dYdX Chain’s public testnet will officially launch at 01:00 (Beijing time) on July 6th.

dYdX Chain's public testnet will launch on July 6th at 01:00 (Beijing time).

Decentralized derivatives platform dYdX announced that the dYdX Chain public testnet will officially launch on July 6th at 01:00 Beijing time, which will feature markets for Bitcoin and Ethereum. As the network upgrades, it will include more than 30 markets. In addition, the core processes will be tested through integration, APIs, WebSockets, and web front-ends. dYdX stated that it has completed Milestone 4 ahead of schedule, which marks the completion of the necessary features for the launch of the public testnet, including more validators (over 40) running its software.

Reference: https://dydx.exchange/blog/public-testnet

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