Industry Blockchain Weekly 丨 Blockchain Squats Will Usher in a Bounce

In terms of industrial policy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued three documents in succession to promote the integrated development of blockchain and agriculture. In terms of industrial research, Meng Yan pointed out that after the blockchain squat, there will be a big rebound. In terms of industrial applications, the value of blockchain in combating epidemics has been further released. For listed companies, the fancy operation was inquired by the CSRC, and investors are wary of using listed blockchains and other concepts to hype stock prices.

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Industrial policy: The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued 3 documents in succession to promote the integrated development of blockchain and agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: using blockchain and other information technologies to achieve national pesticide quality traceability “one web”

On February 12, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice on the issue of "Pesticide Management Essentials for 2020", which mentioned that the use of modern information technologies such as blockchain to accelerate the construction of a unified national quality traceability system and gradually realize the national pesticide Quality traces "one web". Improve label management methods, implement QR code association of pesticide inner and outer packaging, and gradually realize full traceability of pesticide production, operation and use.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Using Blockchain and Other Technologies to Promote the Transformation of Traditional Regulation to Online Smart Regulation

On February 13, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs formulated and issued the “Key Points for the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products in 2020”. The “Key Points” mentioned that in 2020, smart supervision should be vigorously promoted, and a smart agricultural security platform should be planned, using big data, the Internet of Things, and districts. Modern information technology, such as blockchain, promotes innovation in supervision methods, and promotes the transition from traditional "people-to-people" supervision to online smart supervision.

The Ministry of Rural Agriculture issues the key points of rural industry work in 2020, emphasizing the promotion of the integration of new-generation information technologies such as blockchain with agriculture

On February 17th, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued "The Essentials of Rural Industry Work in 2020", stating that information technology will drive industry convergence and promote the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, and biotechnology. Integrate with agriculture, develop digital agriculture, smart agriculture, trust agriculture, adoption agriculture, and visible agriculture.

Shanghai releases opinions on smart city construction, including support for blockchain data traceability

On February 10, Shanghai issued "Several Opinions on Further Accelerating the Construction of Smart Cities". The "Opinions" requires that the digital economy be fully empowered to flourish. It should be used first in the construction of a smart government. It supports new technologies such as blockchain data traceability and V2X intelligent network connection.

Shanghai introduced "20 articles" to support cultural enterprises in epidemic prevention and encourages enterprises to use new technologies such as blockchain

Recently, the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee has promulgated "Several Policies and Measures to Fully Support and Serve the Stable and Healthy Development of Epidemic Prevention and Control of Cultural Enterprises in the City" (referred to as "Article 20 of Shanghai Cultural Enterprises"). One of them pointed out that it is necessary to deepen the integration and development of culture and technology. Encourage cultural enterprises to make full use of new technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mobile communications to cultivate and expand new formats such as e-sports, digital animation, online travel, smart media, and digital cultural blogs, and support A group of high-growth innovative small and medium-sized cultural enterprises.


Since the blockchain was written in the No. 1 document of the Central Government, the three documents issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in one week have mentioned the blockchain, and the application of the blockchain in the agricultural field has ushered in a high light moment. On February 11th, an article "A pandemic is like a big test. Does the investment in trillions of smart cities" smart "pass? 》 Pushing smart cities to the forefront, this time the Shanghai Municipal Government took the opportunity of epidemic prevention to comprehensively promote the construction of smart cities. If a demonstration effect is formed, cities in other regions will soon follow up, and smart cities are just the place where blockchain is used. .

Industry research: Blockchain squat will usher in a big rebound

Meng Yan: The suspension brought by the epidemic will make the blockchain and digital economy usher in a greater rebound

Meng Yan, deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said recently that the epidemic has a large impact on the short-term attention shift of the blockchain industry, the shrinking demand for the industrial blockchain, and the pause in investment. But in the long run, there will be a major rebound after squatting, and a new battlefield will come after a large amount of funds come in. In terms of policy, no matter for the token economy or digital assets, strong regulatory policies will definitely change.

Zhu Youping: Although the blockchain rescue is late, it will never be absent

On February 12, Zhu Youping, the deputy director of the China Economic Network Management Center of the National Information Center, posted in a WeChat circle of friends that the blockchain rescue will never be absent despite being late. He pointed out that in the face of the new crown epidemic prevention and control, the blockchain is indeed late, because the blockchain has not yet developed into infrastructure and has not yet been applied on a large scale. But after the epidemic, the blockchain will not be absent. The trust mechanism, incentive mechanism, and organization mechanism of the blockchain are the real public rescue models. If the blockchain can help, epidemic prevention and control can regain a lot of valuable time, and problems such as poor information and inefficient collaboration in epidemic prevention and control will be greatly alleviated. He believes that after the new crown epidemic in 2019, blockchain commerce will inevitably rise and will become the mainstream business model in the third decade of the 21st century.

Huachuang Securities: Blockchain has great potential in many areas of new smart cities

Recently, Huachuang Securities pointed out that as an emerging technology, blockchain has great potential in many areas of new smart cities. In terms of infrastructure, the use of blockchain technology can explore the realization of efficient exchange of data information between information infrastructure equipment, and enhance the information infrastructure collaboration capabilities. In terms of data resources, with the characteristics of the blockchain's own data that cannot be tampered with and traceable, it is expected to break the original data circulation and sharing barriers and provide high-quality data sharing guarantee. With the support of the government and the efforts of enterprises, China's smart city construction has made gradual progress. On February 10th, Shanghai issued "Several Opinions on Further Accelerating the Construction of Smart Cities", which supports the traceability of blockchain data.

National Development and Reform Commission Tu Shengwei: Speed ​​up the application of modern technologies such as blockchain in the agricultural field and strengthen the construction of modern agricultural facilities

Tu Shengwei, deputy director of the Institute of Industrial Economics and Technical Economics of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the construction of grain production functional zones and important agricultural product protection zones is a "ballast stone" for effectively supplying important agricultural products. Promote the construction of digital village trials, and accelerate the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation mobile communication networks, and smart weather in the agricultural field. Strengthen the construction of modern agricultural facilities and strengthen the comprehensive agricultural production capacity.


The epidemic was a big test for government departments and all walks of life. Some of the ills that had been covered up before were fully exposed. After this big test, the advantages of the blockchain are even more obvious. For example, in terms of urban governance and supply chain management, the application requirements of the characteristics of information transparency and immutability of the blockchain will be more urgent. Blockchain entrepreneurs must survive and welcome the spring.

Industrial Application: Fighting the Epidemic, Blockchain in Action

Foreign exchange bureau: cross-border financial blockchain service platform has cumulatively raised $ 15.9 billion

On February 15, Xuan Changneng, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China, disclosed at a press conference that as of February 3 this year, the scope of the pilot program has been expanded to 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and more than 170 legal person banks have joined on their own, cross-border The financial blockchain service platform has completed a total of US $ 15.9 billion in financing and lending, serving nearly 2,500 enterprises, of which SMEs account for 75%. Since the Spring Festival, the platform has completed a total of more than 200 million US dollars in financing, serving 87 companies.

Haidian District's first loan based on "blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform" landed

On February 11, the “blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform” jointly developed by high-quality companies such as Beijing Financial Holding Group and Baixin Bank led by the Haidian District Government was the first since the official launch on February 7. Landed loan. The company that successfully applied for an online loan service through the platform is an IT equipment and software technology service provider. In order to support the new crown pneumonia epidemic and protect school distance education, the company's order volume has increased sharply, but there is a certain gap in funding. In order to solve the financial pressure of the company, the company applied for a government procurement contract confirmation right on the platform. With the confirmation of the right, it obtained a loan amount of RMB 720,000 from Baixin Bank and the first loan of RMB 440,000. The entire process was operated online and quickly and easily resolved. Corporate financing problems and other issues.

Guiyang Branch of Zheshang Bank uses blockchain technology to provide funding for small and micro enterprises in the epidemic

In order to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Guiyang Branch of Zheshang Bank quickly launched a credit “green channel”, sorted out 37 small upstream upstream enterprises with difficulties, and relied on the group's core receivables chain platform business circle. Receivables pay engineering funds, labor costs, etc. After receiving blockchain receivables, companies can transfer them online to Zhejiang Commercial Bank in real time for liquidity. During the epidemic control period, the bank had 21 upstream small and micro enterprises to obtain 220 million yuan in funding.

Everbright Bank Zhengzhou Branch Launches Forfaiting Blockchain Trading Platform and Other Online Services

During the epidemic prevention and control period, China Everbright Bank Zhengzhou Branch launched ten online financial services, providing various financial services that can be enjoyed without leaving home. These include China Everbright Bank's online trade and financial services, such as the "Sunshine Rong e-chain" online supply chain platform, Forfaiting blockchain trading platform, etc., providing customers with international letters of credit, domestic letters of credit, guarantees, cross-border remittances, collections , Foreign exchange assets, standard factoring, 1 + N factoring, domestic letter of credit forfaiting business and other trade and financial services.

Alipay, Ali and others jointly launch enterprise security resumption plan, including open blockchain bidding system

On February 15th, Dingguo, Alipay, Alibaba Cloud, and Hungry Word of Mouth jointly launched the "Enterprise Safety Resumption Plan", which will open 7 services to enterprises across the country, from reinstatement applications, employee health management, contactless office, and company food delivery. And other aspects to help businesses. This includes contactless bidding, that is, Alipay's open blockchain application for the bidding system, allowing enterprises to complete "contactless" bidding as scheduled and conduct business activities safely.

Julu County, Hebei Province Launches Blockchain Epidemic Prevention and Control Big Data Management Platform

On February 16, a joint working group of Hebei Julu County and Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. developed a big data management platform for epidemic prevention and control. After the data is uploaded to the platform, the entire network is synchronized and securely encrypted, which greatly improves the efficiency and security of data acquisition. It also makes the data immutable and enhances the credibility of the data. After the platform data is confirmed, the whole process can be traced back, providing credible data support for epidemic prevention and control, providing decision-making assistance for accurate government policies, and providing objective and comprehensive basis for the work evaluation of various departments. It can also be used by third-party agencies after the fact. Various analyses.

Jimo District, Qingdao: A distributed real-time online collection blockchain network will be established

Recently, Jimo District of Qingdao has coordinated the epidemic prevention and control data of the entire region through a digital information management platform, and applied big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to digitally manage the epidemic prevention work such as movement of people, communities and enterprises, integrating information registration, personnel Follow up, ask for help, etc. In the next step, Jimo District, Qingdao will use its advantages in the application of blockchain technology to build a distributed real-time online collection blockchain network, forming an independent node in each epidemic prevention department, collecting different types of local data. The authorization method quickly implements cross-region and cross-industry data verification and query between nodes, ensuring the integrity, real-time, openness and transparency of collected information.

Huizhou City Huicheng District Smart Government Affairs Integration Commercial Registration Second Batch System Launched on Trial Run, Relying on Blockchain and Other Technologies

On February 10, the Huishou District, Huizhou District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, a contract registration system approved by the Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. went online for trial operation. Relying on the technology matrix of aerospace information, this system uses technologies such as big data, AI, and blockchain to achieve "remote acceptance, one Netcom office, and second batch settlement" for commercial registration. The fastest time to complete business registration is 5 minutes. The self-service declaration, unaccepted acceptance, automatic approval, and self-made certificate make Huicheng District the first area in the region to truly achieve the "fast-track approval" of government service business registration.


In the face of the epidemic, blockchain has begun to make efforts in areas such as government affairs and financing services that are relevant to the people's livelihood, effectively solving the problem of personnel information management and financing difficulties for small, medium and micro enterprises. As a blockchain technology start-up company, it is necessary to actively act at this time to increase the ability to serve government departments.

Listed companies: Fancy operations have been inquired by the CSRC, beware of using blockchain and other concepts to speculate on stock prices

It is planned to invest 100 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary.

On February 14th, the management department of the small and medium-sized board company raised four inquiries about the proposed investment and establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary by China National Construction, involving three capital increases: Anxun Group Co., Ltd., investment in cloud computing and blockchain business, and three controlling shareholders. Matters such as monthly increase and decrease plans. Regarding the decision made by China National Construction on February 6 that it intends to increase the investment of 54 million yuan in Anxun Group Co., Ltd. to obtain a 30% stake in the company for the extension of the blockchain project, the management department of the small and medium-sized board company requires China National Construction to supplementary disclosure The operating conditions of Anxun Group Co., Ltd., the equity structure before and after the capital increase, and the main financial indicators of the latest year and another. In addition, the management department of the small and medium-sized board company also requires Zhongzhuang Construction to indicate whether the investment in cloud computing and blockchain business has the corresponding business foundation and feasibility. The company's controlling shareholders, de facto controller, Dong Jiangao and their concerted parties held stock transactions in the three months before the date of this letter and plans to increase or decrease their holdings in the next three months.

Easy to see the actual controller of shares or change to Yunnan Province SASAC

On February 13, Yi Jian shares issued an announcement that Yunnan Industrial Investment and its subsidiary, Industrial Investment Junyang, a subsidiary of Yunnan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, intends to transfer the equity of the company held by Dianzhong Group and Jiutian Holdings. If the transfer is successful, the actual controller of the company will be changed from the Yunnan Dianzhong New District Management Committee to the Yunnan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It is reported that Yijian's flagship product is "Easy Blocks-Trusted Data Pool". This product implements cross-chain data traceability technology, realizes multi-chain collaboration and cross-chain traceability of trade and financing, and forms a traceable supply. The chain finance solution covers the entire process of the supply chain from trade formation, financing to asset securitization.

Chinese Academy of Sciences: The company uses blockchain and other technologies to improve the efficiency of the organization's epidemic prevention work for users

On February 14th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences responded to users' questions on the interactive platform and stated that in order to meet the management and control needs of the resumption of the epidemic situation, the company and its holding subsidiary Jianxin Zhuo and developed the "Ikangjian" applet on the Iraqi OS platform. Assist the managers of enterprises, organizations and projects to grasp the health status, travel trajectory, and abnormal isolation of the members of the organization in real time and efficiently, and provide users with intuitive and reliable information through the Internet of Things, CA, and blockchain technologies. Management of epidemic prevention data, effectively improving the efficiency of the organization's epidemic prevention work.

Hypermap Software: The company uses blockchain technology in its electronic license business

On February 10, SuperMap Software said in an inquiry to the investor ’s platform that investors ’questions indicated that the company ’s main direction of the blockchain + real estate business is to use blockchain technology in the electronic license business.Most regions in Guangxi have already application.

Taiji shares: is actively following up the upgraded "blockchain + real estate registration" project in Beijing

On February 10, Tai Chi Co., Ltd. answered questions from investors on the interactive platform and stated that the company is actively following up on the "blockchain + real estate registration" project in Beijing.

Hytera: wholly-owned subsidiary to undertake a large number of blockchain mining machine production foundry business

On February 13, Hytera said on the interactive platform that the company's blockchain business mainly provides mining machine production foundry for well-known domestic mining machine enterprise customers, including some R & D design and overall supply chain services. The business benefits from digital currency Industry development and Bitcoin price volatility. Shenhai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has cooperative relationships with a number of mainstream brand mining machinery companies and has undertaken a large number of related businesses. Last year's shipments have more than doubled.


At present, the blockchain revenue of most listed companies is hardly disclosed, and it is difficult for outsiders to know the input and output of listed companies in blockchain research and development. Listed companies often trigger stock price fluctuations with the concept of a paper announcement. Especially in early 2018, Bitcoin reached an all-time high and investors have seen unprecedented growth. After many listed companies disclosed the progress of the blockchain, they were inquired by the Securities Regulatory Commission and even suspended for verification.

Review of previous period: Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Anti-epidemic prevention, although the blockchain was late, it was not absent

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