From ERC20, 721, 1155 to 3525: A detailed account of RWA’s journey towards Web3 mass adoption

RWA's journey towards Web3 mass adoption: From ERC20 to 3525

Encryption researcher Bocai Bocai believes that in the RWA narrative, the ERC-3525 standard has the most potential. He compared the differences between ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-3525 token standards, explored the digital world modeling concepts of ERC-3525 from three levels, and looked forward to the areas where ERC-3525 is worth paying attention to.

ERC-3525 can be understood from three perspectives: a super NFT that can be split and combined, a universal digital container, and a visual smart contract. The positioning of ERC-3525 is not actually to solve the problem of value creation, but to solve the problem of value packaging. Digital assets can grow a dynamic and rich information interface, and can be fragmented, merged, packaged, combined, and programmed.

ERC-3525 shows significant advantages in the future trend of Web3. Whether it is real-world assets (RWA), customer loyalty programs, or games, ERC-3525 has significant potential. Especially in subdivided areas of real-world assets such as supply chain finance, ERC-3525 has overwhelming advantages over other standards. These development directions are worthy of our continued attention.

However, ERC-3525 is currently facing some challenges and obstacles: 1. High complexity leads to a high cognitive threshold; 2. The development difficulty of ERC-3525 is higher than that of ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 standards; 3. The application scenarios of ERC-3525 may involve sovereign governments and centralized guarantors, belonging to the semi-centralized zone, which may conflict with the absolute decentralization spirit and the impact on the values of the blockchain world is still unknown.


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