Hidden Gems in the Crypto World: A Review of Web3 Gaming Projects

Web3 Gaming Projects Review: Uncovering Crypto's Hidden Gems

In the Web3 world, games have always been considered as a potentially important application area. The veDAO Research Institute has selected three categories with distinct characteristics from different game classifications to categorize Web3 games and take stock of nine high-quality Web3 game projects.

Traditional Web3 Games: Refers to common P2E games, typically with average interactivity, simple graphics, and strong community-driven nature with P2E effects as the core. 1) AI Rein: A Japanese global NFT project with a theme of A.I. future world, featuring unique AI Motion technology that allows NFT holders to control their avatars in the metaverse through a computer front camera. 2) Chainers: A metaverse game that focuses on NFT and community-driven development, where players can access the game for free and are encouraged to create and build more content. 3) Degen Zoo: Built by DAOMaker founder Chris Zaknun and former MakerDAO development engineer, among others, with a super-low budget of $20,000 to be completed in 30 days. It aims to expose the incompetence of CryptoZoo founder Logan Blockingul and satirize the metaverse game scam that deceives investors. All profits from the project will be donated to endangered animal charities.

AAA Games: High development costs, long cycles, and resource-intensive, making them blockchain projects with great potential for breaking through. 1) Delysium: A truly open world, vivid AI-driven, and fully player-owned MMO game that supports players in creating various personalized physical assets, narrative assets, and native AI MetaBeings. 2) Wildcard Alliance: A PVP game that combines real-time strategy, multiplayer online competition, and card games, built on Polygon. 3) Citizen Conflict: A Web3 MMO shooting game built on Unreal Engine 5, developed by QORPO Game Studio, and deployed on the BSC chain. The background is set in an anti-utopian world of Ether Islands, where players fight for survival and loot, including open-world and battle royale gameplay.

Full-Chain Games: Compared with the previous two, they have lower playability, and the difficulty of early cold start and ecological positive feedback loop is higher. Still, in the middle and later stages of development, the community governance asset inflation and other aspects are smoother, and even stronger ecological moats and network effects may erupt. The economic system of full-chain games is entirely driven by players’ actions and decisions, and players can also participate in game governance and rules-making autonomously. 1) BlockingndaFarm: Aiming to build a fully on-chain, panda-themed game metaverse, where users can participate in competitions and profit from the prize pool. 2) MetaLine: A large-scale sailing management, adventure, and strategy online game with six major system modules: production and trading system, upgrading system, port system, combat system, NFT system, and ecological system. 3) Arcadeum: A decentralized casino that is fully on-chain and self-regulating, with provable, although low, competitive casino advantages. Depositors can receive losses and pay for victories through liquidity pools.

Reference: https://mirror.xyz/0x901eA9e4c3D637C73a368B2bCD0E708992baE49C/iiL7gP5Fp4Q1b55gHaUX2hbMra4nHnairqaKMmn9oyc

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