Quick Overview of Five Projects Recently Incubated and Invested by Binance Labs

Overview of 5 recent Binance Labs incubated projects.

Author: Blockingcryptonaitive

On June 20, 2023, Binance’s venture capital and incubation department, Binance Labs, announced investment in the top five performing projects from its fifth incubation program: Bracket Labs, DappOS, Kryptoskatt, Mind Network, and zkBlockings. These five projects cover various areas of Web3, including DeFi, infrastructure, tools, and middleware.

It is reported that Binance Labs received over 900 project applications for the fifth incubation program, and less than 2% of the projects were accepted. Throughout the entire incubation process, the Binance incubator team provides one-on-one guidance to the selected projects, helping to create feasible products and conducting in-depth evaluations to form final investment decisions. Binance Labs also announced that its sixth incubation program will be launched soon and the application process will be open.

The following are the five latest incubated and invested projects by Binance Labs:

Bracket Labs

Website: https://bracketlabs.fi/

Bracket Labs is a project that builds leverage structured products on-chain, with a simple interface and innovative adaptive pricing that greatly improves usability. Bracket Labs launched BracketX.fi, a platform that helps traders quickly take advantage of volatility under range-bound and trending market conditions.


Website: https://dappos.com/

DappOS is a project focused on building operating protocols, lowering the barrier to entry to Web3 by creating solutions that improve the usability and accessibility of Web3 applications.


Website: https://kryptoskatt.com/

Kryptoskatt is a project that simplifies Web3 finance for global users, providing a comprehensive solution that includes accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting. Kryptoskatt supports over 2,000 DeFi protocols, over 100 exchanges and wallets, and over 50 blockchains, making it a one-stop shop for all Web3 financial needs.

Mind Network

Website: http://mindnetwork.xyz/

Mind Network is a fully encrypted network built on a patented adaptive fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) framework to protect all user data, smart contracts, and AI on Web3. It is used as a decentralized privacy-preserving data lake, providing encrypted high-performance on-demand data storage and computing.


Official website: https://zkBlockingss.org/home

zkBlockingss is a decentralized identity verification solution for Web3 that is composable and privacy-preserving based on multi-party computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. zkBlockingss aims to provide secure and privacy-preserving identity verification solutions to Web3 applications using the latest cryptographic technology.

For more information on zkBlockingss, please refer to Blocking’s previous report: Deep dive into zkBlockingss, the winner of Binance Build the Block hackathon.

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