Game Dosi: First Impressions of LINE’s Web3 Game, the Japanese Communication Giant

First Impressions of Dosi: LINE's Web3 Game

Author: Zen, BlockingNews

On May 18th, Game Dosi was officially released, and membership services including gold and platinum NFT passes were also put on sale. These passes can provide benefits such as early access to new games. Game Dosi is the first Web3 game platform launched by NFT platform LINE NEXT, a joint venture by Japanese communication giant LINE dedicated to developing and expanding the NFT ecosystem.

Last July, Line Next announced the completion of a $10 million strategic financing, with investors including SoftBank, NAVER, NAVER WEBTOON, NAVER Z, LINE Games, CJ ENM, YG PLUS, SHINSEGAE, Hashed, and K Auction. These 10 companies will support Line Next’s launch of the global NFT platform “DOSI” and the development of IP-based NFT projects. Through this investment, Line Next has also expanded strategic cooperation with IP content, distribution, game, and entertainment companies in NFT content business and marketing.

Building an integrated Web3 game platform

GAME DOSI aims to become a medium for developers and gamers to directly communicate and establish trust, with the slogan “Gamers First, Web3 Next”. After identifying the needs of developers and investing a lot of effort to provide them with the best business model, GAME DOSI summarized its platform characteristics.

Integrated Platform

GAME DOSI provides game developers with various systems to easily develop Web3 games. Developers can significantly reduce the amount of resources required for development by using the resources provided. The project team plans to provide an integrated platform for users and developers by supporting the GAME DOSI ecosystem in terms of entry, launch, and operation.

  • Entry: Provide Gamefi platform SDK and API
  • Launch: NFT store (B2C, C2C), game token trading and merchandise, integrated system
  • Operation: GAME DOSI Biz management background, game merchandise sales, asset profit management one-stop

Legal Consultation and Risk Management Guidance

Currently, the scale of encryption based on blockchain technology and the NFT market is rapidly growing. At the same time, regulations to prevent unexpected events are also increasing. Therefore, to operate a safe blockchain game, compliance strategies for new regulations are required in each country. GAME DOSI can proactively respond to blockchain regulations such as wallets, tokens, and NFTs through the experience gained on the DOSI and AVA platforms it has launched. By providing continuous regulatory checks and risk guidance for games entering GAME DOSI, it helps development teams reduce issues in the cryptocurrency industry and focus on game business.

Development Kit

GAME DOSI provides SDK and API for game developers, enabling them to quickly and easily develop Web3 games with its development toolkit.

Marketing and Promotion Support

In addition to games, GAME DOSI plans to utilize Web3 and blockchain technology to build content ecosystems in multiple fields such as NFTs and entertainment. Thanks to LINE Messenger’s global influence in mobile communication and its support for LINE Web3 and blockchain service-related activities, GAME DOSI believes it has strong power as LINE’s primary Web3 game platform.

Token Economy Consultation

Based on the LINK (LN) ecosystem, the team supports the design of optimized tokens and commodity structures for game content. This system will be introduced as an optimization feature through GAME DOSI and will be updated gradually.

Community Welfare

GAME DOSI plans to introduce a variety of different community features through business cooperation with NFT platform development and service company “0x&”.

Five new games will be released in the second half of the year

According to the statement, GAME DOSI will release five new games in the second half of this year, including Sweet Monster Guardians, VLO (Vestria the Last Order), KEROZ, Drawshop Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD, the latter of which is a game developed internally by Line and will cover many games based on GAME DOSI IP. All games will be based on LINE’s third-generation blockchain mainnet “Finschia,” which was released in December of last year.

  • Sweet Monster Guardians: A strategy defense type web game where users can defend the town with unique toy dolls by dragging and dropping character cards. Developed by Movisoft, it is expected to be launched in June.
  • VLO (Vestria the Last Order): A collective RPG (role-playing game) PC game that provides dynamic combat experience through dynamic real-time PVP content. Players can engage in various adventures and battles in war scenes. Developed by SIS Studio, it is expected to be launched in Q4.
  • KEROZ: The first Roguelike (role-playing game) based on Hack & Slash in Crypto, providing a spectacular action game experience. Developed by Superflex, it will support PC and mobile devices and is expected to be launched in September.
  • Drawshop Kingdom Reverse: A blockchain-based metaverse web game where users can create their own 2D point art gallery, which can be used to decorate their own land and earn NFTs through avatars, machines, and dolls. Developed by Nolatency Limited, it is expected to be launched in Q4.
  • Project GD: A development plan for multiple games using GAME DOSI’s IP, with the first game being TCG where players can battle each other using their NFT card decks. Expected to be launched in July.

In addition, LINE NEXT plans to release a preview of its second batch of new games in the second half of this year.

Before entering the Web3 game track, LINE has been accumulating experience in the game industry for several years. Its Line Game social game platform had already surpassed 150 million cumulative game downloads in 2013. In 2018, Line merged its existing game department with NextFloor, the Korean developer of Dragon Flight and Destiny Child, to establish LINE GAMES, focusing on developing mobile games, PC, game consoles and other games. That same year, Line Games also raised KRW 125 billion (approximately USD 110 million) in funding from Anchor Equity Partners.

In March of this year, Uncharted Waters Origin, a large-scale multiplayer online RPG game developed and published by LINE Games, was launched on Steam, and players can download the international server for free. With the addition of the emotional attachment to the Uncharted Waters series IP, this online game attracted the attention and investment of many players in the early stages. However, due to the problem that the game recharge on the international server is several times higher than the Korean server and other servers, many players have given negative reviews on Steam, and there are still more than half of negative reviews.

No further information has been disclosed about the five games to be released by GAME DOSI, and according to the roadmap, all games will not be launched until the end of the year. What will be the initial experience of the Web3 games of the communication giant LINE, and what feedback will the players give? BlockingNews will continue to pay attention.

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