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Research | Bitcoin mining and video games: Who consumes more power?

The power consumption of Bitcoin mining is a hot topic in recent years. In fact, the negative impact of Bitcoin on the environment has also become one of the many popular comment points for many bitcoin experts on digital currencies. However, data without context is quite misleading, and it is often the case when journalists […]

Explore the Huaqiang North Bitcoin mining machine rivers and lakes: the blockchain is not good enough to "save the city".

Source: Daily Economic News , the original title "Re-exploring Huaqiang North Bitcoin Mining Machine Jianghu: The mining machine shop has replaced a batch of blockchains and did not bring "warmness"" Every reporter: Liu Ling is edited every time: Wei Guanhong The blockchain industry has also ushered in a boom, and virtual currency has also risen […]

Infinite War in the World of Cryptographic Currency, ASIC and Anti-ASIC

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the community has been arguing whether it should deal with increasingly powerful mining hardware. In the early stages of Bitcoin, mining was done through the CPU (a standard processing unit in most computers), which allowed ordinary people to have the opportunity to participate in bitcoin mining because it did not […]

ChainNode live room, starting from Avalon's strongest mining machine A1166, is this a mining machine or a printing machine?

The bitcoin computing power has reached 100E, and the dry season is coming. Will this be a high-powered, low-power mining machine, and the old mining machine will die in the battlefield? When Bitcoin ushered in the era of high-powered mining machines, did the mining business make money? On the evening of October 17, the ChainNode […]

Yesterday Bitcoin computing power plummeted 30%? The actual situation is not that simple

Yesterday, data showed that the computing power of Bitcoin plummeted by 30%, causing panic in the entire market and concerns about network security. But in fact, you don't need to worry too much. Bitcoin's mining power is an indicator of computing power – it can be used to generate new blocks to earn bitcoin. The […]

Depth | The dry season is approaching, the analysis of Bitcoin mining industry chain

Summary Bitcoin is an alternative asset worthy of attention. Because of its high return on investment, good liquidity, and low correlation with other assets, Bitcoin is more like an alternative investment target than it is intended to become a global currency. Bitcoin mining is the way to get bitcoin from the “source”. The so-called "mining", […]

Has Bitcoin's energy consumption level reached its historical peak and has an impact on the climate?

The Bitcoin Workload Proof (PoW) Consensus System is an important factor in making this cryptocurrency—and all subsequent cryptocurrencies developed based on Bitcoin—popular. But it is also the source of some environmental controversy, because the calculations required to create blocks and the maintenance of the network have considerable hardware requirements and consume a lot of power. […]

Bitcoin mining or welcoming 3.0 era, Stratum V2 will return power to miners

In order to obtain a more stable and reliable income stream than solo mining, most bitcoin miners today choose to mine through the mine. This is achieved through the open source "Stratum" mining protocol, which is currently used in almost all mines, which was announced seven years ago by SlushPool. Now, Braines, behind the Slush […]

85% of Bitcoin has been dug up, and it will take 100 years to dig all

On Wednesday, cryptocurrency enthusiasts announced on Twitter that the number of bitcoins dug up has exceeded 17.85 million. This means that 85% of the total of Bitcoin's 21 million has been dug up. Still, the remaining 15% will be slowly released in the next 100 years. 85% of Bitcoin has been dug up A new […]

Carbon emissions are comparable to first-tier cities in Europe and America, and bitcoin is produced as a “black hole” in energy consumption.

Bitcoin, which incited the capital market to change leverage, is gaining more attention because of its potential burden on the climate and the environment. The "Energy Monitoring Data" of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the "Carbon Footprint Report" released by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany have pointed out […]