Community, DAO, DeFi, this conference changed my view of the crypto world

Community, DAO, DeFi. These are the three most prominent hot signals that the author Lou Kerner saw on this ETHDenver. What will the continuous rise of community + DAO + DeFi bring us in the next three to five years? There seems to be a lot of imagination.

—— Typto Author: Lou Kerner

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Vitalik with Governor of Wyoming and Governor of Colorado at ETHDenver

In the past three years, I have participated in dozens of conferences in the crypto world. The most recent conference that changed my world view was the Asian Blockchain Summit last July , when I first experienced crypto Asia . As I wrote after that trip, ETHDenver is a revelation, here are my three biggest gains from this ETHDenver.

1. The Ethereum community has arrived, and the world knows nothing about it

I only care about the community, and I think this is a typical feature of cryptography. If we do not have the right community (ie governance and consensus, token economics, etc.), then most of the value created by crypto technologies (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, zero-knowledge proofs, etc.) will flow to FAMGA:

I am very excited to experience EthDenver. Last year I participated in the Ethereum Summit in Tel Aviv. That meeting was great, but the audience there was mainly business people, not developers. Although ETHDenver also has many business people, most of them Participants are developers. Compared with the business people at the Ethereum Summit, we have a better understanding of this community, not the staff of the "Ethereum Summit."

First of all, I was impressed by the size of the ETHDenver venue ("six floors") and the absolute number of participants. So thank you John Paller for organizing such an amazing event. In addition, his speech in Opollis (a public place for his employees) was great.

The size of the community is only interesting with the participation of community members. Although I prefer to have a standard for measuring participation, at this time my measurement of participation is only an overwhelming instinct, which is something very special. Things are happening.

Layers of busy developers

Most importantly, no scale or participation of any crypto community can be compared with Ethereum, and an interesting meme that appeared after ETHDenver captures this well:

Last December, First Round published The State of Startups in 2019 , and I fully agree with their view that the community is the new moat in their book. That's why I believe that over time, it will become more and more difficult for any new or emerging crypto project to compete with the Ether community. Although I am not the first to admire the Ethereum community, I am sure that I joined this party very early. I am convinced that this community will continue to flourish and more and more innovations will open our eyes. . As a result, it seems possible to draw a conclusion: The upward trend in the price of Ethereum seems to be unstoppable .

2. DAO is a top priority and they are ready for rapid development

Although Aragon is the earliest DAO ecosystem launched in February 2017, Aragon does not seem to exist in ETHDenver, and the other two important DAO ecosystems, DAOstack and MolochDAO, appear everywhere in ETHDenver.

In Denver, the DAOstack ecosystem includes:

  1. Daofest — Their mission is to advance decentralized governance technologies and applications globally through real offline interaction. Daofest can be a small party (such as DAOfest NYC ) or an all-day event , such as a meeting they held at the same place the day before ETHDenver.
  2. dHack operates a decentralized hackathon , including the one held at ETHDenver , so that the review of the hackathon is no longer the patent of a few elites.
  3. dORg — a blockchain development cooperation organization, it is the first legally established DAO in the United States .

Denver's MolochDAO ecosystem includes:

  1. MetaCartel-A fast-rising ecosystem funded by creators and operators and dedicated to building decentralized applications.
  2. Daohaus-helps people discover existing DAOs or build new ones.
  3. Metafactory ー uses complex game theory and securities curves to achieve a decentralized production method, thereby stimulating the purchasing power of high-end clothing.

It's too early for DAOs, but progress is rapidly accelerating, and I'm so excited that I even created my own DAO: PropaganDao , follow it for more information!

3. DeFi's innovation is exciting

MetaCartel has provided grants for a variety of innovative DeFi projects, including DeFiZap (to make DeFi easier to use) and Rocket (based on NFT-backed loans).

  1. Upside DAI: Provides up to 20 times leverage (DAI) while maintaining 100% mortgage capital efficiency.
  2. ShopiFi : Allows e-commerce solutions to import USD purchase transactions into a DeFi protocol (such as Compound or PoolTogether ) via a credit card or other payment system (such as Apple Pay) .
  3. OhMyDeFi: A tool that addresses crypto volatility through a set of options reflected in the ERC20 token, which enables traders to hedge future fluctuations in any asset they want to hedge.

I'm really excited about Ethereum, DAO and DeFi, they make the world a better place! I can't wait for the arrival of ETHDenver 2021!

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