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Analysis | Bank attitudes are negative, German cryptocurrency policy is "good" than expected

Author: Luo Tao On January 1, 2020, the updated "Fifth European Money Laundering Directive" (Fifth European Money Laundering directive) officially included encryption services within the scope of legal protection. The new bill will provide banks with more efficient and extensive support for cryptocurrency-centric operations, so many people have high hopes for the bill, thinking that […]

Analysis | Entities need to obtain BaFin license. Does the new law pave the way for Germany to become a "cryptocurrency paradise"?

A new German law requires that every entity (such as a Bitcoin exchange or Bitcoin custodian) who holds the private key of another person's cryptocurrency must obtain a license from January 1, 2020. The most common misconception here is: No, it doesn't matter where your company's headquarters is. What matters is whether your service addresses […]

Analysis: Behind the Real Prosperity of German Blockchain Ecology

Author: IOSG Jasmine Source: IOSG Editor's Note: The original title was "Behind the Real Prosperity of the German Blockchain Ecology | The German Government Blockchain Exploration Journey" This article is intended to convey more market news and does not constitute any investment advice. The article starts with the latest government blockchain policy promulgated by Germany, […]

Long Baitao Comments: Comparing the Development and Supervision of Large Chinese and German Technology Companies

Editor's note: This article is a speech by Long Baitao to the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, "Fintech and Large Technology Companies and Central Banks-Conflict of Interest or Common Mission? 》 Comment, readers can click the link to view the original text. The Bundesbank Executive Board, Burkhard Balz, gave an overview of German fintech in […]

Germany releases "German National Blockchain Strategy" (Chinese full text)

> Translator: Industry 4.0 Research Institute Source: Digital Stem Research Center From February 20th to March 30th, 2019, the German government launched a blockchain strategic opinion solicitation activity, and the final submissions formed a 1048-page document. On September 18, 2019, the German Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the […]

Deutsche Börse and German commercial banks use DLT technology to settle tokenized securities

According to Cointelegraph's October 23 report, the Deutsche Boerse and the German commercial bank jointly completed the transaction settlement pilot for after-hours securities using digital currency and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Currency conversion of commercial banks' currency and securities The Deutsche Börse officially announced the deal on October 23. One of Germany's largest insurance companies, […]

Germany releases blockchain strategy, focusing on digitalization of securities

Technology Daily, Berlin, September 21st The German federal government adopted a blockchain strategy on the 18th, and plans to adopt 44 measures to promote the use of blockchain technology in Germany, with a focus on the digitalization of the planned securities. As the core technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the blockchain is seen by […]

The German government approves a blockchain strategy to prevent stable currency from becoming an alternative currency

The German government has approved a blockchain strategy aimed at preventing stable currencies from becoming alternative currencies and threatening national sovereignty. Image source: Reuters reported on September 18 that the cabinet of German Chancellor Angela Merkel passed the strategy earlier today, apparently to ease the upcoming Libra cryptocurrency band of social media giant Facebook. The […]

German finance ministers join the ridicule of Libra, but they promote mainstream acceptance through BTC gifts.

Germany has also joined the ranks of the country that strongly opposes Facebook's new digital coin Libra. German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz expressed concerns about consumer privacy issues and potential damage to coins. Reuters issued a report quoting him that "issuing currency is not a private company because it is a core element of national […]