week: What is the end of monetary easing? The capital market and the whole society will move toward […]

Please ridicule our coins

It’s easy to laugh at the death of many coins. After all, it’s really stupid to buy Bitcoin and so on. It’s really no silly operation in the short-term operation. The contract is full of talent and wisdom. In the rising market, the coin holders will be ridiculed by people who have leveraged and speculated […]

Why is it difficult for people to accept bitcoin? A bitcoin investment behavior study

In response to some of the questions I wrote three years ago, " Why didn't I make a fortune on Bitcoin. " At that time (January 5, 2017) I wrote this paragraph: To say that I know the level of Bitcoin is definitely not high, but it is definitely not a layman. As the big […]

What do Bitcoin investors look like? Google's 6 pictures tell you

The tech giants are eyeing the fat of the digital currency. Following Facebook’s release of the Libra white paper, Google is also eager to start analyzing Big Bitcoin users with big data. According to Google data, investment (speculation) is a common hobby of Bitcoin users, followed by computer, software and financial management. In addition, the […]

The same is $9000. What is the difference between today's bitcoin and two years ago?

Last weekend, Bitcoin slammed all the way, and finally stood firm again at the $9000 major mark, and the market bullish sentiment was unprecedentedly high. In November 2017, BTC broke through $9,000 for the first time. Two years have passed, what has changed in the Bitcoin network? Why is the basic situation of Bitcoin better? […]