If the currency circle is an "Avengers League," who will be the tyrant?

Yesterday morning, "Reunification 4" officially opened. Overnight, the circle of friends became a dispute between the spoilers and the anti-spoiler.

In 2008, Marvel, the brand's licensor, was dissatisfied with the extremely low box office share, launched the self-made Marvel movie program, and created an aerial world centered on superhero movies.

Also this year, Nakamoto Satoshi, who experienced the financial turmoil, was dissatisfied with high inflation, wrote a shocking bitcoin white paper, and opened a new world of cryptocurrency.

At this point, the heroes of the re-election ushered in a perfect ending, and the cryptocurrency still has a long way to go. If the coin circle is also an "Avengers League", then what kind of hero can each cryptocurrency represent?

Time goes back to May 2, 2008, and a new superhero is on the screen of the American theater. This type of movie is not the first time I saw it: Batman and Spiderman before this. Iron Man is not as famous as they are, and whether he can become a "hero" depends on his personal preferences.

In the end, the film broke the US box office record with a box office of 580 million. As a result, the Marvel movie universe officially opened. In hindsight, Bitcoin is very similar to it: it was created by the anonymous character Nakamoto, which solved the shortcomings of the digital currency that appeared before, and caused the attention and participation of the password punk.

Today, the entire digital currency has a market capitalization of more than $170 billion, with Bitcoin accounting for more than half of the market. It's hard to imagine a re-link without Iron Man, just like a coin ring without Bitcoin.

Captain America is not the second hero to appear. At the beginning of the year, everyone thought that he is unlikely to become the MVP of the Marvel movie universe.

He doesn't have the skills of Iron Man, and he doesn't have the power of the Hulk, but he can always keep his temperament in the crisis. It can be said that this trait makes the follow-up Avengers story more deep and tension.

Thanks to the “super serum”, the US team has been upgraded; likewise, due to smart contracts, Ethereum has surpassed the capabilities of Bitcoin.

Now we see some stable coins and DAPP are built on the Ethereum. It can be said that the emergence of Ethereum has broadened the boundaries of digital currency.

Raytheon is like an impulsive Aries. He doesn't like to be dragged by rules. He often does not care about the acts of recklessness. At the same time, he is also a character who can't be underestimated in the reunion. He has the blessing of Thor's axe, which makes him persistent in the battle without feeling tired.

The same is true of EOS creator BM, who has strong abilities, but his character is arbitrarily decent, and he has left the project twice in a row, and still can create EOS that is comparable to Ethereum. Some people say that the biggest crisis of EOS is the departure of BM. It can be seen that in the wayward and reckless, Raytheon and EOS are exactly the same.

Banner is a high IQ doctor who, due to gamma ray radiation in his experiments, becomes a powerful hunter whenever emotions fluctuate. In order not to hurt people around, I often travel around the world, but still become the target of the police and related units.

The Hulk is the only hero in the complex that has not been injured and bleed, just like the exchange currency , and the pots that can be earned in the bear market. The skyrocketing of the platform currency BNB allowed the currency to sit on the top spot of the global exchange and master the right to speak in the exchange field. The recent BCV turmoil has made many investors feel slightly emotional.

Rocky is one of the few "reverse characters" that can be liked by everyone. The controversial nature is very similar to Ripple.

Ruibo has a large fan community and has won the cooperation of many financial institutions, but it has a serious centralization phenomenon – Ruibo has 60% of Ruibo's total supply , which has been criticized all the year round .

In fact, everyone's doubts about Ripple have not hindered its success . It is behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and still can stand firm in the fiercely competitive currency circle. Ruibo officially broke the news of cooperation with large institutions in three days, so that many new leeks thought it was really good.

Compared with the "super humans" of the Union, the black widow Natasha may only be considered a "mortal."

She is one of the few female characters. She is a top-level agent trained in the former Soviet Union. She has both military and intellectual skills and has strong persuasion and information collection skills. She is often assigned special tasks, such as talking to Rocky to see his plot, helping the team to get rid of SHIELD tracking.

Monroe, with a market capitalization of more than 1 billion, is the most famous anonymous currency in the currency circle, although most people subconsciously associate anonymous coins with dark events.

But in fact, any transaction information on the ordinary blockchain can be queried, and the anonymous coin only meets the needs of some users for anonymity. Just like the black widow with excellent business ability, the task of anonymity was completed.

Unlike other heroes, the eagle eye has not undergone any physical transformation, but his actions are quick and accurate . He is a senior agent of the SHIELD. The only skill is the superior bow and arrow ability. Through the modification of the arrow, the original ordinary arrow Play an unimaginable power.

The founder of Dashi once proposed the establishment of privacy and transaction speed to the core developers of Bitcoin, but it was not adopted, so Dash was created on this basis.

Dash is focused on offline payments and applications. They quickly deployed 4,700 DW-enabled merchants in a short period of time. It is the most popular offline payment among the three mainstream anonymous currencies.

Finally talked about the tyrants, this in the "Reunification 3" let the audience suck a chilly figure. The genius of all the superhumans who know the eternal family gives him the power, the endurance, the resilience and the agility that he cannot surpass. The power is almost the same as God.

The stable currency USDT is the printing machine of the currency circle. It was once regarded as the aphrodisiac of Bitcoin. It can pull the bitcoin price every time it is issued. But almost no one knows how many dollars are currently in the USDT's US dollar reserve account. This kind of uncertainty is like a bomb. With the " killer" hitting the ring, more than half of the amaranth has suffered.

Written by: Mashaka

Photo: Huachen Yu wife

Source: Block wave

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