Discussion on ZK Mining and ZKR Performance

ZK Mining and ZKR Performance Discussion

Cryptocurrency researcher Maxlion and investor Qin Yang discussed some topics about ZK mining and ZKR performance, and talked about the timing of ZK mining, believing that many projects will start mining in Q4 this year or Q1 next year.

Starknet engineering team Lambda Class recently announced the implementation of parallel proof through Terraform. Previously, the team claimed to have completed the GPU implementation of the prover. To understand the decentralized progress of Starknet, we need to look at the entire network roadmap. Starknet has three stages: usability, high performance, and decentralization. Simply put, Starknet will consider decentralization only after achieving high performance. Currently, it is in the stage of improving performance, which may continue until Q4.

The sorter is often the performance bottleneck of ZKR, not the prover. The sorter can be understood as the node that executes transactions, directly affecting tps and gas. For example, StarkWare has a shared prover called sharp (supercomputer), which is used for the proofs of both Starknet and StarkEx. However, Starknet’s performance is still slow because of the poor performance of the sorter. In theory, the proof generation and verification speed of ZKR only need to keep up with the speed of L1 publishing calldata.

The timing of ZK mining depends on the specific token economics and decentralization planning of different projects, and cannot be generalized. Some projects hope to start mining quickly, while others will wait until the performance is similar before starting. Nevertheless, many projects will start mining around Q4 or Q1 next year, according to the roadmap. Therefore, there are opportunities for ZK mining in different sub-sectors. However, it is worth noting that there is a big difference between ZK mining machines and traditional PoW mining machines because the ZK proof system/algorithm is different and may face compatibility issues.

Reference: https://twitter.com/real_maxlion/status/1660954796197842944

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