Huang Butian released an open letter, revealing three important directions after the VNT Chain main online line

Recently, VNT Chain pre-launched its main online line. The main online line's aggregation chain architecture, technological progress and commercial landing capabilities are particularly concerned. At the same time, a joint open letter from Dr. Huang Butian, the founder of VNT Chain and the founder of Yunxiang Blockchain, sparked widespread discussion and conjecture.

In an open letter entitled "The Embrace of the Digital Age," Huang Butian explained his hopes for VNT C hain's main online line: "Galaxy's presentation is just the beginning, a universal blockchain infrastructure. An open, fair, and shared digital world, and the ability to make everyone aware of the beauty of the digital age, is our vision and the goal we will achieve." As the industry's first commercial-grade public chain that proposes the “chain of alliances + cross-chain + public chain”-aggregation chain architecture, VNT Chain's main online line will have a positive impact and far-reaching significance for promoting the combination of blockchain and real economy.

The details of this open letter also reveal the main layout direction of the main online line. Combining some experts in the field of blockchain and well-known scholars in the field of computers, the professional views and viewpoints of VNT Chain's unique architecture and commercial landing ability, we will analyze one by one. .

One: re-push the "chain of alliance + cross-chain + public chain" aggregation chain architecture

Huang Butian proposed in the open letter that the future blockchain must rely on the technical structure of “alliance chain + cross-chain + public chain”, that is, the aggregation chain architecture that we propose and apply to the VNT Chain network to make the blockchain + Business applications are more scalable and efficient, and thus truly link the distributed economy. This is an inevitable trend and an inevitable requirement of the infrastructure of the digital age. The party chain architecture is a multi-chain hybrid form architecture first proposed by the team in the industry. As the blockchain begins to enter commercial scenarios, this architecture has gradually become a model widely recognized by the industry. The China Economic Times has commented on “aggregation”. The chain has become a new trend in the development of the blockchain industry."

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According to its white paper, the aggregation chain architecture is based on blockchain technology, including the public chain Hubble Network and the alliance chain Galileo Network, and the two are connected by a cross-chain Kepler Route. The public chain acts as the main chain and introduces the side chain. The main chain participates in the settlement of the application and only the transaction data is retained in the chain. The side chain carries the application of the developer and the user and stores the application related data. The alliance chain supports the actual business scenario and adopts the multi-chain. Architecture, through the cross-chain mechanism, the alliance chain and the public chain can be interconnected to realize the exchange of value between different kinds of assets. Based on the aggregation chain architecture, real-time clearing and settlement can be completed, asset circulation can be improved, data flow and asset flow can be opened, data services and asset services based on blockchain technology can be realized, data and asset cooperation can be promoted, and the real economy can be provided with high efficiency, convenience and low cost. Value transfer service. In other words, the aggregation chain architecture integrates the advantages of both the alliance chain and the public chain through cross-chain, which has a natural fit with the business scene.

Chen Jianhai, head of the Joint Laboratory of Block Chains at INCAS-Yunxiang District of Zhejiang University, said, “The new generation of VNT Chain based on the aggregation chain architecture combines the secure virtual machine technology with formal verification, the new privacy protection mechanism based on PAMB and the cross Many unique technological advantages, such as chain consensus, will surely become a model for the new era blockchain to empower the digital economy, and also make me more convinced of the feasibility and future prospects of blockchain technology."

At present, this architecture has realized the cross-chain interaction between the intra-chain alliance chain and the public chain, the alliance chain and the alliance chain. The VNT Chain team once said that this is a very important step to promote the commercialization of the blockchain after the main network is launched. It is not difficult to see that the aggregation chain architecture will still be the focus of their main online line.

Second: research on privacy of pour blockchain

Another key point revealed in the open letter is the research results and progress of VNT Chain technology. Associate Professor of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Deputy Director of the Future Information Technology Research Center of the School of Computer Science, Zhejiang University, and Zhang Hongxin, Associate Professor of the CAD and CG National Key Laboratory of Zhejiang University once commented: "The blockchain will become an important infrastructure for the digital economy in the future. Based on the existing blockchain technology, VNT Chain has made several innovations: 1. Zero-knowledge proof privacy protection scheme PAMB; 2. Smart contract Q language; 3. AI-based intelligent contract security vulnerability detection; Intelligent supervision method for dangerous accounts based on time series deep learning."

Zhang Hongxin's research focuses on many fields such as graphics, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. The understanding of technology is more comprehensive. He mentioned that VNT Chain's several innovations are the key points that Huang Butian emphasized in the open letter. Team technology progress. Not long ago, VNT Chain announced its latest five major technological breakthroughs. Readers who want to learn more can refer to relevant reports: "2019 Hangzhou Blockchain Week | VNT Chain Liu Zhenguang: Five Researches on Blockchain Security and Privacy Protection 》.

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Liu Zhenguang, a postdoctoral fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and VNT Chain, said: From a technical point of view, the current research directions of VNT Chain follow-up belong to the frontier direction of the explosion. In particular, there is no Bug smart contract language and AI+Blockchain. Due to the nature of the blockchain itself, once the smart contract is deployed, it can't be modified or deleted. Therefore, the bug-free smart contract language based on mathematical language description and mathematical expression will undoubtedly play a role in the security-critical field. At the same time, the artificial intelligence plus blockchain can not only take advantage of the blockchain account can not be falsified, data security and credibility, but also can combine artificial intelligence to automatically learn the valuable knowledge from massive knowledge, which can be the reality of blockchain infrastructure. The application in the scene lays the foundation.

Xiang Yang, Dean of the Digital Innovation Institute of Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) and Professor of the Chinese Academy of Education, Xiang Yang, also pointed out that “VNT focuses on technological innovation, and several blockchain technologies are already innovative. ". It can be seen that these studies have a pivotal position in the field of scientific research.

Readers who are concerned about the project may have noticed that their latest technological advances are primarily directed at research on blockchain privacy security. Privacy security is especially important for any business scenario, and is the key to whether blockchain technology can be truly commercial. It can be found that VNT Chain is fully prepared to promote the commercialization of the blockchain.

Third: grasp the business ecology, many cooperation will be announced

In addition to technological innovation, Huang Butian also revealed in the open letter that many heavy business cooperation will be announced. Previously, VNT Chain has had many successful business scenarios, but these scenes are mainly concentrated in the fields of supply chain finance, trade finance and so on. For example, the cloud box open service platform based on the VNT Chain platform. The platform supports rapid connection of business systems, data encryption and chain, and visual monitoring of blockchain networks. At present, dozens of banks and financial institutions have settled in. It is worth mentioning that Huang Butian has repeatedly stated in public sharing that he will build a convenient area for application developers around the next generation of distributed intelligent value network infrastructure construction, cloud box blockchain open service platform and developer platform. Blockchain infrastructure services, plans to build a 2000+ commercial application DApp based on distributed economy in the next three years; and the first cross-institutional alliance blockchain of China Commercial Bank based on the VNT Chain platform, business scenarios including letters of credit and fortune The court, cross-border payment, retail banking, etc., currently have 50+ financial institutions, their long-term goal is 500; and the blockchain based on the VNT Chain platform developed into the top ten events of China's financial informatization in 2018 Forfaiting trading platform and so on. Subsequent business cooperation will still be based on the financial scene as the main entry point, or will be the first to land in more areas, which also allows everyone to have more expectations for the route after the main online line.

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At the end of the open letter, “Our mission is to explore the unknown new world, find new life and new civilizations, and bravely sail to areas that are not yet available.” In the end, how will VNT Chain's main online line bring changes to the blockchain industry? Can it become a “universal blockchain infrastructure” and explore a new business world? Time may be preparing for the answer, we will wait and see.

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