This platform is a bit stable: I have two or three things with Bybit

A sudden plunge made March 12 a day that many investors will never forget. A huge drop of 50%, and more than 20 billion yuan of wealth changed hands within a day, all of which are numbers that need to be recorded in history. After the thrilling market, I was bored, and I started to look at the current situation of the big Vs. @ 万 兄 -The latest Weibo has attracted my attention: "Bybit seems to be on a U-based contract, I don't know what will happen next Big move. "The contract is rolling forward, and Bybit is coming?

This platform is a bit stable: I have two or three things with Bybit

This platform is a bit like my big brother

For some friends, Bybit may be a slightly strange name, but I have some stories I have to tell.

That was the day after the 1024 speech. Under the call of "Blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies", Bitcoin exploded on October 25, pulling up $ 1,200, up 16.77%. On the 26th, it continued to sing and advance, and the trend was more than steady. In a frenetic atmosphere, a few of my friends couldn't hold back and were ready to chase up, but "surprise" found that "xx platform collapsed!" A friend was unable to close a position because of an overload problem, and he was bleeding inside. The author's classmates, known for their prudent operation, "brothers", but often go long and go long, then steadily close the position, the profits fall into the bag. Although the big brother rewarded Amway many times in order to win new ones, it was not until this day that I remembered Bybit for the first time.

Of course, do you have to do your homework? Looking at non-small numbers, on October 26, Bybit's trading volume reached US $ 3.8 billion throughout the day. Although it has not been noticed before, the volume of transactions reaching this level is not uncommon. I went to Weibo and searched for feedback. There didn't seem to be any black spots. In the end, the wish of the big brother was fulfilled, and the Bybit App was downloaded and registered. Seeing his satisfied smile, the author looked scornful. Open the App, the interface is a bit simple and simple, there are no spot transactions, no OTC channels, no financial management, only four mainstream trading pairs-BTC / USD, ETH / USD, EOS / USD, and XRP / USD. There are no standard derivatives such as BCH and LTC. Except for perpetual contract trading, it doesn't seem to find any fancy gameplay. At this time, the images of the big brother and Bybit simultaneously appeared in the author's mind, with two words written next to it: steady. Things are grouped together, and people are grouped together. Isn't the big brother not to win new rewards, but to love each other?

After that, the author successively did some operations on Bybit one by one, and the daily trading experience did not disappoint the recommendation of the master. It is strange that this exchange never seems to be down for maintenance. The experience of the exchanges in maintaining market movements has left the author with anxiety. Not stopping the machine does make the daily transactions of the big brother and the author a little more stable, but the author is also a bit panic: not stopping, not upgrading, sounds very unreliable . At this time, Brother Ma Nong calmly made a wave of popular science and hot update (in short, it was the instant update encountered when the user opened the app after downloading and installing the app through the user). "For the sake of users, I can only make development tiring." So far, the author can not appreciate the complex mood of the master as a user and a back-end developer at the same time.

After a period of time, under the leadership of the elder brother, the author also made a small profit steadily. Stable words take the lead, of course, withdraw cash. However, Bybit can only withdraw money 3 times a day, and it needs to be manually operated for a limited period of time, which is very inhumane. So, the big brother came to brainwash the author again: Is safety important or humanity important? Can you stabilize it? Bybit's funds are stored in a multi-sign cold wallet, and it must be troublesome to remove it. Although I think there is something wrong, it sounds reasonable. Perhaps, the author has been brainwashed by the Master's Stable Words.

Bybit's "biggest bug", to be solved?

Although Bybit is "somewhat stable", there is a "giant BUG": currency exchange. Because Bybit has no spot transactions and no OTC channel, once users accidentally ran out of positions, they need to re-deposit the corresponding currency; for BTC profit, users who have seen ETH have a chance, there is no way to convert BTC to ETH to continue operation . How many times, watching the ETH take off, the master of BTC in full positions can't help but feel a little bit sour (until recently, he found out that Bybit actually has a one-click exchange function). However, the exchange, the handling fee, the energy consumption still feels tired.

This "BUG" is finally solved. According to the screenshot of @ 亿 兄-, we can confirm that Bybit's USDT perpetual contract is already in testing and may be launched soon. The forward contract is good. After depositing USDT, you can trade four trading pairs on the platform, thereby saying goodbye to the "currency exchange" trouble. This is also a hot product that major exchanges are chasing first.

However, this discovery, to be honest, surprised the author a little bit. The new product still does not add trading pairs? Considering the limited information available, it is still unknown what functions the USDT perpetual contract will have. However, as a Bybit user, I still want to raise a few pain points I encountered.

First, two-way positions are strongly needed. Once upon a time, there were more orders in the hand, and it was about to retrace, but I couldn't open an empty order for a short time. This taste was really uncomfortable. This feature is urgently needed by professional hedging bosses in the shock market.

Furthermore, will the portfolio margin be launched? This time, I took a short trend in my hand and saw that the anti-draw was over. The downside was imminent and I wanted to increase the position, but it was really wasteful to see the full profit. Wouldn't it be beautiful if Fuying could also add positions?

Can this update bring us some surprises? The answer may be revealed soon.

In the end, under the influence of the big brother, the author must also be a stable trader, free money for entertainment transactions, and reject stud. This round has plunged, Bybit still hasn't dropped the chain, which makes people feel relieved. However, we also advise everyone here that futures trading is very risky. Even if the platform is as stable as a dog, everyone still needs to control the risk. Especially at this time, as global stock markets dive and crude oil and gold pass through, we may have to face an economic crisis, and we must be more stable.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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