Big slams have entered, Bitcoin will lose high volatility

According to statistics, in April 2019, a total of 37 financings were obtained in the global blockchain sector. The number of projects was close to March, but the total amount of financing was only 1.339 billion yuan, a decrease of 69.7% from the previous month. Judging from the disclosure, the number of projects that did not disclose the specific financing amount in April was five more than in March, which affected the accuracy of the financing amount statistics in April to a certain extent. However, from the perspective of the overall financing environment, the enthusiasm of the blockchain capital market has been gradually cooling after the gradual warming of the previous months.

Warren Buffett believes that blockchain technology has certain prospects, indicating that it may indirectly participate in investment, Apple smartwatch new application can support bitcoin lightning payment, more and more institutions and celebrities recognize bitcoin, we think this is not what Good, in this case, the price of Bitcoin will lose high volatility and will gradually stabilize. Economist Stephan Livera also said in an interview recently that "the official ban is actually beneficial to Bitcoin, if the bank prohibits you from using the bank. The account buys bitcoin, which is actually advertising Bitcoin. The risk and return rate of using cryptocurrency, if the currency is illegally used, means that the risk of using it is very high, thus proving its value. The current status quo is the basis for the high volatility of Bitcoin. With the deep development of blockchain technology and the addition of giants, the demand for the entire cryptocurrency will grow steadily and the volatility will weaken.


After the BTC madness, the hourly level deviated. The day after yesterday's rest has fixed the fast-down macd indicator. At present, the macd indicator line has been leveled above the zero-axis, and the transaction volume has gradually shrunk. It may soon choose the direction again. In the case of not falling below $5,700, there may be a possibility to test again for $5,191, but the box on the left has been on for too long, and it is unlikely that it will pass directly. After it is pulled high again, it may be washed with a rapid diving. If you assume that the holder is not established, the market may form a large box to digest the huge amount of the set of BTC 6000 USD, which will be lifted and lowered to make the upper set. Loose.


ETH is still very unfunded, the trend has not been strong, still fluctuating under the downward pressure line of the daily level, there is no independent trend, the participation of funds is not high, the attitude of the target is still recommended to wait and see. Do not do more under the pressure line, pay attention to the support of 160 US dollars in the short term, if you fall below this point, you will test 150 US dollars, and the volume will break through the pressure line and will not break, we will change the attitude towards the target.


The market is so strong, XRP is still dominated by shocks, there is no sign of any upswing, and the target has a new low trend in the year. If the innovation is low, the downside will open. Pay attention to the risk. It is recommended to continue to wait and see, and return to 0.32USDT. The trend is much more.


BCH is still in the flag-like finishing structure. At present, there is a support of 285 US dollars below. If it can support at this point, it may wear the track line and test the pressure of 346.5 US dollars. If it falls below this point, it will return. Step on the lower rail of the channel.


LTC has already returned to the support of $75, and is still consolidating nearby. It has not yet formed an effective break. Observe that if the point falls, it will make a double dip. If the volume breaks above $85, it will be bullish to $98.


EOS time-sharing level a big Yinxian hit below 4.8 US dollars, the support of 4.8 US dollars was broken, it is likely to make a double bottom, pay attention to the support strength of 4.4 US dollars, if the point is lost, the target of this round The market is over and should be resolutely left to wait and see.


BNB is still in the structure of triangle finishing, the rebound of this round is not strong, the funds have signs of fleeing, the daily level of macd indicators are running downwards, 20USDT as the strong and weak boundary, the break will usher in a large-scale decline, Breaking the downward pressure line will test the pressure of $25.5.


The TRX went down again and failed to stabilize. The long-term defense of the bulls was around 0.0217. The tendency to break through the point was not, and it would test the low of $0.017.

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