New Project Preview | LSDFi: Lucid Finance to Assist Emerging LST Protocol in Gaining Liquidity

New Project Preview | LSDFi: Helping Emerging LST Protocol Gain Liquidity

LSDFi enhances its narrative and collaborates with KOL Splin Teron to introduce a new project called Lucid Finance, which provides a wide range of collateral options for major assets on Ethereum, ensuring a robust over-collateralization of $DUSD.

When releasing, Lucid supports several leading Ethereum-based LSTs, such as Lido Finance (stETH), Rocketpool (rETH), Frax (frxETH), Coinbase (cbETH), and Binance (BETH). Additionally, Lucid aims to assist emerging LST protocols in gaining liquidity. Recognizing the value of liquidity in DEX, Lucid supports ETH-backed LP tokens from Balancer, Yearn, and Curve. Lucid is committed to expanding its ecosystem through an ecosystem incentive program and is developing a series of financial products that utilize $DUSD. The goal is to integrate $DUSD into other DeFi protocols, providing new lending products and liquidity mining strategies. Lucid allows users to utilize their cryptocurrency when consuming, and with Lucid, you can earn rebates on $DUSD borrowed against your ETH investment portfolio, enhancing $DUSD growth by utilizing rewards from deposited collateral. Lucid Finance is working towards becoming the central hub for optimizing and maximizing Ethereum returns. Their goal is to redefine the way users interact with DeFi.


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