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Opinion: Why is it that “blockchain is not bitcoin”? In the 1800s, “the steam engine is not a railway”?

Foreword: Bitcoin works because it uses a range of techniques, not just links to blocks. The author of this paper believes that only block links (narrowly defined "blockchains") do not have an effective effect. To have a real impact, a series of techniques are required to work together. It should be noted that the “blockchain” […]

The new chairman of the CFTC issued a statement: We do not want to kill cryptocurrency innovation

The Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) called for the implementation of “principle-oriented regulation” of cryptocurrencies. Heath Tarbert succeeded former President J. Christopher Giancarlo in July 2019. He said that adopting such a way of supervising digital assets would allow for a period of development and observation before adopting more targeted rules. […]

No fear of bitcoin falling, these figures indicate that the miners did not give up

The latest data shows that although bitcoin prices have fallen by 15% in the past week, miners have not yielded. According to the data site Coin Dance's estimate of bitcoin computing power, bitcoin mining participation is as high as before the price decline. Computational power is the computing power used to maintain a bitcoin network. […]

Interpretation: What is the nature of the technology based on the blockchain supply chain?

Author: Joseph Chukwube Translation: First.VIP Saline Source: first class warehouse Editor's Note: The original title is "Technology behind the blockchain-based supply chain: What is it essentially?" 》 In 1991, after an in-depth study of the field, Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stronetta first described encryption as a security chain consisting of blocks, and they wanted […]

From a non-policy perspective, how to make blockchain empower traditional finance

Reliable blockchain financial scene As early as the 2017 currency market bull market, many domestic blockchain companies found the most reliable financial application scenario in the chain of alliances – supply chain finance. I have the privilege of participating in the process. Until now, the companies that adhered to this scene finally waited for the […]

QKL123 market analysis | Blockchain concept 100-day limit; mainstream encryption assets rise (1028)

Abstract: Today, the A-share blockchain concept “100 shares” has a daily limit, and mainstream encryption assets have risen. Bitcoin fell back after it rushed, did not break the previous day's high point, the strong performance of the altcoin, short-term large-capacity power adjustment. According to QKL123 statistics, at 13:00 on October 28, 2019, the total market […]

Who will continue to close the daily limit tomorrow? Blockchain, ultimately see which listed companies are running longer

Author: Qu Hongyan Source: Shanghai Securities News There is no suspense, blockchain has become the strongest market in today's A-share market, and hundreds of stocks have daily limit. At the close, the company's shares of Fuguang shares rose 20%, 2,345, 恺英网络, Guangbo, Jinglan Technology, Culture Great Wall, Meiyingsen, Alloy Investment, Zhongyuan, Xinhu Zhongbao, Gao Weida […]

IRISnet delivers cross-chain presentations and opens the Internet with DEX

IRISnet today achieved two important technical milestones: (1) completed the Cosmos Cross-Link Communication Protocol IBC's Pass-to-Transfer module (submitted to the Cosmos SDK code base) and released a visual demonstration version of the Rainbow Wallet for this feature; The San Francisco global blockchain hacker started to publicly demonstrate in the week; (2) officially opened the two-way […]

Getting started with blockchain | Hope the blockchain "talking words" friends, you can understand here

Source: Orange Book Joining the Orange Book for 7 months and 22 days, I have experienced many stories of magical realism, such as: From the non-mainstream, even the blockchain is considered to be cx, and overnight, under the double assistance of Xiaozha and gj, it became the headline of the mainstream media. Every time I […]

Viewpoint | The Way to Success in Digital Money: Valuation Models and Network Effects in Chaos

Author: village two old The network effect, also known as the demand-side economies of scale, is commonly used in the Internet industry, and the digital currency industry is occasionally mentioned, with insufficient attention. The reason is that there are many confusions and misunderstandings in the network. As a result, many times when the digital currency […]