Creator project of FVM, which is the latest addition to the FVM mainnet

FVM's latest addition is the Creator project.

Prior to the launch of FVM, as part of the FVM mainnet pioneers, over 60 project teams built on FVM’s HypersBlockingce test network.

On March 14, 2023, the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) compatible with EVM ( went live on the mainnet. Since February 2023, over 60 project teams have built on the HypersBlockingce test network using FVM before the launch, as part of the FVM mainnet pioneers. The FVM mainnet pioneers is a six-week program that provides selected teams with technical, product, business guidance, and resources.

As part of the ever-growing Protocol Labs ( network and seeing strong interest from the Filecoin community and other communities, the FVM mainnet pioneers are committed to supporting influential and sustainable solutions built on FVM. The project recruited teams with influential ideas, technical proficiency, and reliability.

The team members graduated on April 25, 2023, showcasing founder-centric projects focusing on storage, and opening a highly successful demo day to the Filecoin community. These projects showcased the various opportunities of FVM, including pledging protocols, data DAOs, distributed computing frameworks, and more.

The first to launch were the block explorer project ( and the pledging and leasing protocol (, both of which have been steadily gaining users. Since then, 21 more FVM mainnet pioneer projects have launched on the mainnet, and more projects will be launched once contract verification ( and security audits are completed, ensuring the transparency and trustworthiness of the protocol.

After graduation, over 20 teams were included in accelerator programs, with FVM-focused teams operated by GraphBlockingperCapital (, LongHash (, and Outlier Ventures ( For more project information, see the list below.

Creds Protocol ( – Enables on-chain zero-knowledge identity solutions

Creds Protocol is a distributed identity and verification protocol that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to provide a privacy-preserving solution. The protocol allows users to prove their identity and other attributes without revealing any sensitive information to third parties. Creds Protocol can create verifiable credentials (creds) representing the right to access content through FVM, which can be used for pay-per-use cases, among others. Based on Creds Protocol, credit badges are non-transferable tokens (SBTs) representing verifiable rights.

ShaleProtocol ( – Production Ready LLM Inference API

Shale-Serve API is a production ready inference API for open LLMs (Large Language Models) and currently supports Vicuna-13b ( It can be used as a direct replacement for OpenAI API (especially GPT3.5-turbo) in any language, including Python, cURL, and HTTP requests. Additionally, the API is integrated with LangChain ( The protocol aims to build an interoperable domain-specific LLM network by supporting thousands of open LLMs by 2025. ( – FVM Smart Contract Hub

Cookbook is an open-source smart contract registry and marketplace. It allows users to search, contribute, and integrate any Solidity smart contract into their applications. Cookbook has established a Filecoin ecosystem hub ( to showcase projects in the FEVM ecosystem, where any developer can get familiar and start building protocols that power the Filecoin network.

Resolutio ( – A One-Stop Solution to Combat NFT Scams

Resolutio is a distributed justice and social platform established as a service with IPFS,, and FVM to overcome the high cost and inaccessibility of legal aid and tools to protect artistic or literary works. Resolutio has established a Distributed Dispute Resolution Platform (DDRP). DDRP deploys smart contracts for dispute resolution on FVM, uses IPFS for evidence management, and uses IPFS-http-client and to record decision NFTs that resolve outcomes.

Filemarket ( – A New Token Standard for Encrypted NFTs

Filemarket has developed a protocol that allows users to mint NFTs using any size of encrypted file attached to Filecoin, which can only be accessed exclusively by the NFT owner. The solution allows creators to monetize their content while protecting and safeguarding their intellectual property. As part of their release, they have now launched the filebunnies series (, a cool Filecoin NFT design that contains encrypted “treasure” and offers limited free minting.

Trustified ( – Issuing Tamper-proof, Verifiable, and Permanent Certificates

Trustified is a no-code platform that aims to publish tamper-proof, universally verifiable, and permanent certificates on the blockchain. A document that cannot be verified or tamper-proofed does not prove its authenticity. Through Trustified, these digital certificates are published on the blockchain, stored on Filecoin, and can be kept secure and permanently accessible.

LYNC ( – Quickly build, quickly fail, quickly launch Web3 games

LYNC is building GameFi infrastructure to make blockchain games accessible to everyone. It enables game developers to build, launch, and fail fast without worrying about the complexity of Web3. LYNC provides scalable infrastructure for launching Web3 games and fully supports FVM (, which is useful for deploying NFT collections and dynamic NFTs stored on Filecoin.

Clover ( – DAO’s G-suite productivity

Clover is a distributed collaboration tool for DAOs with built-in integrations with FVM, IPFS, and that aims to reduce delays in information dissemination and decision-making by DAOs. It uses NFT-gating for identity verification, IPFS for DAO storage, and integrates with Huddle ( for DAO meetings.

MomentSwap ( – Distributed image-sharing social media platform

MomentSwap is a social media platform based on FVM that makes it easy and profitable to share beautiful moments. The project uses FVM infrastructure and its EVM compatibility to develop, debug, and call contracts. User data is stored on the Filecoin network and analyzed using The Graph to achieve complete decentralization. With MomentSwap, you can have full control over your assets through a seamless and distributed experience. Additional income can also be earned through sharing and influence in the distributed network.

Collectif DAO ( – Non-custodial liquidity leasing protocol

Collectif DAO optimizes the profit potential of FIL by leasing it to the most sophisticated storage providers in the network as collateral. With a deep understanding of the Filecoin economy and cutting-edge financial models, Collectif DAO provides unparalleled high-fee opportunities for FIL token holders. With the help of FVM, the platform strengthens FIL distribution, promotes the resilience of the Filecoin ecosystem, and balances growth.

STFIL ( – Liquidity leasing with compound returns

STFIL protocol is one of the first Filecoin liquidity and leveraged trading protocols launched by FVM. It allows $FIL token holders to earn stable fees without a lock-up period and provides FIL for storage providers with insufficient collateral for leverage positions. As a pioneer of FVM, STFIL is dedicated to providing distributed and trustless FIL leasing while ensuring higher profitability. The protocol was incubated by Outlier Ventures (\&t=XwjlEiqmvBvELhXXb60cUw) and was recommended in the “Monthly Winning Projects” of the Filecoin and IPFS ecosystem overview.

Jackrabbit Finance ( – Distributed Bond Trading Platform

Jackrabbit is a distributed bond trading platform (AMM) on the Filecoin Virtual Machine. It uses distributed bond tokens (ERC-3475) to raise funds for Filecoin storage providers. This brings traditional finance’s lending model into DeFi. Jackrabbit also supports native FVM tokens (exchange and liquidity pool) to enhance the Filecoin ecosystem.

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