SIBC Lands in Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, Builds Asian Blockchain Project Bridgehead

On December 10, Yiqiao, Hangzhou Science and Technology Park, Singapore, New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation, and Babbitt hosted the 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum. At the forum, the Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center (SIBC) officially opened. screen. Wang Zhuojiu, Director of Dichuang Town Development Service Center, Hangzhou Qiantang New Area, Yu Jiandong, Industry Section Chief of Dichuang Town Development Service Center, Hangzhou Qiantang New Area, Weng Guohui, General Manager of Commercial Community Development of CapitaLand China Vice President and Secretary-General Zhang Feng, Babbitt CEO Wang Lei, Babbitt Vice President Ma Qianli, Babbit Accelerator Co-Founder & SIBC Executive Director Hu Mengdi, Co-Chairman of the New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation Felix Xia, and representatives of the companies participating forum.

In a speech, Wang Zhuozhu, director of the Hangzhou Dangchuang New Town Development Service Center, said that Dichuang Town, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou is a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Qiantang New District, focusing on the digital economy and the future economy. At present, more than 3,000 different types of enterprises have gathered in the town, which has become a place where talents gather, and a large platform for future economic development. It has formed an industry chain, an innovation chain, a talent chain, a service chain, a capital chain, and a policy chain. The entire industry chain system. It is hoped that more enterprises in the blockchain and digital economy can settle in small towns, and the towns will also provide high-quality service environments for the development of the digital economy and blockchain enterprises.

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Hu Mengdi, co-founder of Babbit Accelerator & Executive Director of SIBC, introduced SIBC. SIBC was co-sponsored by Babbitt, Singapore's Hangzhou Science and Technology Park Yiqiao, and the New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation. It will provide five major functions for resident companies , first, office solutions; second, provide international legal compliance consulting Legal services such as subject registration, legal opinions, etc .; third, providing services for international blockchain companies, media support, active communities, international inspections, and resource docking; fourth, becoming a "blockchain + future community" pilot; Fifth, provide blockchain industry and technical training.

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Weng Guohui, general manager of the commercial community development of CapitaLand (China) Industrial Park, introduced how Bridge + helps build a blockchain community ecology. As a flexible office space and working community platform of CapitaLand, Yiqiao not only provides hardcover full-equipped office solutions for enterprises and teams of different sizes, but also hopes to use space as a base to connect different enterprises and users. To promote resource sharing and collaboration. Yiqiao and the blockchain industry have a long history. Yiqiao, Singapore, which opened two years ago, has not only hosted several heavyweight blockchain activities, but also formed a district composed of tenants, incubators, investors and partners. Blockchain ecological community.

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At the forum, a ceremony was also held for the landing of the Blockchain Special Committee of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association by SIBC . The Zhejiang Provincial Digital Economics Association's Blockchain Commission was established by Babbitt on May 12, 2019. It belongs to the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association. The first batch of Blockchain Committees has 60 member units and individuals selected, including blocks. Chain industry experts, scholars, heads of government agencies, universities and research institutes, heads of industry leading companies, etc. Zhang Feng, vice president and secretary-general of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association, said that the Blockchain Commission will use the two platforms of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association and SIBC to research and promote blockchain technology with a more open public interest mentality. Development and practice.

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The Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center was co-sponsored by Babbitt, Singapore's Hangzhou Science and Technology Park Yiqiao, and the New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation at the World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen on November 9. Asian blockchain projects go to sea to bridgeheads and important nodes, provide legal compliance channels, incubation acceleration, investment and related industrial service support for international top fintech projects, and guide and promote the landing and healthy development of global blockchain industry applications.

The reason for this was initiated by the three parties. Babbitt CEO Wang Lei said in an interview with the media that there are three main reasons. First, Singapore means compliance in the blockchain industry, which is a pain point for the industry. Second, Singapore has an inclusive environment for fintech innovation. Thirdly, the resource network constructed by Yiqiao, which connects China, Singapore, India and other parts of the world, is extremely attractive to practitioners. To this day of the blockchain, everyone is actively exploring the implementation of technology and getting rid of reality. This is the opportunity for the establishment of SIBC. I am very optimistic about the Hangzhou Science and Technology Park in Singapore and Yiqiao's network for overseas markets.

Hangzhou has always been a high ground for entrepreneurship and innovation in China's blockchain. At present, Xixigu Blockchain Industrial Park (West Lake District) and Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park (Yuhang District) have been formed. The landing of SIBC in Qiantang New District will surely become a new height for the development of Hangzhou industrial blockchain.

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