Former Deputy Director of the State Network Information Office: After "New Crown Pneumonia", the blockchain will accelerate into the application implementation stage

Author: Peng Bo

Source: Flag Point Education

Editor's Note: The original title was "Peng Bo, former deputy director of the Cyberspace Office: What will the new crown pneumonia bring to the Internet?"

Because of the "new coronary pneumonia", various places have postponed work and school hours, but this does not mean that the vacation of all staff and students can also be extended. The Ministry of Education requires schools in various places to use online platforms for online education, and some companies also require employees to work online … So, we see that some concepts of the new Internet format are on fire again. Affected by the epidemic, what will happen to the Internet in the future? Let's take a look at the views of Peng Bo, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University and former deputy director of the Internet Information Office.

I have been engaged in Internet work for a long time, and I have noticed a phenomenon: every time the country encounters a major disaster, China ’s Internet has developed by leaps and bounds.

In 1999, U.S. military planes bombed our embassy in Yugoslavia. When the Internet of China was born, political BBSs were used. The Internet entered the stage of Chinese history as a media.

In 2003, SARS was rampant, and online games, online shopping, and instant messaging tools developed rapidly. BBS was entering a golden age. More importantly, many people became new netizens, and the Internet penetration rate increased rapidly.

In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the whole country became a city. Internet media showed unparalleled power in terms of information disclosure and social mobilization. They also entered the room and became a recognized mainstream media.

In 2020, how will this unexpected disaster bring changes to China's Internet?

In the fight against "New Coronary Pneumonia" these days, people's online time has increased significantly, the scale of the Internet public opinion field has increased significantly, various network applications are colorful, and each has its own capabilities. The Internet ’s dissemination, mobilization, The influence has exploded again, and we can't imagine what this mighty fight against "new crown pneumonia" would look like without the Internet.

Although it is too early to assess what profound changes this disaster will bring to China ’s Internet, it is not the end of the storm, and we can see some clues from the Internet ’s performance these days.

First of all, it must be pointed out that whether it is called "first half or second half", or "1.0, 2.0", it is certain that the Internet is accelerating from information technology to digital technology and from the traditional Internet to the smart Internet. It can even be said that the nation's fight against "new crown pneumonia" is a landmark event for China's Internet entering the digital technology era.

Specifically, "New Crown Pneumonia" may bring ten obvious changes to the Chinese Internet:

I. 5G Commercial Acceleration

The emergence of "new crown pneumonia", a major public safety event involving the safety of hundreds of millions of people, has brought about an ultra-large-scale flow of information and also brought many unprecedented demands. It calls for a channel of greater capacity and faster speed. Win the battle against the "epidemic" and provide more secure and efficient information services.

5G application scenarios have become clearer and more feasible all at once. Demands for telemedicine, distance education, and telecommuting are strong and urgent. Accelerating the implementation of 5G has become an urgent task.

In turn, with the accelerated construction of 5G, applications such as telemedicine, distance education, and telecommuting will rapidly spread, and video socializing and video office will become mainstream network applications.

Second, ABCDEI digital technology has entered the large-scale application stage

In the fight against "new crown pneumonia", digital technology shined brightly and became the "new weapon" to overcome the disease.

It can be predicted that field-tested artificial intelligence AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital technologies (referred to as 'ABCDEI' digital technology) will play a leading role in economic and social development. Accelerate battlefield application implementation.

Various application scenarios are emerging endlessly, big data, artificial intelligence, and edge computing will be widely used in production and life; cloud services are everywhere; robots will accelerate the pace of replacing humans in heavy and dangerous positions; AR and VR scenarios are more abundant and virtual Deeply coupled with reality; drones, driverless cars, etc. appear in large numbers in daily production and life.

The so-called "Industrial Internet" is actually "industrial digitalization" and "digital industrialization". After the epidemic is over, China's industrial Internet will accelerate.

3. The "digital divide" is expected to accelerate the filling of the isolation of 1.4 billion people across the country. Real-world activities are nearing a halt. Online activities have become the main method, and the outbreak has stimulated a large influx of new Internet users. With the population of about 300 million people outside the “Fifth Ring Road” continuing to go online, China ’s Internet penetration rate (now 61.2%) will further increase, gradually approaching the level of Internet developed countries in the US, Japan, South Korea and Europe (about 80%). The demand for farmers, agriculture, and rural network services is growing. China ’s Internet market has expanded unprecedentedly, and the Internet ’s overall “sinking” has become a trend.

Fourth, online video has entered a golden age of development

In the fight against "new coronary pneumonia", online video not only accompanies people to pass the "boring time" during isolation, but also plays a role in information release and knowledge popularization.

After the platform consolidation, the short video gained new impetus, and the development space was obviously further expanded. As more institutions and professionals enter, the level of production of short videos has improved, and the content has become more diverse and pleasing.

The rise of high-quality long videos is obvious, content payment is widely accepted, a large number of self-made high-quality "webcast dramas" have won more viewers and revenue, and the last site of traditional TV stations has been further eroded. "Aunt" "movie webcast" mode, marking "webcast movie" has become a new direction for film production and distribution.

Thanks to the rapid deployment of 5G, short and long videos fly together, becoming mainstream applications on the network.

The network audio platform has steadily expanded, becoming a new assistant for people's learning and entertainment. The large-screen Internet and digitalization of home TVs have accelerated, and they have developed into home entertainment centers, transitioning from "watching TV" to "playing TV."

V. Overall upgrade of e-commerce

E-commerce, which rose from SARS in 2003, has found a new breakthrough in the fight against "new crown pneumonia". Large-scale domestic and foreign operational capabilities, and the penetration force that can be spread across every street and alley in the country, make China's e-commerce close to everywhere and everywhere, becoming a survival that Chinese people can rely on no matter what emergency situation they encounter Life partners have become an efficient distribution and logistics platform that government departments can rely on.

Based on the algorithm, the e-commerce platform "knows the user better than the user", and the service is more accurate and intimate. The cross-platform navigation information portal for online shopping appears, online video shopping is on the rise, live broadcasts are in full swing, social e-commerce occupies the circle of friends, and the offline physical store survival space is further compressed. Digital technology has improved the efficiency and security of e-commerce logistics, and the construction of "smart logistics" has been rolled out.

New opportunities for remote collaborative office software

The epidemic keeps people isolated and work cannot stop. Applications such as Tencent ’s “Enterprise WeChat”, Alibaba ’s “Ding Ding” and Byte Beat ’s “Flying Book” are all striving to occupy the site. Innovative companies with new digital technologies may also become “dark horses” and compete in the market Tends to be fierce. The remote collaborative office software is rapidly high-definition video and mobile, and the office becomes anytime, anywhere.

Seven, medical health network applications are booming

A big epidemic is more like an open class for public health. After the epidemic, the health awareness of the whole society has generally improved. With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, the concept of health extends from physical fitness to strong mentality, from fitness to self-cultivation, and physical and mental health has become the pursuit of a high-quality life. The network application market in the fields of medical treatment, health, fitness, bodybuilding, health care, education, training, etc. has suddenly expanded and will continue to flourish.

Eight, the reform of the network media landscape is further deepened

Among the rumors and opinions, central media and new media have attacked from various aspects such as reporting, commenting, and information services, striving to seize the dominance of the online public opinion field. The emergence of professional media has emerged, its energy is manifested, and its position as an "Opinion Leader" has been strengthened, showing that after the brutal growth of the media on the Internet, the value of high-quality news content has returned under the environment of everyone's media. Since the media itself has further developed, it has sought a balance between development and norms.

Hundreds of millions of Internet users basically lived in WeChat during the isolation period. WeChat has become the main platform for social information release and communication among members of society, and its functions of communication, organization and mobilization are becoming increasingly apparent. WeChat itself, after strengthening the short video function, is expected to achieve iterative evolution and seize the high ground of video socialization.

The social media function of Weibo is even more prominent. After a major event of national concern such as "New Crown Pneumonia", Weibo has been unprecedentedly active. Today's headlines continue to make inroads in the domestic and foreign markets, marching towards the goal of an international Internet giant.

The Internet is committed to good governance

The scale of online public opinion has reached its peak over the years. The Internet has established a benign communication bridge between the government and the people, and has played an irreplaceable role in information disclosure, public opinion expression, and public opinion supervision.

From time to time, there are false rumors on the Internet, but on the premise of full disclosure of the information, Internet public opinion shows a hedging function and self-purification function, so that false information can be effectively contained. Government officials have the courage to admit mistakes and correct them under the pressure of online public opinion. On the Internet, there is a benign interaction between officials and citizens.

This time public opinion shows that not only is the ruling party facing the problem of good Internet, every government official is facing the test of "passing the border." Relevant government departments and relevant officials may wish to reflect on their introspection: Is our silence, aphasia, or shirking, or dereliction of duty, leaving ordinary people in the asymmetry of information and aggravating the anxiety in the information from the media? Satisfying the "four rights" of the people (the right to know, to participate, to express, and to supervise), to improve government officials' online awareness, media literacy, and ability to guide public opinion, has become an important task to improve the government's ability to govern, and has become China's governance system and governance An important part of capacity modernization. Learning the Internet, understanding the Internet, using the Internet, and taking the online mass line has become a required course for government officials at all levels; information disclosure and public opinion guidance have become essential qualities. The training of government officials at all levels will be fully rolled out. The new government affairs media gained new development opportunities.

X. Digital Technology Innovates Social Governance

Digital technology has been used for the first time in a large scale in China to respond to public health security crisis events, and it has an obvious and impressive effect. For example, open the "Baidu Maps" APP, click on the migration map in the epidemic situation map, and search for Wuhan. You can see the movement of people who have moved out of Wuhan after the epidemic broke out. According to the "flight steward" statistics, it can show that Wuhan has left the port since the epidemic broke out Data of each destination of the flight; the migration of mobile phone signals that have occurred in Hubei, and the subsequent payment locations of Alipay customers who have used the Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market can help relevant departments to track the travel trajectory of potential infected persons .

After the epidemic, the construction of "digital government" and "smart city" will "go from reality to reality" and "from the point of view", and will penetrate into all aspects of social governance and services. The government will be more conscious and proactive in embracing digital technology. Digital technology will not only be regarded as a new driving force for economic development, but will also be deployed and constructed as the main support for promoting social governance. And in responding to major natural disasters and major public safety events, digital technology will play even greater value.

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