If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

First, pull the disk to catch up

So what is the pull-up trap? It is a coin, a long period of time is a small shock, or a downward trend, suddenly one day, soared 50%, or even 80%, 100%. When the tender leeks are seen, the music is broken, and I quickly pay for it. As a result, when it reached a certain high point, the banker smashed the plate, and the price of the coin fell directly on the cliff, and the waterfall fell. When you see something big, the new leek usually makes two choices:

1. Selling coins to stop loss, hurry to sell, sell early, but also to catch or flat. (But the bookmakers don't have the chance to stay flat, because their precise monitoring of the volume of the transaction makes most of the amaranth difficult to escape, even each transaction address will be carefully studied for user tracking analysis.) Late, Just cut the meat directly to leave the field, lose money and lose money.

2, holding the currency to rise, found that it has fallen below the purchase price, can not bear to cut the meat to leave. So, you choose to hold the currency to go up. So you will stay in the high position. Maybe a set is a month, so you can't move. (In fact, there are very few leeks that can do this, and most of them cut off the meat. And you have at least coins. But most of the projects have already been happily gone, and disappeared.)

How do they earn for the dealer? Because, all the way up, the low-priced coins bought in the hands, the price has risen all the way. Then, the price of the coin when the high position is thrown is also the highest point in the market. The lowest price to buy, the highest price to sell, all this is under the control of the dealer.

If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

Second, shock absorption

Have you seen this phenomenon, pulled up in the morning, and gave you a big slap in the afternoon. Cycle back and forth, repeatedly cutting. A tool that is completely for the sake of capital.

What is shock absorption? It is a token, a long period of shock, some for ten days, some for a month, or even six months. The price of the currency has never fallen. Many people who are eager to make money, many people who do not have a deep understanding of the currency can't stand it. As a result, some people sold their coins at a very low price. Who has collected your coins? village!

This time, you don't have to cut your money directly. However, they will cut your coins at a low price! Put your coins in time to shock you, and slowly grind your coins.

If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

Third, self-release

Today, I went to dinner with Buffett again. I will take a photo with the president’s prime minister tomorrow. In the next day, in the next hotel, I will report the first session of the blockchain. These project parties cooperate with the media to cut the leeks, that is, the dealers Unscrupulous media released false positive information, which led to a large number of chips entering the market, pulling up the price of the currency. The use of shameless public relations to release bad news, in order to induce a large number of retail investors.

This despicable means of harvesting leek, the most able to flick the leek, and I believe it when I accidentally. The currency circle is one day, and the world is ten years. The current 99% ICO is worthless air packaging sold to retail investors. This dog-and-dog game has no winners. However, new leeks are still growing in the market. It can be said that the memory of leeks is almost the same as that of fish. Seven seconds of memory, and the loss of money still forgets the pain.

If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

Look at the user response from the three stages after the fall:

The first phase of the decline in user response: don't be afraid, just technical adjustments. There are old, small, and pleading for X total pull;

The second phase of the decline in user response: dog Zhuang pull, live jump, live cut wrist;

The third stage of the decline in user response: the intraday offer came out, some went to the case, and some started to beat the office.

But everything is ambiguous, the currency is deep, don't be greedy! More should think twice, do not get rich for ten years, one into the currency circle minutes!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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