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Blockchain and the traditional financial industry turtles race, who can win?

The transformative impact of software and the Internet on the financial services industry has been relatively low. Of course, consumer expectations have changed, and banks are doing everything they can to adapt to the highly customized, on-demand online experience of Internet services that people are used to, but their traditional business models continue to exist. […]

Getting started with blockchain | Can Google's latest quantum computer crack bitcoin? Is the wallet safe?

Recently, “ Google’s claim that it has achieved quantum hegemony ” has been screened in various media. "Quantum hegemony" is also called "quantum advantage", which means that quantum computers have the advantage of compaction compared to current computers. That is, at a certain moment in the future, a very powerful quantum computer can complete the […]

People who want to rely on Bakkt scams are really disappointed.

" 蹭Bakkt hotspot scam " Where there are hot spots, there will be scams. On September 23rd, I hoped that the stars and the moon would be regarded as the most favorable Bakkt in the year. The Bakkt was officially launched, and there was a scam along with Bakkt. After Bakkt just announced the announcement […]

The first domestic "Digital Currency Dictionary" was launched at the New Moganshan Conference, and the Babit Think Tank was the main editor.

At the Digital Finance Sub-forum of the 10th New Moganshan Conference (2019 Autumn Forum) on September 20th, the launching ceremony of the Digital Currency Dictionary was held. He Baohui, the executive editor of the Dictionary, gave a brief introduction on the project. The global digital currency industry is about to explode. However, there are huge […]

One-quarter of the nodes are hosted by AWS, is Ethereum really decentralized?

Blockchains such as Ethereum are often positioned as independent currency networks operated by countries, financial institutions, and companies. But recent research suggests that the real situation may not be the case. Research indicates that in fact, centralized cloud services carry most of the Ethereum network, with 61.6% of Ethereum nodes running on the cloud. Cloud […]

Fighting against the US SEC? The Kik app will be closed and its cryptocurrency subsidiary will be laid off

According to Israeli media Calcalist reported on September 23, two people familiar with the matter said that Canadian social media company Kik Interactive Inc. is considering closing its communications application Kik. The company is moving all users of the app to an alternative platform. Seventy employees of its Israeli cryptocurrency subsidiary, Kin, received notice of […]

Science | Bitcoin governance

This article is based on my speech at the Chain-In conference: Why do we care about the governance of Bitcoin? Bitcoin governance is so important because it is not only the originator of cryptocurrency, but also the most liquid and most prestigious of all cryptocurrencies. In the words of Michael Goldstein: “The sound currency […]

Babbitt Column | On the Similarities and Differences of Traditional Contracts, Electronic Contracts and Smart Contracts

Abstract: The three forms of contracts are products of different productivity conditions and will coexist for a long time. Keywords: contractual agreement, intelligence, similarity, source, source, transaction cost One of the signs of the continuous development of human civilization is the gradual contractualization of the relationship between people and people. The contract establishes the whole […]

Opinion: On the three major reasons for government cryptocurrency to replace banknotes

Some people say that cryptocurrency doesn't make sense, because this idea is not worth the time and effort. Some claim that cryptocurrencies will increase national transparency and help fight corruption. Someone immediately thought of the Central Bank's digital currency (CBDC) and immediately saw the "Big Brother's head". But anyway, for now, we haven't created a […]

North Korea is developing its own cryptocurrency to circumvent international sanctions

It is reported that North Korea is currently in the early stages of developing its own cryptocurrency to avoid serious international sanctions and to circumvent the US-led global financial system. According to VICE News, Alejandro Cao de Benos, the head of the North Korean cryptocurrency conference and special representative of the Korean Culture Commission, said […]