Explain the 12 blockchain demonstration projects selected by the Korean government

Recently, the Korea Internet Promotion Agency (KISA) officially selected 12 public service innovation demonstration projects using blockchain technology. The Korea Internet Promotion Agency said that this is to promote the use of blockchain technology in the public sector and to dig out outstanding cases. It will then officially announce the "2019 Korea Blockchain Public Utilities Innovation Demonstration Project" in cooperation with the Korea Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Communication. List and institutions involved in implementation.

The scale of support for the blockchain public innovation demonstration business by the Korea Internet Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology has expanded from 6 topics in 2018 (4 billion won, equivalent to about 23 million yuan) to 12 projects in 2019 (8.5 billion). Korean won, equivalent to about 50 million yuan). In order to promote the demonstration project this year, the Korea Internet Promotion Agency conducted a demand survey of more than 400 state agencies and local governments in advance, and selected 12 projects aimed at improving the efficiency of public services and the convenience of national life. A total of 32 companies were selected as suppliers to implement 12 pilot projects in 2019. These suppliers held a work start report meeting from April 1st to 2nd to share the overall project plan.

In order to build a social safety net based on blockchain, this year's demonstration project will focus on building a food safety management certification (HACCP) service platform, protecting hourly rights and interests, and building a blockchain-based disaster prevention and response service system. Come on. In addition, in order to build a blockchain-based energy management ecosystem, electric vehicle waste battery circulation management system, carbon emission credit management system, and renewable energy power certificate (REC) transaction service based on blockchain technology are also being promoted. Demonstration projects such as the system.

At the same time, in order to let the public feel the effect of the demonstration project, KISA and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology plan to launch the “blockchain national participation evaluation team” from this year, aiming to share the blockchain development process, and the collection includes improvement services. Various matters such as matters. KISA Network Services Support Minister Lu Mingshan said that blockchain technology is now in the formal application stage, and the blockchain demonstration business can be used to make up for the limitations of existing ICT technologies and apply multiple fusion technologies to areas closely related to real life. The Korean government will continue to work hard to improve the quality of life of the people.

12 demonstration projects specific content

1. Establish a trust management based record management platform (Korean National Recording Institute)

Partner: TORPEDO, DigiCap, URPSYS, INJtech

The Korea National Recording Institute has chosen to use blockchain technology in the field of electronic archives to actively build a trust-based records management platform. Through the platform, timely share information such as the generation, circulation and handover of standard electronic documents with the central department, local government, central and local permanent records management agencies, and grasp the current status of document generation in real time, and verify the authenticity and integrity of the records.

2. Establish a platform to support the defense business (Korea Defense Agency)

Partner: Abydos, Korea Blockchain Technology Institute

The blockchain platform will be built to prevent counterfeit defense business data, and the data will be stored in the National Defense Science Research Institute, the National Defense Technology Quality Institute, and the Defense Industry Promotion Association. From the bidding and evaluation of the defense project to the results, the entire process information will be recorded in the blockchain for transparent management. In addition, the acceptance of the proposal will be automated through the electronic system, and the inconvenience caused to the company due to the submission of paper documents will be eliminated. At the same time, along with the establishment of the blockchain platform, the transportation licenses and declaration services for military guns, artillery shells and gunpowder items will also be integrated through the Defense Agency.

3. Establish a letter-and-click service platform without certification (Army of Military Affairs)

Partner: Raonsecure (Korea blockchain company)

The project plans to receive 800 million won in budget support from April to the end of December. The blockchain-based petition service platform not only can perform petitions without a certificate, but also increases the function of preventing denial of petitions, thereby improving the credibility of petition processing. In addition, the Korean Military Affairs Office cooperated with the National Office of the Ombudsman to realize the automation of the military certification system that still uses paper documents issued by means of blockchain technology, and establish a one-stop processing system. That is, when applying for the relevant petition service to the newspaper office, if the military certificate application is approved, the applicant does not need to go to the military service hall and apply for issuance directly at the National Report Office. At the same time, the certificate-free security authentication mode based on the blockchain will be extended to the field of serving the people, and applied to military service judgment and inspection, etc., to further develop the blockchain electronic certificate issuance system.

4. Establish disaster prevention and response service system (Busan Metropolitan City)

Partner: e-NCOM, SmartM2M

The Busan Metropolitan City was selected to demonstrate the construction of a disaster response service system based on blockchain technology in the field of disaster prevention. In Busan Metropolitan City, the Busan Facilities Corporation and the Busan Local Police Agency and other related organizations share information on disaster situations and use of disaster relief funds in real time, respond to disasters in real time, ensure the use of disaster relief funds transparently, and grasp the golden time of lifesaving through joint response.

5. Establish a medical integration service system (Seoul Medical Center)

Partner: U2BIO, Nongxin NDS, Korean and Technology Co., Ltd. (PNT), etc.

The Seoul Medical Center was selected to be a demonstration project in the medical field to build a personalized medical service system based on blockchain technology. The Seoul Medical Center will share electronic prescriptions and supporting documents in real time with pharmacies and certification authorities to ensure the integrity of shared information and provide targeted health management information.

6. Protection of hourly workers' rights (Seoul City)

Partner: Hancom, CCmedia, Meyers

The project aims to protect the rights of hourly workers by eliminating the use of blockchain technology to prevent unauthorized falsification of treaties in labor contracts. The blockchain platform developed by South Korea's Hancom company will be used for hourly workers to sign labor contracts and job details with employers. Laborers can systematically manage individual labor contracts and past work records on the platform. It will also be more convenient for employers to sign contracts, and functions such as attendance records and settlement of wages will be further launched.

7. Establish a Food Safety Management Certification (HACCP) Service Platform (Food and Drug Safety Division)

Partner: Nongxin NDS, FEELingK, GEO-matics

The Food and Drug Safety Division and the Korea Food Safety Management Certification Institute and other relevant organizations share HACCP operations, certificate issuance and circulation information in real time. In this way, we can respond to food safety accidents in real time, track down the cause of the incident in time, and prevent the occurrence of forgery of the certificate.

8. E-mail and personal mail service (postal business headquarters)

Cooperation unit: Tilon, KT, etc.

The Korea Post Business Headquarters will share e-mails and comprehensive tracking information with the postal business information center, mail production center, and post office shopping platform in real time, and will be responsible for improving the accuracy of online and offline postal delivery and ensuring consistent mail service content.

9. Establish a smart tourism platform in Jeollabuk-do (Jirubei Road)

Partner: NINEIS, Glosfer Blockchain Company

Jeollabukdo was selected to demonstrate and construct a Jeollabuk-do artificial intelligence customized tourism design system based on blockchain technology in the tourism information field. That is, the blockchain technology is widely used in the Jeonbuk Hall, the Jeonju City Government, and the Hanok Village Merchants Association to share the use information of Tokens in the Jeollabuk-do area in real time, and to provide personalized information to meet the needs of tourists through big data analysis. Tourism services.

10. Establish electric vehicle waste battery circulation management system (Jeju Island)

Cooperation unit: LG CNS, INFOMIND, etc.

A platform for transparent use of the waste battery life cycle of electric vehicles in the island will be established between the waste battery center of Jeju and the battery disassembler and supplier to facilitate real-time inspection of the disposal of waste batteries and ensure the safety of waste battery circulation.

11. Establishing a renewable energy power certificate (REC) transaction service system (South Korea Southern Power Company)

Partner: NTELS, Coinplug

Based on the blockchain technology, the REC trading system enables companies such as South Korea's power generation companies and suppliers to share new renewable energy supply information in real time. From the selected supplier to the payment settlement, the “All-in-one” will be adopted. A platform implementation that removes repetitive steps and provides fast and accurate quality services, greatly improving the mastery of information and streamlining administrative processes.

12. Establish a carbon credit management system (Ministry of Environment)

Partner: SGA BlockChain, ROEN Consulting

The project builds a carbon emission management system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on the high reliability and safety of blockchain technology. The system will realize the free sharing of carbon emission certification and transaction information between the Korea Greenhouse Gas Integrated Information Center and the Korea Environmental Corporation. Even if an external hacker attempts to attack, it can ensure the security of the transaction and market trust. Through the development of the project, it is expected to ensure the transparency of carbon emission rights management and transaction. In addition to inter-firm transactions, it will also promote the active development of the carbon emission trading market by guiding individuals to actively participate in the market and raise the public's awareness of low carbon environmental protection.

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