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Report from the Electronic Standards Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Blockchain standardization helps digital economic development

Source of this article: People's Venture Capital Blockchain Author: Li Ming, China Electronics Standardization Institute Block Chaining Research Office; Li Jiazheng, Standards Development Engineer, China Electronics Standardization Institute; Sun Lin, Standard Development Engineer, China National Institute of Electronic Standardization. Core points   With the rapid development of blockchain technology, more organizations recognize the value of […]

Blockchain Industry Development Monthly Report: Blockchain Financing Market Meets Cold Again in February, Fiat Digital Currency Track Is Hot

Foreword In February 2020, the global blockchain investment and financing market experienced a cold after a sharp contraction last month, and the amount of financing and the amount of financing in a single month declined from January. In terms of policy, the Central Document No. 1 proposed to strengthen the application of blockchain and other […]

Benefits escalate again! Babbitt Industry Orientation Starts Knowledge Officer Program

On February 12th, Babbitt launched an online course " Began to Learn Series: Seeing the Blockchain Industry in 2020, What Should You Pay Most Attention to ". The course invited 7 blockchain experts including Tang Xialing, Meng Yan, Ma Shitao, Huang Butian, Xu Yutao, Xu Yingkai and Hu Jie to explain the seven dimensions of […]

China's blockchain industry under the shadow of the epidemic: conference postponed, mining machines suspended

Source: A blockchain, the original title "China's Blockchain Industry in the Shadow of the Epidemic: Conference Delayed, Mining Machines Stopped, and Practitioners Have Nothing to Do at Home" Author: Ratchet Pisa In the shadow of the new coronavirus, the Spring Festival of 2020 is not very flat. On the first A-share trading day after the […]

27 blockchain companies' performance forecast last year

Source: China Securities Journal Author: Liu Chang As of January 20, 37 blockchain concept listed companies have disclosed 2019 performance forecasts, and more than 70% of the companies are happy. Insiders said that the blockchain has a large-scale application foundation. With the extension of the blockchain to many fields such as government affairs, trade finance, […]

Poetry and the distance are there. The first problem facing the blockchain industry is where does the bread come from?

Author: Mutual chain pulse Yuan Shang 2019 is coming to an end. When the blockchain company counts the one-year harvest, it is somewhat cool. If it were not for the "1024 Conference", China's blockchain would probably enter the "bottom period" like overseas. Before that, the Chinese blockchain industry was driving bad coins out of bad […]

"2019 China City Blockchain Development Level Evaluation Report" Released: Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou ranked among the top three

China Urban Blockchain Development Level Evaluation Report (2019) conducts a comprehensive and scientific assessment of the development level of China's 45 key cities' blockchain industry from four aspects: policy environment, personnel training, industrial foundation and capital support. With its advantages in talent training, industrial foundation and capital support, Beijing topped the list with 106.67 points. […]

Weekly Highlights Review | Russian Central Bank Tests Stablecoin, Sichuan Regulates Bitcoin Mining

Summary Event: Recently, Russia ’s central bank, Russian Bank, has begun testing stablecoins linked to real assets in a regulatory sandbox, and is closely monitoring its potential and impact. Sichuan Ganzi has issued a plan to regulate Bitcoin mining activities. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 50 Index on December 24. The […]

Barbarians at the Door of the Blockchain: Understanding the Crypto Industry M & A

Since 2013, the blockchain industry has had 350 mergers and acquisitions, with a cumulative transaction value of $ 4 billion, but compared to the value of the cryptocurrency network, or compared with mergers and acquisitions in other fields, the number and amount are still small. The cryptocurrency field is still a relatively young industry, and […]

Shock! No one in Japan uses Bitcoin! | 8 Questions

On November 10th, the "8 Questions" column interviewed two Japanese guests, Seihaku Yoshida and Shimura Masaru, in Wuzhen. Yoshida World Expo is currently the CEO of HashPort Inc (accelerator), and began focusing on blockchain in 2015. Shimura has 35 years of working experience at Mitsui Sumitomo Bank in Japan. He has served as the president […]