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Jia Nan Zhi Zhi Zhang Nanyu: From the time of suspension to Nasdaq

Author: super king A few days later, Zhang Nanxuan stood on the stage where Nasdaq was listed on the ringing bell. The lights shone and the applause was so loud that he would remember the distant late night when the tutor refused him to leave school. It was the second year that Bitcoin entered the […]

Getting started with blockchain | How is blockchain transfer charged?

Author | Listening to the wind Produced|Baihua blockchain (ID: hellobtc) In the early years, inter-bank transfers were all charged, and were generally charged at a certain percentage of the transfer amount. For international transfers, due to the barriers between the currency countries and foreign exchange controls, in addition to paying the above fees and paying […]

Viewpoint | Chinese cryptographer Wang Yongge: Byzantine consensus can no longer meet the security needs of today's public and alliance chains

Author: Wang Yongge Source: block rhythm Since Facebook launched Libra's white paper on the alliance chain and sought to gradually transition to the public chain after five years, many people in the blockchain community have had a very effective discussion on the differences and similarities between the alliance chain and the public chain. The industry […]

Google entered the banking industry with a new attitude of "bitcoin killer", and bitcoin was threatened again?

Speaking of Google, the giant's "hegemony" in the field of quantum computing is now seen as the biggest threat to Bitcoin. However, for the entire cryptocurrency industry, the search giant's entry into the banking industry may be completely different. Image source: Do you trust Google’s bank account? According to reports, Google has established a partnership […]

Where is the future of Ethereum? The most important meeting in the blockchain industry revealed this valuable information.

Original: Five fireball masters In the blockchain industry, many people have misunderstood the words "conference". When it comes to the conference, many people immediately think of the propaganda conferences of the project parties, or the conferences that shouted the bills. After all, many scams and circles open a variety of conferences that look very "upper". […]

Is it true and false? Teach you how to tell what is true PoC

In 2014, the consensus mechanism of PoC (Capacity Certification) was formally proposed, initially applied to Burst's project. All miners get the rewards by packing the blocks by searching for the correct hash value by storing the data themselves. At first, PoC did not attract widespread attention. At that time, everyone's attention was focused on how […]

Is the BTC's fixed monetary policy really impeccable?

Author: Ryan Sean Adams Source: Unitimes BTC's monetary policy is overrated. To be precise, BTC's monetary policy has been overestimated by some people. Of course, it is also underestimated by many people, but perhaps not because of people's reasons. In this and the next article, I will compare the monetary policies of BTC and ETH. […]

Several risks to be paid attention to when depositing interest on Compound

Author: Ameen Soleimani Translation & Proofreading: Aisling & Ajian Source: Ethereum fans You may have heard of the blockchain startup Complex. They created based on Ethereum, where individuals can lend their ETH, DAI, USDC and some other ERC20 digital assets to earn interest. Today, the interest rate offered to DAI lenders is 10%, which […]

BIS report: Bitcoin is a failed payment instrument, stabilizing currency threatens financial stability

Author: Liang CHE Source: than push The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published an investigation report on stable currency on the official website on Friday. According to the report, the payment system is in a state of constant change and innovation is widespread. In most cases, domestic payments are becoming more and more convenient, […]

How does Bitcoin fight against negative interest rates?

Author / LongHash Kyle Torpey Source / LongHash The main claim of Bitcoin is to remove third parties from the entire digital currency system. Bitcoin users have full control over their own funds, which means that the central bank cannot expand the money supply and cause inflation; law enforcement cannot easily seize the currency; or […]