Articles of Nakamoto Satoshi

Most people only know that Nakamoto has created Bitcoin, but his posts are little known.

Original: Five fireball masters Every time I talk about BTC, BCH, and BSV, many people will dismiss the latter two. The reason is: What is the name of Bitcoin for the fork coin ? Others questioned that the ship of Theseus was repaired and repaired. After every piece of wood on the ship was replaced, […]

Behind the "per-billion dollar bitcoin permanent loss": Bitcoin almost died

Author | Kai Sedgwick Translation | Nuclear Cola Source | blockchain outpost Lead: "At the time, Bitcoin had no value at all. No one used this system… It was only an interesting science project on SourceForge, and it was destined to miss the public." Today, “tens of billions of dollars of bitcoin has been permanently […]

The real Nakamoto is being held in jail? The bitcoin founder more likely than "Ao Ben Cong" appeared

Author: Jeremy Wall Translation: Yue Wei Source: blockchain outpost Lead: Bitcoin founder Nakamoto's true identity may be the designer of the encryption software E4M and TrueCrypt Paul Solotshi. At around 3 am on November 12, Grin developer David Burkett said in the Grin official telegram group that the team received an anonymous donation of 50 […]

Babbitt column | He left, leaving a flourishing

Author: super king The day before yesterday, Beijing, Kiev Rose Restaurant, we talked about Nakamoto. Russian style, rich flavor, Russian sausage, milk sauce, vodka beef skewers, Kiev grilled squid, canned beef, drink a bit of Ou Kekova puree Gvas, bite a Russian big loba bread, Ukrainian singer Singing "Moscow's Evening", the Ukrainian girl dances gracefully […]

Nakamoto is coming again, this time he has blonde hair and 250,000 bitcoins.

Last week, a video shot at the Las Vegas event fired, and Jörg Molt, who called the "Bitcoin co-founder", became the focus of attention, saying he had 250,000 bitcoins. Some people call him a liar, although the taunting behavior on Twitter may be interesting, but Molt's story shows that this very common behavior in this […]

Why is the distribution of bitcoin fair?

Text: Dan Held Compilation: Credit Research Institute Editor's Note: The original title is "The distribution of Bitcoin is fair" The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, only represents the author's own point of view, does not represent the views or positions of the credit letter or the credit research institute. This article […]

Cobra Cøbra roared "Call a single V": said bitcoin must have risen mentally

Note: In the cryptocurrency community, Cøbra, known as the Cobra, has always been a controversial figure. He is a very early Bitcoin participant and one of the most popular people with Nakamoto. After Nakamoto was retired. Cøbra took over the management rights of and In addition, he is also the manager of the […]

I am not Nakamoto.

The biggest unsolved case in the world of cryptocurrency may be the true identity of Nakamoto. For this bitcoin creator of "what is going to hide, hide and hide", the outside world is more curious than admiration. Whether Nakamoto is a Japanese or a Westerner, an individual or an organization, no one can tell. Although […]

Destroy the bitcoin of Nakamoto! In order not to let the "fake books" be awkward, some people suggested

Today, many people on the Internet claim to be "Zhong Ben Cong" deities, such as Craig Wright, Estonian scientists, marketing experts and so on. (Source: flickr ) But no matter who Nakamoto is, one thing is certain, that is, he is very rich. It is estimated that there are as many as 1 million bitcoins […]

Did Nakamoto appear, is it good or bad?

Recently, another person who claimed to be Zhong Bencong caused a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community. The “Zhongben Cong” said in his three-part self-report on his website that he is the father of Bitcoin. But it is clear that after countless similar farce, everyone is not so easily fooled, but the melon to […]