How to Participate in the zkSync Era Exploration Campaign?

Potential Airdrop Opportunity: How to Participate in the zkSync Era Exploration Campaign?

zkSync Era is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses zero-knowledge proofs and Rollup architecture to provide a faster and cheaper transaction experience than the Ethereum mainnet. By moving most of the activity out of the Layer 1 network, it reduces network congestion and lowers transfer fees while maintaining Ethereum’s security and finality. (For more information on zkSync Era, see: zkSync Era launches mainnet, explaining unique architecture and ecological applications.)

Recently, zkSync Era’s exploration activities are in full swing. A total of 12 projects are involved in this activity. Users can receive NFTs after completing the specified tasks, and some projects will also provide additional rewards.

Participating Projects and Tasks

XY Finance

XY Finance is an Ethereum-based DeFi and Metaverse cross-chain aggregator. $XY is the native utility and governance token of XY Finance. Liquidity providers receive incentives in $XY tokens to accumulate profits stably. $XY token holders will receive a portion of the protocol’s generated income and will also have the opportunity to participate in and vote on the platform’s governance process.

Activity time: 16:00 on May 15, 2023 to 16:00 on May 27, 2023 (Beijing time)

Activity tasks:

  1. Cross-chain swap any token worth 100U between zkSync and other chains
  2. Have XY Apprentice status in the XY Finance I GalaXY Kats Discord
  3. Follow XY Finance and SyncSwap on Twitter
  4. Retweet XY Finance’s Tweet 1 and Tweet 2
  5. Watch the zkSync cross-chain swap guide

Activity rewards:

  1. Exclusive NFT: All participants who complete the tasks can receive Galxe’s exclusive NFT.
  2. 1,000U $XY: First come, first served! The first 200 participants who complete the cross-chain task and apply for the Galxe NFT will be guaranteed to receive the airdrop.
  3. 1,000U $XY: 10 lucky participants randomly selected will each receive $100 worth of $XY.

Transit Swap

Transit Swap is a cross-chain DEX aggregator under the cryptocurrency wallet Token Pocket. The protocol has not yet issued coins.

Activity time: 6:00 on May 15, 2023 to 6:00 on June 1, 2023 (Beijing time)

Activity Task: Bridge any amount of tokens to zkSync Era∎ on Transit Swap (choose the metaBlockingth route to complete the task).

Task Condition: Support for BSC, ETH, ARB, OP, FTM, and Polygon networks, with no token or amount restrictions.

Activity Reward: After completing the task, you can claim an NFT on zkSync Era∎.


Symbiosis is a decentralized, multi-chain liquidity ecosystem built on Ethereum and Arbitrum. $SIS is its utility and governance token.

Activity Time: May 15, 2023 20:00 – May 29, 2023 20:00 Beijing Time

Activity Tasks:

  1. On the Symbiosis mainnet, swap tokens worth at least $50 from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, KAVA EVM, Telos, BOBA ETH, BOBA BNB, BOBA AVAX to zkSync Era via cross-chain swap.
  2. Use the zkSync network for on-chain swaps on the Symbiosis mainnet.
  3. Social Task: Follow zkSync and Symbiosis on Twitter, join Symbiosis Discord, like and retweet tweets.

Activity Reward: Completing the above tasks will earn you 3 corresponding NFTs.

Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge for transferring Ethereum-native assets, and it is the infrastructure of Layer2. Orbiter supports cross-rollup transfers between Ethereum, StarkNet, zkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, ZKSwap, Immutable X, dYdX, Metis, and Boba. The protocol has not yet issued tokens nor revealed when it will do so.

Activity Time: May 15, 2023 00:00 – June 15, 2023 00:00 Beijing Time

Activity Tasks:

  1. Use Orbiter Finance to deposit ETH (minimum amount is 0.005 ETH) from Ethereum to zkSync Era in one transaction.
  2. Follow Orbiter Finance on Twitter.

Activity Reward: After completing the task, you can receive Orbiter Finance X zkSync Era NFT. is a multi-chain DeFi aggregator. $DVF is the protocol’s native utility and governance token. Token holders can use the token to trade on the platform, as well as to make key management decisions surrounding the project.

Activity Time: May 15, 2023 07:00 – May 29, 2023 07:00 Beijing Time

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet’s activity tweet
  3. Use’s cross-chain bridge to bridge USDC or ETH between zkSync Era and other networks

Activity Reward: A unique NFT will be rewarded after the task is completed.


SyncSwap is an AMM decentralized exchange (DEX) on zkSync Era. The protocol is fully open source and composable, aiming to be a one-stop DeFi platform on zkSync. $SYNC is its native governance and utility token, and the official has announced that token economics will be launched soon.

Activity Time: May 17, 2023, 22:00 – May 31, 2023, 22:00 Beijing Time

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow SyncSwap on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet SyncSwap’s tweet
  3. Use SyncSwap to swap at least once on the zkSync Era network

Activity Reward: SyncSwap x Galxe NFT will be rewarded after the task is completed.


Rubic is a cross-chain DeFi aggregator that currently supports cross-chain swaps among 18 chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonbeam, and Bitcoin. It is reported that Rubic supports 15,500 tokens and provides cross-chain SDK and widget solutions for cryptocurrency projects. $RBC is its utility and governance token.

Activity Time: May 17, 2023, 21:00 – May 31, 2023, 22:00 Beijing Time

Claim NFT Time: Until June 1, 2023

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow Rubic on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet Rubic’s tweet
  3. Join Rubic’s Discord and complete verification
  4. Swap any token on any chain through any available supplier on Rubic, including Symbiosis, Multichain, or XY Finance, to zkSync Era.

Activity Reward: Users who complete the above tasks can get a gas fee refund and NFT. Refunds will be made for any chain, with a limit of $20 for Ethereum, and each wallet can get up to 3 swaps refunded. The refund will be added to your SwapToEarn project on Rubic in the form of $RBC token. The total limit of the refund is $10,000.


Goal3 is a decentralized sports betting platform on zkSync Era. $ZKG is the utility token for Goal3.

Activity Time: May 15th, 2023 22:30 – June 15th, 2023 22:30 (Beijing Time)

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow Goal3 on Twitter
  2. Join Goal3’s Telegram group
  3. Join Goal3’s Discord and obtain Players status
  4. Like and retweet Goal3’s tweet
  5. Place a bet of at least 10 zkUSD on Goal3

Activity Reward: Participants who complete the tasks can claim a Goal3 badge.


Ondefy is a DeFi aggregator. Currently, the protocol has not yet issued a token, nor has it revealed any token issuance plans.

Activity Time: May 15th, 2023 15:00 – May 26th, 2023 18:00 (Beijing Time)

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow Ondefy on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet Ondefy’s tweet
  3. Swap at least $50 worth of tokens on zkSync Era network using Ondefy

Activity Reward: 200 lucky users will win an NFT that will give future rewards.

Ondefy will give away whitelist spots for its upcoming NFT series via a lottery. Each whitelist spot will allow for one free NFT mint in the future. Winners will be announced at the end of this activity.


KaratDAO is a native crypto engine aimed to empower users to control their digital identities and data, provide a secure and decentralized platform for data transactions, and encourage dApp development on top of its decentralized data identity protocol. Currently, the protocol has not yet issued a token.

KaratDAO offers four products: 1. Karat Network as the core product, providing the foundation for other products by enabling users to create and manage their digital identities. 2. Karat Form, which collects and manages wallet addresses, provides wallet analytics, user group management, and follow-up activities for users. 3. Wallet Dashboard, which allows users to access wallet data that meets their needs. 4. Airdrop Launchpad, which allows users to launch token or NFT airdrops to their community and potential audience.

Activity Time: May 15th, 2023 12:00 – May 29th, 2023 12:00 (Beijing Time)

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow KaratDAO on Twitter
  2. Join KaratDAO’s Discord and have member status
  3. Mint a Karat Claimer NFT on zkSync


  1. Once a user has been verified through Karat Network’s PoH (Proof of Humanhood), they will receive KAT scores and be eligible for the first round of $KAT airdrop in June.
  2. In the coming months, Karat will airdrop millions of $KAT to applicants and validators of Karat Network.


Tevaera is a gaming ecosystem on zkSync Era that consists of two core products: Teva Games and on-chain gaming infrastructure. Karma Token is the utility token in Teva games and can be exchanged for $TEVA tokens. $TEVA is the native token of Tevaera, and its team has stated that there are currently no plans for public sale.

Activity Time: Beijing Time May 15, 2023, 23:00 – May 31, 2023, 23:00

Activity Tasks:

  1. Follow Tevaera on Twitter
  2. Subscribe to Tevaera News Telegram channel
  3. Like and retweet Tevaera’s tweets
  4. Buy at least 100 Karma Tokens on zkSync Era network (KYC required)

Activity Reward: Buying at least 100 Karma Tokens on-chain will give you a chance to become one of the 5,000 winners and receive a bonus of 100 Karma Tokens.


IDriss is a community-owned and operated toolkit on zkSync Era. The protocol has not yet released any tokens or revealed any plans to do so.

Activity Time: Beijing Time May 15, 2023, 8:00 – May 31, 2023, 8:00

Activity Tasks:

  1. Download IDriss browser extension and use zkSync Era to send at least 3 transactions to the green badge holder on Twitter
  2. Follow IDriss on Twitter and join its Discord
  3. Retweet Tweet1 and Tweet2

Activity Reward: Receive an NFT after completing the tasks

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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