Interesting and interesting | Xiong Yue, Cai Shu, Xiaomei, Talk about the three-year change in the currency circle

Some time ago, the topic "2017 to 2019" became popular on Weibo.

In the evening of the second anniversary of the live broadcast of the chain node live broadcast , on the evening of December 9, we invited Xiong Yue, the dean of the Bitcoin Credit Research Institute, the anchor of the front chain node live broadcast Xiao Miao, and Rongke blockchain CEO Cai Shu to talk about 2017. -In the three years of 2019, there have been some changes in the entire industry and itself.

1209 Live

The content of this live broadcast is divided into three parts: "Chat Me Three Years" , "Great Changes in the Industry" and "Hot Questions and Answers" .

During the whole live broadcast, the big guys also made frequent sentences:

"As an old man in the circle, I still have passion and impulse! It ’s just that my mindset has stabilized, and I don't express it now."

"I encountered two such big things one after another as a small white entrepreneur, and that was really a panic!"

"I don't want to stop losing now. I just want to do it ten times as hard."

"Entrepreneurship is a process of nine deaths. Some people die easily. Some people have nine or ten lives. He died eight or nine times, and finally succeeded."

"Technology will gradually become mundane over time, but Bitcoin is not just technology, it is value itself."

"This will be a big battlefield next year, and there will be many big factories coming in to fight."

"I'm in transition now. I'm not blindly speculating on coins. I want to commercialize kol, but I'm watching more today."

… More interesting and interesting content of the big coffee, let's review it along with the section title.

Talk about my three years

It is said that the currency circle is one day on earth and one year, then what happens to the currency circle for three years? In this fast-growing industry, three years is enough to achieve rich growth or change dramatically.

Speaking of his own changes in the past three years, Xiong Yue, the oldest senior, said:

I entered the market in 12 years, it is very early. From a vertical perspective, compared to 2012-2016, this industry is ignorant of stagnation. 2017 can be said to be a big explosion of the entire industry. The first was the Bitcoin fork in August of 2017. This event was enough to fill the history of Bitcoin. Then the 94 incident. The state ’s attitude toward the entire industry was still stocking before. Increasing intensity of an event. At that time, as an early entrepreneur, facing these two major events, he was really panicked. But in 2019, first of all, the environment of the entire industry will be much better, and national policies are also developing in a good direction. As an entrepreneur, he has gradually matured a lot. It can be said that he has grown and matured with the industry.

Compared to Xiong Yue who entered early, Xiaomeow and Cai Shu are not very old, but they also have a lot of experience. Looking back on these two years, Xiaomei said:

I entered the game in June of 17th, and I was in a completely white state. Later, I joined Babbitt and started to broadcast live. In the past two years, my most direct feeling is that I have learned a lot and grown a lot. 19 years can be said to be a watershed for myself, and this year I completed a change of identity-from industry whites to practitioners who can do something for this circle. This growth and transformation is my biggest change and gain in these two years.

From the industry white to the founder of Beep, Xiaomei can be said to be a gorgeous transformation that has been worked hard step by step. In this industry where the amount of information has exploded and is rapidly developing, it is the continuous and active acquisition of knowledge and accumulated experience The only way to achieve results. Regarding this, Cai Shu also felt the same. He recalled his entrepreneurial experience and said:

17 years was actually a year of popular currency speculation. At that time, I was also a member of the currency speculation army. But because there is no knowledge or experience, more attention is paid to some kols, and they follow to buy up and down. Of course, because of this experience, I can better understand the user's mindset and needs in the process of starting my own business later. This experience was a good basis for my later development.

Talking about starting a business, the three big coffees were obviously "excited", and one after another said that it is not recommended that everyone try to start a business easily. As the youngest entrepreneur in the circle, Cai Shu in 1998 said: The two main points of entrepreneurs are opportunity, and the second is the successful entrepreneur. They must know what they want from the very beginning. Many people are just enthusiastic and enter the currency circle with the dream of becoming rich. This is basically a zero result. Xiong Yue deeply agreed with this, saying:

In fact, most people who succeed in starting a business are actually “accomplished”, which is not the result of impulse. And everyone's preparations are different. Starting a business is a "nine dead and one life" process. People with only one life can easily "die", and some people will have nine lives and ten lives. They often " Died "eight or nine times, and finally succeeded.

Xiong Yue believes that after experiencing so many things, as an entrepreneur, his mentality is gradually becoming stable and Buddhist. Cai Shu also agreed, he said: "For example, before the fluctuation between 10w-100w, my response will be very violent, but now it will only, sigh, so sigh." Compared to two men The entrepreneur's mature male Buddhism department, Xiao Miao's speech made us see the persistence and hard work of women in the workplace. Xiao Miao's view on entrepreneurship is this:

Regarding entrepreneurship, I will consider failure in the beginning, but when I start to do this, I will not always think about how to fail, because if I fail, it is not me who can accept the consequences. Never mind. Starting a business is a group of people. If it fails, then all of us will face such a result. So I basically don't think about how to stop loss if I fail, I just want to do it ten times as hard. Because we are working in the right direction, there is nothing to think about, just work hard.

If Xiong Yue and Cai Shu have seen the rationality and maturity of entrepreneurs in the circle, then we can see the tenacity and firmness of the people in the circle. These are the unique and brilliant lights emitted by those who are struggling in this industry.

Industry changes

In this session, the three guests talked about their views on some of the section topics prepared by the host. They have selected the "chain node live broadcast room", "btc currency price" and "national policy" to discuss the changes in 2017-2019.

Xiaomeow: Regarding the live broadcast room, the earliest time was called "Babit live broadcast room". At that time, due to the poor conditions, this idea has not been realized for a long time. Later, due to some coincidences, I felt that users might still prefer the live form than graphics, and then tried to do a live show, and then insisted that it was good. The conditions at that time were really very rude. Everyone saw that the screen would shake during the live broadcast because the earliest time was to use a mobile live broadcast, and the mobile phone was hung on a long selfie stick, so it would shake. However, because of everyone's watching and support, the live broadcast room has developed a little bit, and it is now complete. Various supporting facilities are very perfect. It is really great. Thank you for your company and support.

Here is also the same as Xiaomei. I want to thank the audience who have always supported and followed the live studio. Your support has made us better now.

Following Xiao Meow's memories, Xiong Chuangda took us to review the currency prices of these years, he said:

I remember that the earliest purchase of Bitcoin was in August 2012. At that time, it was on Bitcoin China, and it was to be transferred to Yang Linke personally. At that time, the price of the currency was ¥ 61, and it was impossible to imagine that it would rise to this day. After buying, I saw a kol saying that the price of bitcoin can break through the thousand, and I don't believe it. But watching it slowly rise up all the way, he then became a firm death. After that, I experienced a yin drop and fell every day. If you fall to yourself, you will doubt: Was it really all bubbles before? After almost two years of decline, when I returned from Spain in 15 years, I found that there were many aunts in the currency circle. The price of the coin was pulled back. At that time I thought it might still be a little hopeful. But it was also at that time that telecommunications fraud began to appear. Gradually, the circle including the state supervision began to attach importance to this one. Then came the '94 in 17 years, when the central bank stepped in. At that time, no one expected that there would be such a big rise after 94. As for the future, whether the impact of the halving of the block on the currency price will increase significantly next year, I think it is difficult to say, you still have to increase your ability to resist risks.

Of course, in general, Bitcoin is not just technology. Technology will gradually become ordinary over time, as long as it is long enough. But bitcoin does not. Bitcoin is value itself. It does not become mundane because of time. So if you have some funds and want to hold Tuncoin for a long time, it is actually feasible, but don't be too aggressive, and it is not recommended to touch leverage easily. Regarding the impact of the halving mentioned by Xiong Yue on the currency price trend, Cai Shu also gave his own attitude. He believes that the halving will not bring a big increase in the price of the currency. Although the value of Bitcoin itself is high, it is still promising in the long run, but the halving will not bring a new round of bull market This is also relevant to the entire environment. He then expressed his views on the changes in national policy over the past two years:

The overall state policy can be said to be from ambiguous to warm. For example, a large number of blockchain industry landings in Xiong'an New District have also led to the improvement and improvement of national policies. But it is undeniable that China's financial policy as a whole is still contracting. However, we must also look back at the state's attitude to our industry, which is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach, but a mild trend of policy recovery.

Generally speaking, the three big coffees agree that the biggest change in the industry in the past three years is that it is becoming more and more specialized, and more and more professional people are responsible for the professional affairs in the industry, and the entire industry is developing in a good direction.

Hot questions, quick answers

After reviewing the changes over the past three years, at the end of the show, the big cafes also made some host's quick questions and quick answers to the current hot spots.

Q: What do you think of the industrial blockchain?

A ( Cai Shu ): This must be a relatively large battlefield next year, and it will also be a large battlefield where many big factories, such as Ali, will enter the battlefield.

Q: What about Lightning Network?

A ( Xiong Yue ): The Lightning Network is a solution proposed as a solution to the congestion problem. The most needed for this technology is the wallet. They will definitely support the Lightning Network first. In comparison, exchanges will be slower, but big-name exchanges such as Bitfinex have now announced their support for Lightning Network, which will have a driving effect on the entire industry. In the short term, it may have little effect on the price of the currency, but it is a good thing for the entire currency circle.

Q: What do you think of the recent "Sandbox Project"?

A ( Cai Shu ): Beijing's sandbox plan now has a requirement for listing. In fact, compared with the sandbox plan, acquiescence is the most suitable state for the development of the industry.

A ( Xiong Yue ): Actually, it is similar to the sandbox plan. Some friends tried it in Guiyang a few years ago. The effect is not very good. Indeed, the best state of the currency circle should be acquiescence, not a sandbox plan. At the end of the show, the three big cafes all proposed new wishes and blessings to themselves and the industry in 2020, hoping that next year they can contribute more value to the entire industry, and also hope that the entire circle can create greater value.

Unconsciously, the chain node live broadcast room is two years old. At the end of the show, Jun Yao expressed his thanks to everyone for their support and company. In order to give back to your support and to bring you a better experience in the future live broadcast, the live broadcast room will make some upgrades and revisions in 2020, as follows:

1. In terms of content, the topic selection will focus on live broadcasts with lighter themes. The theme selection is more lifelike and closer to the user's psychological topic. The duration of each live broadcast will be shortened to 30-40 minutes, and the number of guests is fixed to 1-2.

2. In the interactive form, the live content is mainly based on easy and interesting chats. At the same time, it will increase the frequency of interaction with the audience and increase the number of real-time red envelope rain and red envelope passwords.

It is hoped that through this revision, the chain node live broadcast room will be closer to the user emotionally, and become a communication platform and "communication bridge" that everyone really likes and is practical.

Finally, the chain node live broadcast room also hopes to deliver more value to the industry , guests , viewers , and all participants in the future!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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